Zalora’s First Pop Up Store in East Malaysia

If you haven’t heard of Zalora, you must have been hiding somewhere that no one can find you. HAHAHA !! To be honest, I didn’t really like Zalora after my bad shopping experience with Lazada. I thought they are both related. I never gave a chance to Zalora because of Lazada until I have seen those items with my own eyes, feel their materials with my own hands. Hohoho.

The media while waiting for the press conference at Fullhouse Kuching.
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-002

First we registered ourselves at the front desk, and then we were given Press Release and also a goodie bag by the beautiful Zalora PR Manager, Anna Nishaburi. Seated and finally met Zalora Marketing Director, Luca Barberis and managed to hear from him about why he he chose Kuching to do Zalaro’s First Pop Up store in East Malaysia.
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-003

My very own model with Zalora’s Marketing Director.
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-004

While some of you might think that Zalora’s collections are only suitable for the beautiful and goodlooking models below, we do have our very own Kuching models to showcase Zalora’s bestsellers to let you see and judge by yourself.

We proceeded to the Stage at Main Concourse and I bumped into one long time no see photographer and blogger friend, CK.
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-005

He snaps very beautiful photos which initially I didn’t want to intro him but he is just too good to be hidden. I no cheat you one. Click here to look at his Zalora Fashion Show in Kuching. Look at this awesome picture of Carron Kho, the local celebrity model.

Chien, the emcee, then introduced Stacy Anam, the winner of Akademi Fantasia to entertain the crowd.
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-006

Next, Zalora’s Marketing Director gave his speech to the Kuchingites.
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-007

While I show you ZALORA’s collections, I will also share with you what we know from the Marketing Director, Luca Barberis during the earlier press conference.
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-015

Luca mentioned that although Zalora started off as an online fashion destination, they do not want or plan to restrict themselves to the online retail platform.
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-016

Many puzzled. Why Kuching?
ZALORA chose Kuching to open its pop up store of 2000 square feet when they realized 25% of the orders came from our region.
Wooaaahh.. now you know you’re part of the 25% huh? >.<
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-017

The pop up store also gives shoppers an option to browse through ZALORA website and purchase other items online that are not available in the store, thus giving customers an even larger variety of items to choose from.
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-011

Zalora’s pop-up store at CityONE Megamall welcomes walk-in customers daily from 10am to 10pm from 16th to 30th September 2014. Go see, go touch, go feel the materials that you want to know from screen.. FIVE more days !!!!
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-012

Photos credit to my model, using my Olympus EPL5. Hohoho.


Wedding Planning #012: Prewedding Photoshoot Cancelled

The day of the prewedding photoshoot has finally arrived. Arranged workloads of the day, visited doctor (due to my face is having this Prewedding Photoshoot Depression.. hahaha.. no such thing la.. just so happened some weird thing suddenly attacked my face like.. em.. ok. story that later) and had early lunch but somehow, when it was about time to do make up… The rain greeted :(

It wasn’t easy to arrange for a photoshoot. All 5 people’s timing shall be available just for the photoshoot, with the permission of the weather. Today’s case for example. Photograher, assistant photographer, Make Up Artist, Him and Me. We are all ready, but weather is not. It’s like, whole day just wasted. With no notice in advance. :(

*continue to emo*


Soul Searching: Innocent with inverted commas

They say: Paper cannot wrap fire.


2014 LiveActiveRun: My first 21km Ekiden Relay

I surprised many by not joining many runs this year. I was this crazy kid who would fly all the way to KL over the weekend just to run and flew back early morning from KL and go straight to work. I did this at least once a week, 4 years ago for more than a year. My first run was a very random decision to join a freaking 10km run at SCKLM 2010. Back then 10km was really too ridiculous for many but today, a full marathon is a common distance everyone can do it. :)

So, I was asked if I would like to take over Rachel’s place for the 21km Ekiden Relay months ago. Without much hesitation, I said okay since the teammates are fabulous people. hahaha.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_001

Please excuse my sleepy eyes. I haven’t been waking up early for run. That was a challenge for me especially for every running that I joined, I couldn’t sleep no matter how many km I am running. Take this for example. 5km only but I couldn’t sleep well.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_002

For the first time, I did a relay. Ekiden.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_003

No idea what happened. hahaha.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_004

We were there quite early. Hence, the less crowd.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_005

Do you know there’s a corner at The Spring for public to chill out for FREE? It used to be Secret Recipe corner at the main entrance.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_006

For Ekiden Relay, all the members need to register themselves at the counter. No help-to-register is allowed, which is good so no one can cheat but BAD if your team is on their way coming but almost late. hahahaha !!
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_007

The used to be cannot run long distance is now a Marathon Maniac !!! First MarathonManiac – woman category !! Proud of you Nasa. :)
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_008

Me (half marathon divide by four) With the other Half Marathoners from the gym. Level Up Fitness that is :)
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_009

