Tourists in Kuching

I believe everyone has a childhood memory of this !! Orange flavour ice tube with samboi. Hohoho. It used to cost RM0.10 for shorter one without samboi.. and RM0.20 for longer one with samboi. FYI, back then our pocket money only 30cents. So, have to think really careful before buying. Haha..

In the earlier days, they call this type of dessert, ais kantung. It used to be more difficult to eat ais kantung but olden days people have their way of eating without dripping / wasting any of it. It has been ages since I last had this and since we were at this tourist place in Kuching, how can we miss this famous roadside ais kacang.

TheHub wasn’t raised up in Kuching during the primary schooldays, so I let him try the rumored-to-be-very-nice Ais Kantung @ RM2.20 It wasn’t easy for us to finish one kantung at the cloudy weather. Both of us thought that the kantung is a bit too sweet for our liking, at our age.
20150314-15_Sunshine15w5d_Borneo Delight_02

We then walked pass a laundry shop where people queued with their baskets of clothes waiting for their turn to get their laundry done. Like seriously?! O.o

and then, on our way back to our car, we saw this corner eating shop called Borneo Delight, located just opposite Life Cafe Carpenter Street, facing the main road, which I thought mainly to attract angmoh tourists to dine there. I was wrong. I glanced through their menu and was surprised at the price of the dishes offered.

Our initial plan was to go to Alain’s Kheng Lee to have lunch but unfortunately he was cleaning up when we reached there. We had no choice but to wander around the area since we have a proper parking space along Carpenter Street, hence we became tourists in Kuching for the afternoon. We even managed to find my childhood fried chicken wing and fish ball stall near the temple, opposite Star Cineplex. THE AUNTY IS STILL SELLING THE YUMMILICIOUS CHICKEN WING AND FISH BALLS !!! and now even added drumstick to their menu, or they memang have it just that I didn’t know? Hehehehe.. Whatever it is, now I know they are selling on Sunday afternoons .. hehehehe… Ok ok.. Back to Borneo Delight, we ordered our drinks at rather reasonable price in this place. Neslo Tarik for only RM1.50 !!
20150314-15_Sunshine15w5d_Borneo Delight_04

While waiting for our food to be served, theHub got attracted by Musang Durian fridge and went to look at what they have inside. haha..
20150314-15_Sunshine15w5d_Borneo Delight_03

We only ordered a plate of Dabai Fried Rice @ RM5.00 to share because we were not sure of the quality of the food. To our surprise, this plate of fried rice is so much better than Aunty’s Corner.
20150314-15_Sunshine15w5d_Borneo Delight_05

We love the cozy environment and we are definitely going back to you again, Borneo Delight ^.^

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How Time Flies

It has been more than a month, more than 5 weeks, that I did not go to the gym after the discovery of our Little Sunshine. I couldn’t take it any longer because at-least-must-sweat-kind-of-person-like-me, suddenly need to stop all the workout and better be worm after work T_T because they say it is very dangerous during the first trimester to do any form of exercises. T_T But our doctor told me that I should be doing all the things like I used to do, best not to change my lifestyle, must exercise if I’m a regular gym goer, but must make sure it’s not too high impact (after I told him what kind of exercises I’ve been doing all this while – BodyAttack with tuck jumps, high knee run, jumping jacks, jumping lunges. LOL !!) Still, I can do BodyAttack with low-impact, so.. there I went to the gym on Wednesday. Hohoho..

I didn’t sweat as much as I wish, but I’m glad I’m finally back to the gym to see all those regular faces. My huge tummy (at least to me cos I’ve never seen my tummy this huge before) was hidden with the attire I wore. HAHAHA.. KC requested for a picture of the fatty worm but I refused. Probably the next time I’m at gym with mirror, I might consider taking one and show to you guys la.

But for now.. I’ve more interesting photos to show you. We were invited to Coco’s house for her forever sweet 21st birthday celebration with the SLA gang. Photos were all sent to us by the pretty birthday lady.

