Wedding Planning #019: Eyelash Extension

Thanks to the public holiday today which falls on Saturday that I have time to pamper myself a little bit before the big day. While others might choose to do facial, manicure or pedicure, i chose to do eyelashes extension.


I do have real eyelashes which are not long but still consider a lot according to my beautician. Not sure if that is the right word to call her but she beautify my eyelashes.. so should be called a beautician la. Lol.

So on my actual day in few days time.. I  won’t be using fake eyelashes and I don’t even need to use mascara. My make up artist only need to apply eyeshadow to make my eyes look nicer. ☺☺☺

Siniawan Night Market Kuching

Enough of craps from the people who do not even care about their job and their customers. Seriously need to divert my attention to something else that at least do not put me into bad mood and slowly turn into a depression bride who might not turn up during wedding day O.o WTF.

Anyways.. many months ago, Siniawan Old Town suddenly became the talk of the town. Everyone seems to drive into the same direction during the weekend, before the sunset to witness the beautiful sunset. So, the kiasu Kuchingites – Ivan, HL, Sin and I decided to make a trip there too. All pictures snapped by Sin with his Olympus OMD.

We didn’t arrive before sunset. There were already many people at the time we were there.

The tall couple looking for table :D :D

Food everywhere. Front, back, right and left.





Horrible cuttlefish. It melted in your mouth when you try to bite it. I thought cuttlefish supposed to be chewy??!!

Sambal vege.

Fried Carrot Cake.

3layer porkie.

Chicken Wings.

Sambal fish.

and many of the sambal food we ordered from here.

Siniawan Night Market opens only on Fridays and Saturdays from 6pm to 11pm.

The only thing that caught my attention that evening is that there is stage for people who want to sing Karaoke. I think all they have to do is just to bring their own disk, and sing the song they want and pay the person who provide the sound system. If we are not mistaken.. RM1 per song. HAHAHA.. many audience ler.. don’t play play.. and old people love this stage. Some even dress up to sing a song there while their family members were seated nearby to enjoy.

If you ask me if I will go back again to Siniawan, my answer would be Yes.. but for photography purpose probably.

Note to self:
Do not order the same food from the same stall once again O.o We waited super long for our dishes to arrive. Furthermore, those who came later than us had their food first. We approached the taukeneo on that and also on their not fresh cuttlefish. She just OH, serve our food to us, collected money from us and left. Speechless.

Wedding Planning #018: Disappointment GoddessLevel

If there is one place that you want to have your wedding celebration in Kuching, our current chosen venue is definitely NOT A PLACE YOU SHOULD CHOOSE.

Wedding Planning #017: Spoonfeed

Provide (someone) with so much help or information that they do not need to think for themselves.

It was a simple thing. We commented. She replied as if we were accusing her. Can’t she just apologized for not being able to deliver on time after so much delay on the thing we requested? Why must she reply in a way that offend her clients? I’m very unhappy with their service. Very. Unhappy.

Wedding Planning #016: When You Just Want An Answer

I wrote a very long post on how unhappy I was with the people they sent to deal with us for our wedding venue. From promise to give something from the beginning to delaying us months after months, chased us to sign to us because the wedding day is less than 10 days, to wanting to even visit them to ease their job but wasn’t appreciated and yet gave us tons of excuses. It was a super long post with even photos of our conversations. But I decided to delete them all and wrote this short post. Afterall, we will still be meeting at the gym.

What I wanted to say is.. Yes, I know you guys are busy with super many clients and all. Are we not your clients? We do not even deserve your time to even pick up our calls when we were nearby? We do not even deserve to meet you up just to sign the thing you wanted us to sign? You have meetings after meetings. Food tasting after food tasting. I congratulate you for having so many business on hand. But if you cannot even handle us, how can you handle other people? You are in charge of planning but if you can’t even plan your time after we have given so much convenience to you, how do you plan other people’s stuffs?

Go and have all your meetings. Go and busy with your stuffs. Promise however you want. Send whenever you are convenient. We are okay.