The sure-win runners were there too.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_010

If you’re on the road on Saturdays morning.. I am sure you’ve seen them on the road. (minus myself) All well-trained Half Marathoners.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_011

They said it was a good deal with . Have you tried?
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_012

Runners were coming in when the time is almost up. You know. Malaysian timing. HAHAHAHA !!
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_013

The Ekiden runners !!
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_014

No idea what I was looking at. Must be Reuben’s macamness. hahahahaha !!
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_015

Friends since 15 years old? Or was it 16? and he was running half marathon. Very proud of you Mike :)
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_016

My awesome teammates !!!
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_017

Love these fabulous people :)
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_018

While the bus brought the 3 of them away, I was left alone at the starting line.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_019

The run was about to start !!
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_020

Sin made his way to the starting line, at the other side. Oh oh.. btw, all these pics were taken by this fiance of mine. Hohoho.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_021

at the starting line. Hohoho.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_022

The girl in pink very nervous. Long time no run. Once run, not the relaxing kinda 5km run but RUN FOR MY LIFE kinda run.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_023

Proud of this blue shirt guy. He was late. 30 minutes late. Most probably overslept la. He did not give up nor did he cheat. He went to the starting line to tell the crew that he wanted to run the half marathon by starting at the time we were supposed to start. The crew allowed him to go first. 5 minutes ahead of us.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_024

Getting ready.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_025

I am ready.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_026

Ready. Ready.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_027

Faster ler wei.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_028

Fine. *pissed*
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_029

and then we were released !!
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_030

2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_031

and then the fiance started to chase from behind. Of course, by driving.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_032

and snapped pics while driving. Please don’t learn this from him people. Too dangerous.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_033

and I was escorted by goodlooking marshal. Hohoho.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_034

One front, one back. Definitely won’t get kidnapped by people. hahahaha !!
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_035

and one at the very far back, taking photos :D :D
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_036

But i tell you the truth hor. When you’re running and there’s someone escorting you, you feel safe, but at the same time, you feel like punching that marshal. HAHAHAHAHA.. I mean.. I mean.. cos you are running and he is on the bicycle. How unfair is life, you say la. !!!
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_037

Legs wanna break at this point. Ignore my very chamz face. Please put your focus on the goodlooking marshal. HAHAHAHA !!
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_038

I ran so fast..
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_039

that I looked like Usain Bolt *giggles*

Crossing the crossroads like a BOSS.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_040

Poor marshals. Need to cycle like snail while escorting me.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_041

Fast runner who was way ahead of me..
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_042

while I was still behind him a minute. I managed to overtake him before I pass the sash to Grace. Hohoho.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_043

My goodlooking marshall for my 5km run. :D :D
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_044

and then he got a little panicked because this photographer kept on appearing in front of me after taking my shots :D :D
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_045

Maybe that is why I need to be escorted, just in case, this photog is not my fiance. Then that would be creepy !!!
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_046

No no no !! I did not carry by this ambulance. Hahahaha !! This is the Ekiden Point.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_047

Where runners pass their sashes to another teammate of theirs. But I tell you what. The sash will be very disgusting if.. you’re the 2nd or 3rd and even 4th runner. HAHAHAHAHA !! So glad I was the first but my sash was still dry at the time I pass to Grace ho.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_049

Grace was nervous. Cos two people got theirs and I was still no where to be seen.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_050

Probably she thought I was flirting with the marshal that I purposely ran slow. HAHAHAHA !!!
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_051

The little pink dot was me !!
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_052

and I passed the sash to her, finally, with the goodlooking marshal looking on. Hohoho. Cannot cheat one you see. Even the one in yellow also marshal.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_053

All the best Grace. I mean you and the goodlooking marshal. HAHAHAHA !!
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_054

One-on-One guide. *ahem*
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_055

Couldn’t balance myself.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_056

Done.. I wish to stay back and follow Grace all the way but I have Pre-Marriage course to attend at 8am, that Sunday morning. So, I ditched them after my run. Huhuhu.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_057

With the very shy crew on duty.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_058

Supposedly to go back straight but heart itchy wanna wait for them. Not sure how long will they take, so we went back to the Spring and grabbed my drink. One can only.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_059

5km runners getting ready.
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_060

Look who is at the front line !!
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_062

Can see? Can see? It was Wendy who won prizes every year for the short running distance. She was one of those who hated running so much but recently turning into someone who loves to run and she is running for 2015 Kuching Marathon. Hohoho. Good to know that Wendy. Run Happy. :)
2014 Ekiden Spring Run_20140615_063

So, I didn’t manage to wait for the rest to come back cos it was almost 7am at that time and we needed to go back to shower and change and get ready for our breakie before the super long day Pre-Marriage course. It was an awesome run with them. Short run. It was just good for the day. Thank you Ian, John and Grace for inviting me as part of your team. *love*love*

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Sephora, The Beauty Authority Has Arrived Kuching !!