Jenny, the Zumba instructor and I syiok sendiri in the 6 photos. HAHAHA !!
20150308_Coco's 41st Birthday_01-06gif

Philip managed to capture this candid pic of us laughing when Mylo walked over to us and wanted to be in the group photo, but the back is facing camera :D
20150308_Coco's 41st Birthday_07

While theHub syiok sendiri at the back with Pink Panther and when Jac tried to adjust Mylo to the correct position but..
20150308_Coco's 41st Birthday_08-10gif

When theHub is still playing with Pink Panther and when Jenny.. em.. trying to hit the birthday girl? HAHAHAHA.. I’m just kidding.. I’ve no idea what she was doing..
20150308_Coco's 41st Birthday_11,14gif

and finally one proper picture after all the hilarious photos. :D
20150308_Coco's 41st Birthday_13

Happy Happy Birthday Coco.. May you grow more beautiful each day and stay LOUD !!! >.<

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The Barber is now a Chef >.<

The Latest IN place in Kuching people have been talking about is a barber who turned into a chef called The Barber Restaurant, located next to The Junk and Bla Bla Bla Restaurant. Our little bro, Rex, who is back from Aussie for CNY also knew about this place.
20150222_The Barber Restaurant_07

How long have you not seen something like this?
20150222_The Barber Restaurant_05

The interior. All pics captured by theHub using his HTC One. The awesome phone used to be mine but changed owner after his Sony Xperia was sent for PAID service of the so-called waterproof phone. We got it back after paying for more than RM200 but now it looks totally like a new phone, except, it is two generation behind, or is it three? O.o
20150222_The Barber Restaurant_02

The interior stays exactly like a barber shop, except they do not provide haircut, hair perm or hair wash services anymore.
20150222_The Barber Restaurant_04

What I like best about this restaurant is that it has mirrors on both sides of the wall, so if you want to peekaboo someone, you do not need to turn your head around and look at that person. You just need to look at the mirror to peek them. hahahaha !!
20150222_The Barber Restaurant_03

The interior is not all about salon barber shop. The tables and chairs are modern type for the comfort of patrons.
20150222_The Barber Restaurant_01

Oh, for your info, The Barber Restaurant is under the same boss as The Junk. So, you do not have to worry about the quality of their food and drinks.

We ordered all the western food because theHub almost went crazy after two days of watching the food network shown on TV.

We ordered: Smoked Duck Pizza @ RM48.00
20150222_The Barber Restaurant_08

If you love cheeeeeeese, this is a MUST to order. Quattro Formaggi @ RM35.00 I know the picture did not show how appetizing it was but trust me, this is one of the must-try IF you love cheese. hehehehe.
20150222_The Barber Restaurant_09

John said this is recommended, so how can we miss this 6pcs of Grilled Wings @ RM25.00 !!
20150222_The Barber Restaurant_10

Not the best aglio olio I have eaten, but this Aglio Olio Prawn Paste @ RM35.00 is just good for us to share after so much food O.O
20150222_The Barber Restaurant_11

How can we miss Risotto Seafood @ RM35.00 if we chose to have Italian food??!!
20150222_The Barber Restaurant_12

But we did miss out something very important which we mentioned earlier but we did not order in the end. THE ITALIAN DESSERT – TIRAMISU !! :( Only realized after we settled the bill with 6% Government tax imposed :(

Anyways, if it is not for Jason, the most updated guy, we would not have known about this place. Or maybe it was just me since I have been so Out-Of-Date recently. Huhuhu.. So, thanks Jason ^.^

Also, thank you Grace for the photo of us, minus her. Dang.. We didn’t snap a group photo of us :( I mean #Wefie.
20150222_The Barber Restaurant_06

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Happy Valentine’s Day from Our Little Sunshine

Few more days before Our Little Sunshine turns 12 weeks old. Due to lots of Chinese pantangs, we are only allowed to announce this only after my first trimester which is like few more days to go but since today is Valentine’s Day, and I did not buy anything for theHub I shall dedicate this post to theHub wishing him Happy Valentine’s Day. hahaha..

