Certified Siao Lang

I have heard about Siaw Lang Association aka SLA from theHub long time ago but yesterday I was certified the Siao One after attended their annual dinner at The Junk. It was my first time meeting the Siao committees them. I must say, besides the two being LOUD, REALLY LOUD, (which is not a big deal to any of the members because LOUD is their signature, LOUD is always why the committees love them), each and everyone of them are awesome people. Picture stolen from Chan‘s facebook. Hehehehe. I was so under-dress cos theHub told me it is okay to wear shorts with blouse :x So I need to hide as much as I can. Hahahaha !!

It was their annual Christmas gift exchange dinner. theHub prepared his gifts and desserts as gifts exchange for the two of us.. and in return, we got these !!!
SLA_The Junk_20141215001

They said the dinner at 7.30pm . We thought we were early to arrive at 7.15pm, taking our sweet time to find parking and walk like we still have gazilion of time, but the actual fact is, everyone of them was there so early we became LATE. T___T So, we didn’t know who give what except Coco’s cos she said it out loud from far what her gifts are !! HAHAHAHAHA !!

From Jonus. Just realized from the photo, there’s a cookie in there. Wooaahh !!
SLA_The Junk_20141215002

Coco said it’s candle, but from the packaging, I cannot.. it looks like.. em.. hahahaha.. nvm.. I shall unpack it soooon :D
SLA_The Junk_20141215003

From the beautiful couple, Teresa and Wes.
SLA_The Junk_20141215004

So pretty I feel like framing it up. Hehehehe.
SLA_The Junk_20141215006

From Jenny. She said this is her worn socks !! this girl confirmed siao one !! hahahahaha !!
SLA_The Junk_20141215005

From Chan. The 3pcs of Daim, 2 for photo, 1 inside tummy + super cute bunny mug !!! Finally, I have my own mug at the new home. Hehehehe.
SLA_The Junk_20141215007

From the pretty loud Coco. Hand Cream from Crabtree & Evelyn and Candy from Hershey’s. Yes. Candy from Hershey’s !!! She even proved it by showing us the box from Hershey’s .. HAHAHAHA !!
SLA_The Junk_20141215008

Nips from Ryan.
SLA_The Junk_20141215009

Cookie from Amanda. Very delicious small piece of Christmas tree cookie :)
SLA_The Junk_20141215010

Cutie bag from Wilson. He added the unlimited supplies of chocolates last night too.
SLA_The Junk_20141215011

from Jac ^.^
SLA_The Junk_20141215012

inside the wrapping paper.
SLA_The Junk_20141215013

Hehehehehe.. Two gifts in exchange of so many O.O Thank you so much for inviting me to the dinner.. and thank you for the laughters and thank you for being so siaw that the next table people kia tiok and quickly left during the dinner that made the whole gathering crazily fun.

Many say.. Harbour Court Has The Best Foochow Food..

So theHub brought me to this famous for foochow food place called Harbour Court, located at Jalan Chan Chin Ann. It is somewhere behind Sanga Japanese Restaurant, or the more exact location will be behind KTS. You can see there is a harbour with fishing boats when you turn into the road before you see this Harbour Court. If you still do not know where, I will draw a map for you. >.<

Okay.. Today, I'm going to show you my photography skill our food without remembering much of their pricing. #SignOfOldAge We have been there together, twice so.. em.. yes.. just enjoy the food photos from our second visit.

They say it is best to drink hot drinks instead of cold drinks for your first meal. So, we ordered Kopi C and Milo. During our first visit to the same place, we ordered Kopi C and Kopi. The person who made the drinks got a bit messed up with our drinks. He didn’t put sugar over theHub’s KopiC but he put milk and sugar into my Kopi, double the sweetness. They redo our drinks. Not a big deal, but definitely funny when thought of it :D

They don’t have the best toast, but this is just good for the two of us. Both of us are not fussy and very easy to be fed one :D

theHub has the habit of dipping toast bread into the soft boiled eggs, so we ordered this to kill his cravings.

Pretty combination.

I don’t normally order “fresh” soya bean from coffee shops because the first to arrive doesn’t mean we can really have fresh soya bean cos I see them took the jug out from fridge and make a glass for us or we can buy a pack of soya bean from the market for RM1.20 but we need to pay more, for a glass of diluted soya bean. I prefer some hotter beverages :)

Foochow Sio Bee. theHub asked what is the different between the foochow version of siobee and the normal, probably open air type of siobee.
My answer to him:
#1: Foochow siobee is bigger in size.
#2: Foochow siobee is more expensive.
#3: I don’t know cos I am a failed foochow. :D :D :D

On our first visit, we tried the so-called BEST FOOCHOW MEESUA IN KUCHING. Need to find time to dig out the photo, but for now, let’s focus on their beef noodles. The slices of beef is good, but too much of it makes us sick of the taste. Probably there is certain ingredients that we do not fancy O.o

Love the noodles though.

theHub enjoying his meal.