I know I have been missing for sometimes. I wish to blah everything out here but there’s limit. I have things to deal with, mostly about work and some about some human beings whom I have hard time adjusting back to my peaceful mind and routine especially after dealing with some human-crocodiles. #nuffsaid

View from 1st Floor of The Spring Center Court.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_019

Paparazzi going down to check it out.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_020

People started queuing up before 11am.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_021

and it’s for the long awaited SEPHORA has finally arrived Kuching on 1st September 2014. Thanks to Elly and The Spring Kuching for the VIP invitation, I managed to crash in the party and ended up spending.. quite a sum of amount for a non-makeup person like me. *swallow saliva*
Sephora Kuching_20140901_001

Register to get freebies. as invited guest. :)
Sephora Kuching_20140901_024

The disadvantage of a shortie. See people’s backs and shoulders, even with your heels. Hand up straight to snap a pic of this. Kelien hor *puppy eyes*
Sephora Kuching_20140901_022

Faces of the VVIPs whom you will see at most of the launching in The Spring.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_002

Met 3 hot Mamas with a little baby girl.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_003

Champagne, while waiting.. Thank you fiance for the photo. :)
Sephora Kuching_20140901_004

Chan, one of the awesome instructors for Lesmills BodyPump and GRIT was also there.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_005

Sephora Kuching crew is ready.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_023

Performance by Soul Dance.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_025

Sephora crew joined in the fun as well.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_026

I couldn’t get a better view :(
#1: Too short.
#2: Gadget not atas enough.
#3: Some people just want to block your view to have a better view themselves even if they’re not taking any videos or photos.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_027

But all those didn’t matter when I can snapped happy face of the Sephora crew. Hahaha.. I love her smiles.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_028

The invited guests were among the first to step into Sephora Kuching.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_006

My face !!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_007

First section where most of the people would stopped by because it is just near the entrance.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_029

Nail Accessories !!!!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_030

Our faces.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_031

Sephora Kuching_20140901_032

Rose Mask for Rose Wong. The naughty Kenny also brought this mask to me and snapped a pic. HAHAHA !!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_008

Avocado Mask for the fiance. One of his favourite fruits. Now he can even put it on his face. Hahahaha!!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_033

Sephora Kuching_20140901_034

What to buy ah??!!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_009

Quite a number of guys complain because this is their only section. HAHAHA !!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_010

Convenient to grab section when your purchase is about the price of Free Gifts but still not enough. HAHAHA !!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_011

Sephora Kuching_20140901_012

Should I buy? I don’t think I need this ler.. When I owned this, I think I might be a pro Make Up Artist myself. Wakakaka !!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_013

I bet this is Gladys’s favourite corner.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_014

My naked nails.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_015

RM50.00 Gift Voucher, with no minimum amount but must be used on 1st September 2014. So #diedie also must buy something lo. Don’t wanna waste ma.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_016

Met Karen, one of the VIPs that you will see whenever there is launching in The Spring. hahaha !!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_017

So, while walking around, I was grabbed by Chien, emcee for Sephora opening and also the well-known singer in Kuching for weddings, to answer a question. Managed to grab a paperbag of freebies, thanks to the friendly people around for the help. Hehehehe.. and also thanks to the beautiful Chien for the opportunity. Hehehehe.. Here’s the freebies that I got.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_036

Initially we just wanted to spend that RM50 voucher but we ended up with all these O.o
No.. I didn’t force the fiance to buy for me. It was… just.. a random.. take and put into the basket.. persuaded to try this and that.. with the Sephora crew rubbing in with the LIMITED EDITION Make Up Box and ended up.. O.o
Sephora Kuching_20140901_018

Went in with camera. Out with paperbagsssss !!!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_051

Okay.. here’s the things we purchase + Quiz gifts + Door gifts !! Not in order.

#1: stila lip glaze.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_038

#2: Sephora CC Creme. There are additional discounts for the inhouse brand, like Sephora. Additional discount wor #diedie also must buy some discounted items. HAHAHAHA !!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_039

#3: Sephora eye glitter + primer.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_042

Lavendar. Made in Italy.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_043

#4: NYX. Shine Killer.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_044

#5: Make Up For Ever. High Definition Primer.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_045

#6: Sephora Soft Touch Cotton Pad. One of the easy to grab items when purchase amount is almost there but not there yet. :D :D
Sephora Kuching_20140901_046

and yes.. it was all this Make Up Storage Box’s fault !! HAHAHAHA !! With purchase of RM350, you will get this limited edition make up storage box for FREE !!!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_047

Sephora, Where Beauty Beats your wallet.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_048

This box will be officially used, in less than 2 months time >.<
Sephora Kuching_20140901_049

A picture to end the post. Hehehehe.. Thank you Sephora, thank you Elly, thank you Spring and most importantly, thank you fiance for swipping your card everything.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_050