Fullhouse Theme Cafe in Kuching

I’ve heard a lot and always wanted to go to Fullhouse. There are good and bad reviews on Fullhouse, but we were thinking, if it is that bad, they won’t have 2nd branch in Kuching right? Anyways, we went to try last Friday at CityOne Megamall.
Fullhouse Theme Cafe 20140411_05

We placed our order – One main dish, one drink and one dessert cos the fiance had his dinner. By common sense, drink and main dish should be served first right? But we were served our Green Tea Tiramisu @ RM15.90 immediately after we placed our order.
Fullhouse Theme Cafe 20140411_01

Though I don’t mind to have desserts first before main drink and main dish, but look at the Tiramisu. Okay, you can’t see from this picture. The tiramisu served was very green in color. So green that it somehow killed my appetite. So I leave it to the last.
Fullhouse Theme Cafe 20140411_02

Our drink: Sour Plum Yoghurt @ RM8.90
Fullhouse Theme Cafe 20140411_03

Spaghetti Aglio Olio with Mushroom & Chiliflakes @ RM16.90.
Fullhouse Theme Cafe 20140411_04

I would expect something like this. Dry and delicious.

But it came out to be super oily and I don’t think anyone that I know would want to even eat more after trying the first fork of this pasta. Again, I am not going to leave this RM16.90 plate of pasta on the table without eating them ba.. *tamchiak mode*
Fullhouse Theme Cafe 20140411_06

I requested for the menu. Trying to look at the picture in the menu to get back my appetite. Physcho myself that this glass of Green Tea Tiramisu should be nice. Moist cake, mascarpone cheese and expresso flavour sponge. It should be niceeeeee !!!
Fullhouse Theme Cafe 20140411_08

But all I see is just cream, the green color cream. So green that I think green lover, Yien and Ivan would start to hate green !! HAHAHAHA !!
Fullhouse Theme Cafe 20140411_09

Moist cake? Yes. A bit.
Mascarpone cheese? NO.
Expresso flovour sponge? NO.
Fullhouse Theme Cafe 20140411_10

It was a disappointing dining experience at Fullhouse Theme Cafe at CityOne. Impossibruuu it is that bad wor. :( I will be going back again, maybe this time, to their first outlet in Kuching, the one at Hills Shopping Mall. Maybe the food there will be better? O.o
Fullhouse Theme Cafe 20140411_07

Sarawak Laksa with Chrispy BBQ Pork

Initially, we just wanted to have a normal lunch at Imperial Duck since we were nearby Public Bank for some office matters. As we walked pass Imperial Duck, we saw huge piece of BBQ Pork being hanged at the kitchen. So, we decided to order a plate of BBQ Pork Rice @ RM8.00
Imperial Duck 20140411_01

They don’t always have the BBQ Pork especially after 1pm. We were glad we were there earlier. We also ordered one of the hot selling drinks – Sugarcane Water Chestnut @ RM3.00 per bottle.
Imperial Duck 20140411_02

and as per the title mentioned, we tried something special from the shop – BBQ Pork Ramen Laksa @ RM8.50. Besides the famous and delicous 3 layer crispy BBQ Pork, the laksa’s soup was just an ordinary Laksa soup with no special impression left on it :(
Imperial Duck 20140411_03

We ordered another dish – Braised Bean with Shimeyi Mushroom @ RM18.00 . The wait for this plate of braised bean was crazy long and when the fiance went to the counter to ask for the status of it, it took the girl more than 5 minutes to go behind her cashier and were joking around in the kitchen. =.=
Imperial Duck 20140411_04

When we were in front of cashier, wanted to make payment, she can joke happily with her colleagues, telling them she key in wrong as take away. Hello Lady, first we wanted to cancel order, you said your kitchen colleague is already preparing. We finished both our rice and laksa and the dish has yet to be served. Fine. We waited for some more time and fine, we can just eat it. But when we wanted to make payment cos we are in rush, can you please be more serious to us than to play around? O.o
Imperial Duck 20140411_05

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Wedding Planning #001

After I was proposed and I said Oklar to him, besides the excited feelings and all, now at this time, this moment, I started to get nervous. The wedding will be in end of the year, but we have planned NOTHING AT ALL yet. The only thing I know is the date and the venue the wedding dinner is going to be held.

We plan to have a church blessings ceremony. The fiance is not Christian, but he and I will be attending pre-marriage course. I’m not sure if we can have a church blessings ceremony due to some reasons, but we will still be going for the course, according to the fiance.

Pre Wedding Photos
- Since I think the ROM is going to be earlier, not sure if it will be a day earlier or way much earlier, we decided to take photos of us during the ROM as prewedding photos. You think ok or not hor like this?

Wedding Planner
- to engage or not to engage? There are way many versions that I heard and read that one should and shouldn’t get a wedding planner. We have still yet to discuss on this.

Wedding Gown(s)
- most probably we will get it online since we are not engaging any bridal studio for our prewedding photoshoot.

- I’m thinking to get a short wedding dress but the fiance said the short ones are for the ji muis. But hey.. i’m short and long wedding gowns are just too long for my height ba. You guys said correct or not?? We have yet to seriously talk about it la.. just my random thoughts and I think it’s time for planning and all as we are really running out of time.

Make Up Artist
- no plan yet T_T

Do you know weddings are not just weddings? No wonder when friends were getting married, they said they turned into Bridezilla.

