SinRoseAsOne11 – Our R.O.M on Halloween Day

Wahahaha.. No.. we did not make Halloween theme for our R.O.M. (For your info, it is not Read-Only-Memory but Registration of Marriage). It was not appropriate especially when there were many elderly relatives. We did not make our ROM on the same day as our actual day due to All Saints’ Day fall on 1st November and Church is off on that day.. hence, the two days to ease the two of us.

We finally pick up the photos from our photographer after being nagged by parents and relatives for such a long wait and they are still waiting because I have yet to print them out simply because I have yet to filter all of them. 1000+ photos for printing is a bit too much right?

Anyways, I’ve found a solution. They can view photos from my blog while waiting for the photos to be printed. Hahaha.. Anyways, here’s a summary of our R.O.M. at St Joseph’s Cathedral Kuching on 31.10.2014 :)


While waiting for friends and relatives to arrive.

Memorizing the phrase because the ceremony starts.

I was told to be in the car enjoying aircond until Papa was given the instruction to open the car door for me. Aaaww.. so my monkey friends started to tease me from outside the car and also in whatsapp and LINE.


Tingang !!!

Stevo, Sin’s 2nd bro.

Paul, my 2nd bro.

“I, Rose, shall take you Chen Sin……” nervous till cannot remember O.o

“Can somebody help me??!!” Hahahaha.. an image sent by John if I’m not mistaken.

The groom entertaining the guests inside the Church cos we were there much earlier than we were told :D


and getting himself ready >.<

Papa, finally opened the door for me to get out from the car.

The cute niece when she is not naughty :)

Papa and me, with Sin’s niece as ring bearer.

Slowly walking down the aisle. I so scared I will fall down and made the joke of the century lor. Hahahaha !!

My super long wedding dress that I did not bring to amend it short. :x


This part hor.. The priest asked Papa if there’s any advice he would like to give to theHub. Then Papa looked at me and say, why you never tell me earlier I need to say something so I can prepare? HAHAHAHAHA.. Papa.. I also don’t know ler.. but your response was fast also. So it is okay, Papa.. You still have the 2nd chance when you bring Sis in next time :P

The moment that theHub said he almost cried but he didn’t ler.. Cheh !! Still say I never cry when he proposed !!

Bonding time with God, families, relatives and friends :)




We did not expect so many people to turn up cos those who RSVP with us were only 50% of all those who turned up. Blessings :)





Our Readers ❤ Thank you guys ❤


Our Choir of the day. ❤

Our parents. ❤


Our driver for 2 days. ❤

Why only Hin is smiling?



with our beautiful couple, also our witnesses – George and MaryAnne.




theHub’s favourite part.


So long that Fr.Simon needs to stop him. Love the beautiful smiles from our witnesses.

Naughty Sin. Look !! MaryAnne’s smile is so mesmerizing.

and Sin made everyone so happy O.o



Final blessing from friends and relatives.






Signing papers for our lifetime contract.

Looking at theHub seriously signing his lifetime contract.

theHub very happily see me signing the lifetime contract. What was on his mind at that time ho?

Our favourite couple.


Thank you Fr.Simon, George and MaryAnne.

Happily ever after you two. Hehehehe !!

Thank you Fr.Simon.


Thank you Lord.





Thank you everyone for spending your precious time to attend our R.O.M. It was a Friday and we truly appreciate your attendance to witness our big day. We couldn’t thank each and everyone of you personally, but seeing you all at the church on our big day is truly a blessing to us. :)

Thank you EdwinLayPhotography and team for all the beautiful photos.

With Fr Simon and our parents and also Little Carmen.

With Sin’s family and relatives. Thank you Uncles, Aunties, Cousins and little ones :)

Papa with Mama’s siblings and Uncle Paul’s close friends.

With my side of family and relatives. Thank you Uncles and Aunties :)

My imported friends from West, including Anna and Dys who is always not in Kuching >.<

Our awesome gym buddies – Serious face O.o

This is more like it. Love each and everyone of you. Gym sessions are always fun with you all around ;)

Sin’s hengdais.

Sin’s wonderful and helpful colleagues :)

Friends since primary school – SRB St Theresa Padungan :)

Always feel awesome with them around. BenBen flew all the way from Aussie for us. Thank you BenBen.

Not forgetting the rest of you who flew all the way from KL for us too.. Love you all deep deep :)

One photo is just not enough for us.

Always not enough :D :D

Seeee !!

SelfieQueen gone crazy :D

with Shirley :)

with Philip and Coco, the loud one. Only Coco is loud :D

The hengdai came to peek my jimuis :D

Wonderful group of friends who made Sin who he is today. One flew in from Aussie, one from Taiwan. Thank you guys. Our days are awesome with you guys around ;)

Nextttt will be our actual day pics… so many i think i need to divide them into few posts O.o

Thank you for viewing. More coming up.. when I’m free to resize and upload them :)


Words I Wrote Were Not What They Thought It Is Meant O.o

After our BodyAttack 87 Relaunch at the main gym, I compiled photos taken by Joyce, into an instagram photo and captioned it:
BodyAttack 87 Relaunch.
Love the huge team.. Gonna miss you all.. till we meet again.. One day..

I didn’t know this small corner of my instagram attracted many and this post went viral.. with their own imagination of my caption:-

My caption, I simply mean.. because.. okay.. wait.. let’s look at the schedule which has been fixed for at least half a year. The only changes is the instructor but the slots for all the programs basically are all the same.