I haven’t been eating and sleeping well throughout this early pregnancy. So, how am I? I’m doing good. I’m still working. I am no longer thin/slim/skinny but I am getting rounder, so is theHub. I think he has one in his tummy too. *giggles*

So, why Little Sunshine? It has been raining days and nights recently in Kuching but today’s weather is super good. Okay. At least this morning it was when we went for checkup and it is still now. So, for now, our little creature in my tummy shall be called Little Sunshine. ^.^

Dear Little Sunshine, one day if you manage to read my blog and if my blog still exists, please know how naughty you are now. You know what?! During the 2D scanning this morning, you are so active moving your legs and arms. Your daddy wanted to laugh saying you must be doing BodyAttack. Even the gynae said you are so active. But hor.. When our gynae wanted to do 4D scan, you hor.. this little creature, you fall asleep !!! (must be pretend to sleep lor hor.. hahaha) Because hor.. it’s like, in seconds nia you fall asleep. How is that possible??!!. O.o But Gynae said this is normal. Baby wakes up and sleeps every 40 minutes. So, that must be like the 35-39 minutes out of the 40 minutes that we managed to see you earlier on. Then during that 4D scan, when the clock strikes 40th minute and you fall asleep O.o Like that also can. #WinLiaoLor

So, the picture above is you, pretending to sleep. Hehehehe.. Oklar oklar.. you really fall asleep. I miss seeing you moving around already.. but we only can see you again next month. So for now, please be good and healthy ^.^

Your Parents ❤


I Was Hit & Yelled at by Road Bully: QKQ4484

The incident happened yesterday afternoon around 1pm, in front of Merdeka Palace, Kuching. I was driving in the middle lane when suddenly I heard a loud bang at the back side my car. I looked at the back mirror and saw a red pickup behind my car. He tried to escape after hitting my car !! I gave him a long loud horn hoping he will stop but he gave me a look and drove away. I have no idea how bad my car was so I follow his car and horn him all the way but he didn’t want to stop. So, I took a pic of his car while following his car.

I didn’t think much whether he is a conman or a guy who purposely hit my car and make me follow him so he can rob me. I really didn’t think much. I just want him to stop and get this matter settled. So I follow him until this Malay kampung where we used to run for Momentum 4. He stopped at this building. I stopped outside the gate and came down to check on my car. What a relieve ! No big deal on my durable car. He came towards my direction and I was thinking he will apologize to me. But No. His first phrase yelling and pointing at me from far was: KAMU TAK NAMPAK SIGNAL SAYA KAH?!!

I was aggitated after hearing him yelling at me. So I verbally fought back la. “You ada masalah kah? Sekarang you langgar saya kah saya langgar you?!”

He pointed at me, once again: KAMU TAK NAMPAK SIGNAL SAYA KAH?!!

WTF is wrong with this man. Hit my car. Didn’t say sorry. Still wanna yell at me. Saya kat fast lane. You tiba-tiba keluar dari inner lane, langgar belakang kereta saya. Sekarang you tanya tak nampak you punya signal? You tak cakap sorry, tapi marah saya lagi?!! You ada masalah ka?

He took a glance at the back side of my car. Then yelled at me again: MANA BUKTI SAYA LANGGAR KAMU? MANA BUKTI??!!

I got more angry and pointed a finger at him: YOU BERANI CAKAP YOU TAK ADA LANGGAR KERETA SAYA??!!
He guiltily answered with his eyes turning red: Tak ada !!

I stood closer towards him and pointed at his face, thinking if he answers tak ada for second time, I’m gonna kick his balls using my knee or safety boots: YOU BERANI CAKAP SEKALI LAGI YOU TAK ADA LANGGAR KERETA SAYA?!!

He kept quiet for seconds, then say: MANA BUKTI?

For seconds I was mad at my car why the car is so durable. But I feel blessed that my car and myself are alright. I just feel unhappy this is the way I was treated by the road bully when he just hit my car, not only he did not feel grateful that my car is okay, he did not even apologized. He added: KALAU YOU ADA BUKTI, YOU PERGI REPOT POLIS LA.

It seems like there is nothing much I can do with this useless guy. Knowing that the police will not accept the case since there is very little minor injury to my car. But I was still very angry. It’s like you got slapped in the face, but you have no witness, so you cannot make a report. Even if you do, you will not be entertained. You get what I mean?!

So, to release my anger, I talk loudly to myself: Chickpie la you. Pergi masuk dalam la. Laki yang tak guna. Berani buat, tak berani mengaku. Minta maaf pun tak mau. Laki tak guna.

He got so angry after hearing what I said, he mumbled away. I added: Memang chickpie. Lepas langgar. Marah orang lagi. Chickpie betul.

I got into my car and left. Then I was told that I was too daring to even follow him into Malay kampung. Like I said earlier, I really didn’t think much. I was too angry that I got hit and he just drove away. I realized that wasn’t me. That must be the other person in me. O.o