There are too many things that will be out of our controls and we definitely need to be more careful especially when we see topics like this appeared on our browsers.
10 Most Common Wedding Planning Mistakes.
10 Hidden Wedding Costs
10 x infinity of things to be worried about. But for now.. a little entertainment to finish off the post. :)
Wedding Planning 20140412_01

Wedding Planning 20140412_02

Wedding Planning 20140412_03

Wedding Planning 20140412_04

Wedding Planning 20140412_05

Wedding Planning 20140412_06

If you noticed the title, I put #001 because I think there will be more than 99 things to talk about the wedding planning. Anyone has any advise to share with?

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Sarai Minang – Makanan Indonesia

Two days ago, when I was cruising around town area, I found an Indonesian Food Restaurant somewhere nearby Nissan Service Centre, or somewhere behind Prudential Building at Abell Road. So, yesterday, we headed over Sarai Minang for our lunch :)
Sarai Minang 20140410_01

I ordered Ice Honey Lemon @ RM2.00 and he ordered Ice Lemon Tea @ RM2.10.
Sarai Minang 20140410_02

Since we were not that hungry yesterday, we ordered a plate Nasi Goreng Ikan Masin @ RM5.50. The menu’s picture looks better. HAHAHA.. but the taste of this plate of fried rice ADD ON with Cilipadi is just so awesome !!
Sarai Minang 20140410_04

The fiance wanted to try something unique, so we ordered some chicken with weird name – Ayam Balado @ RM8.00.. and the fiance’s eyes went O.O when this plate of chicken was served !! HAHAHAHAHA !! So, lesson of the day was to order Ayam Penyet at RM1 cheaper and more mouth friendlier. HAHAHAHA !!
Sarai Minang 20140410_05

But the good thing is that we ordered a plate of vege – Kailan cooked with Oyster sauce and garlic @ RM4.00 for the fiance to cover the spicyness.
Sarai Minang 20140410_06

But he still acted like monkey accidentally ate chili, so he ordered another glass of drink: Orange Juice @ RM3.50
Sarai Minang 20140410_07

There are still many dishes that we’ve yet to try. Definitely going back for more >.<

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My New Love: Earthlings Coffee Workshop

So, it was one random evening when the John and Ian mentioned about the new Workshop in town. So, after the exhausting and dramatic Level Up Fitness Xtravaganza at The Spring Shopping Mall on Sunday, Sin and I decided to drop by CityOne to check out on this new coffee place.
EarthLings Coffee Workshop_20140408_15

Okay.. the exhausting part was, we were all throwing out all the energy that we have during the relaunch and it was super tiring after that. During training, I was one of those who always did options and so on that day, my legs were crying hard. hahahaha.. and the dramatic part was, The Spring Shopping Mall management came to complain when we were 75% done with our BodyAttack tracks. Why you always like that one? Two years ago, I remember you did the same too. =.= So, our power track song was played in a very SOFT music. Thank you The Spring =.=” Anyways, thanks to the awesome Attackers, we had so much fun. ^.^

Okay.. back to my new love, the drugstore. We met long time no see friends at CityOne and this is her cup of coffee with the art still steady on top although she sipped half of the cup already.
EarthLings Coffee Workshop_20140406_01

Feeling more confident over their coffee, I ordered Latte.
EarthLings Coffee Workshop_20140406_02

and Sin had Single Origin: Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Red Cherry. It was more towards sourish which he likes.
EarthLings Coffee Workshop_20140406_03

Goodlooking guy makes the coffee tastes so much better. HAHAHAHAHA!!
EarthLings Coffee Workshop_20140406_05

and then we were very lucky that evening to have tasted the best coffee in the shop. Single Origin – Panama Geisha. Thanks to the owners’ friends from West Malaysia visiting them we had the chance to try on the coffee. Top in my list for now. Hohohoho.
EarthLings Coffee Workshop_20140406_06

The process you won’t wanna miss ;)
EarthLings Coffee Workshop_20140406_16

and then yesterday, I had the urge of drinking good coffee. It was raining when I was nearby and I couldn’t stay there long to enjoy the coffee. So, we ordered two coffees to take away. The unique decorations in the workshop.
EarthLings Coffee Workshop_20140408_07

EarthLings Coffee Workshop_20140408_08

EarthLings Coffee Workshop_20140408_09

One Cappuccino & One Latte ready to be taken away. Double shots for both.
EarthLings Coffee Workshop_20140408_10

I insisted on the art on top of my Cappuccino and this is the best he can come out with. Not pretty but at least he tried to create one. My happy dose of drink.
EarthLings Coffee Workshop_20140408_11

and then in the evening, I saw one familiar face in the drugstore again. Ernest !! Hahaha !! This time, the boss introduced Tanzania Karatu (Single Origin) for us and both of us loved it very much ;) and I would prefer this over Ethiopian Yirgacheffe Red Cherry.
EarthLings Coffee Workshop_20140408_12

and we have got special discount on our drinks for bugging them too much. HAHAHA.. This is my cup of Hot Chocolate ;) Simply delicious.
EarthLings Coffee Workshop_20140408_14

Now, how do I live without my new love? HAHAHA !!

Oh oh.. before I end this post, I was featured in See Hua Newspaper not long ago, together with the General Managers of Pullman Kuching.. hahaha.. thanks Jack for the photo sent to the whatsapp :)
EarthLings Coffee Workshop_20140328_17