You see ah.. BodyAttack has 3 slots in a week.

Monday 8.15pm by Foh En
Tuesday 6.15pm by Ian
Wednesday 6.05pm by Sharon

And because I was sacked by SEB SEB prefers not so intensive workout for its members, I was out of job, hence I do not have permanent slot for myself which I understood from the day I signed up for the BodyAttack Initial Module Training. I am totally okay with that and I am not complaining. Sometimes, even when one of them could not make it and I am asked to cover the class, I didn’t even grab the chance. HAHAHAHA. *worm mode*

So, what I meant at the time I posted that Instagram photo was, I love the huge team and I am going to miss them until I got a cover class which I felt that it is not anytime soon because Foh En and Sharon just came back from holidays and Ian is not flying anywhere anytime soon, so I won’t be teaching anytime soon, hence till we meet again one day.

The feedback and response that I heard after I posted that were funny. I never expect people to care so much about what I posted because I simply want to update something on a social media platform called Instagram which not many people will care. It is hard to explain to everyone and I do not intend to.

and NO.. I am not upset over this. So do not start spreading saying I post an emo post because my photo went viral. Thank you for your attention but hey.. I am okay la.. just wanna make this blog alive again cos theHub said my blog starts to grow spiderwebs already. Kakakakaka !!

How To Clear Stuffy Nose in One Minute?

I’ve been sick since I got back from Japan. Went to see doctor on Monday evening, hoping to recover soon but it seems like the combo is attacking today. From fever + flu.. today another of their friend joined, the cough.

Nose blocked.

Then i read an article titled above shared by a fb friend.

Qoute from the article here (the link).

Russian doctors developed a simple breathing exercise. It will clear your stuffy nose and help you get rid of nasal congestion in a minute, but make sure you follow the instructions correctly.

This exercise worked for over 85% of people.

I tried and it works for me.. so I’m sharing the steps I found in their article.

1. Pinch your nose and walk fast. Keep your nose pinched and your mouth closed. You should make about 20-30 steps.

2. While you walk, hold your breath until you get a strong urge to breathe. Sit down, and keep your spine straight. Focus on the breath.

3. Release your nose, resuming your usual breathing, and remember, no deep breats, and keep your mouth closed. Instead of big inhalations, take small breaths and relax the exhalation muscles, particularly your upper chest and other respiratory muscles.

4. Take another, and again, smaller inhale, then relax. With each inhalation practice the shallow breathing and remain relaxed.

5. The purpose is to maintain the air hunger for 2-3 minutes and keep your muscles relaxed. You can breathe frequently during this shallow breathing, but there is no problem.

You may find this exercise too simple, but it really works. Once you clear your nose, remember to breathe through the nose, and not through your mouth.

I hope it works for you too. All the best and may you recover soon if you ever need these steps :)


Happy New Year from Japan

A year ago, we were among the people mountain people sea on new year eve in Japan. Yes. This many people where you do not have to walk cos you will be pushed to the direction everyone is going. Lol.


Today 01.01.2015, it snows in Shibuya. ❄⛄:)

Our wishes to each and everyone of you out there:
May you be rich in health and always remember to be grateful for every moment. ☺

Lots of love and Cheers from Japan.

2014 Latest Cafe in Kuching: Rusty Bean & Batter @ ST3

On the same evening after we had Taiwanese meal, John & Ian jio us to join them for a coffee session at the latest cafe in Kuching – Rusty Bean & Batter, located at the lately pretty happening ST3, opposite The Spring Shopping Mall.

Rusty Bean & Batter is not only Cafe, but also serves Breakfast, Brunch and even Desserts. Woohh.. but that evening, theHub ordered their signature coffee.
Rusty Bean & Batter_20141223_001

Did you notice our childhood candy??!!
Rusty Bean & Batter_20141223_002

Cotton Candy as sweetener.
Rusty Bean & Batter_20141223_003

Coffee.. Milk..
Rusty Bean & Batter_20141223_004

The crew of Rusty Bean & Batter demonstrate to us how to melt the cotton candy into the coffee. It requires patience and skills.
Rusty Bean & Batter_20141223_005

It took the crew sometimes to melt the cotton candy too. Hahahaha !!
Rusty Bean & Batter_20141223_006

Still struggling..
Rusty Bean & Batter_20141223_008

Look !! Huge cotton candy into a small cup. Like, seriously??!! O.o
Rusty Bean & Batter_20141223_009

One thing to take note. This cotton candy is not our childhood type of easily melt in mouth kinda cotton candy. The one serves at Rusty Bean & Batter requires some kungfu one. Look at theHub’s face !! Hahahaha.
Rusty Bean & Batter_20141223_010

Actually hor, he can just eat the remaining of the cotton like kid one.

But he chose to continue working hard to melt that cotton candy.
Rusty Bean & Batter_20141223_011

Like, finally?
Rusty Bean & Batter_20141223_012

He can even did some latte art on it. Don’t play play. >.<
Rusty Bean & Batter_20141223_014

For now, this place is a bit too happening. Happening to the extend I think ST3 should seriously consider changing the glass door at the overhead bridge connecting The Spring Mall and ST3. We were annoyed by the door when one opens it, it will BAAANGGG loudly when it closes. Either that, or human just cannot read the word PUSH and PULL stick on the glass door. O.o

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