❤ Us during the first visit to Harbour Court ❤

My photos for this post very nice hor *self praising learnt from theHub* I mean the resolution for the photos made me wanna bring out the pretty Oly out more often. Hehehehe.. Btw, is there any eateries / cafe or any food and drinks in Kuching that we should visit and try? For breakfast, brunch, lunch, dinner, supper? Any Christmas meals or Christmas promotions or any happenings in Kuching now??

Actually, I have a joke to tell.. but I shall blog about that some other time. Hehehehe. Have a great weekend :)

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Dramatic Aunty & Dramatic Staffs at Imperial Duck

Life without dramas ________________ (you fill in the blank the way you like it) .. kakakaka..

Had lunch with Sis at Imperial Duck just now and we witnessed some dramas happened.




I was just sitting next to the dramatic Aunty and the dramatic staffs were just nearby scattering around our table.

At first, it was just a normal make order and take order kinda process. Then bro called to say he want to join us for lunch and we helped him to make order since it took them kinda long to prepare ours. So we made another order for him.. and the first drama occurred.

Our initial order was Ice Jelly with Aloe Vera @ RM3.80 T___T It used to be so much nicer than this.. but now.. I think I overpaid for this bowl lor. 3 small pieces of aloe vera only :(
Imperial Duck_20141208_002

BBQ Pork Rice @ RM8.50 .. Sometimes, they will give you beautiful pieces of 3 layer pork but at times like today, you will only get some portion of the 3 layer pork. Where are the bottom part of my 3 layer pork. T_____T #WhyYouStealMyPork ??!!
Imperial Duck_20141208_003

Before Sister’s food was served, they serve us another bowl of Ice Jelly with Aloe Vera. I told them I only ordered a bowl and it is already very disappointing that it is impossible for me to order another bowl to make myself cry. Some staffs started to yell at each other and they were mentioning our table number*shocked* I asked Sis not to look at the dramatic them cos they were talking about us, or probably our table LOUDLY. We clearly did not make that order ok?!

and then, Sister’s Yang Zhou Special Fried Rice @ RM9.50 was served. Very delicious plate of fried rice but a bit pricey for a plate of fried rice. Still, this plate is so much better than my missing-bottom-part-of-BBQ-Pork !!
Imperial Duck_20141208_004

Later before Bro arrived, they served us another plate of BBQ Pork Rice. I rejected them saying I only ordered a plate and damn you why this plate looks so much nicer than the plate you served me earlier?!. The second round of scolding and finger pointing in front of customers happened. Again, our table number was mentioned. No, they did not accuse us. It was among their own crew members. One staff took our order on the same piece of paper and pass it to another staff and she key into the system hence the double of the rice and ice jelly. Like that only they make it so dramatic.

Even more dramatic was the aunty and her two girls sitting next to our table. Her food was served. She requested for chili sauce. One of the staffs took the special sauce on every table and gave it to her. She said she didn’t want that sauce. She wanted the blended chili sauce. Minutes later, no one gave her the sauce that she wanted. She asked another new staff where is the sauce. She looked kinda blur and left and didn’t come back with the sauce she wanted. The 3rd staff passed by her table and she requested for it again. The aunty was pissed. She said I want to see your captain. Where is your captain? The new staff got freaked out and simply point her finger at the senior staff but the aunty wasn’t satisfied. She waited for another minute. This time she was really angry.

“What kind of service is this?! Let’s go !! I’m not paying for this !!” and she left. Just like that.


The staffs only discovered minutes later when the food was left on the table without people sitting on that table. And they started to be dramatic, so dramatic asking around what is wrong with that person?! Why did she leave?! What did the lady told you to give her? They were talking about this so loudly not knowing what just happened. I wanted to be 38po telling them the whole story but I didn’t la, unless “I’m not paying for this” and can leave just like that.. hahahahaha !!!

Imperial Duck_20141208_001

The drunk santa at Imperial Duck.

Same Same But Different

Same thing, same time, but different opportunities.

Maybe, it is time to let go. Not immediately, but slowly. You have done your best. Not getting appreciated is not something you can control. Divert attention to something more meaningful than to hang on to something that you do not know when the opportunity will come. Who knows you will find better options out there ;)

Coffee Cube at Jase’s Tea Room

Since the hubbie updated his blog (WOW!! It has been a looooooooooonggg time since he last blogged).. I think I should too.. on the same topic, same picture (I right click, copy image URL and paste the link here.. HAHAHA) but of a little bit of different wordings :D

So, it was this random evening when #SinRoseAsOne11 needs some companion and we managed to get 3 people to join us. Before they arrived, we ordered some drinks.. We were told the Coffee Cube here is much much nicer than the Coffs. So we tried..

The hubbie tasted it first. Then he let me have a sip. Looking deeply into my eyes (Did he? O.o I’m just trying to be dramatic la. HAHAHA), he asked: Do you have the dating feel?

I guess he was trying to be romantic at that time la but without much thoughts I answered: Feels more like getting diabetes.

Inexplicable funny.

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