Food Hunting: KY Cafe at Sekama

I’ve been eating out A LOT lately, simply because:

#1: Fiance loves food.
#2: I love food.
#3: We love food.
#4: Who doesn’t love food?

It was exactly a week ago when the two of us just finished our class and we were very, very hungry at 9pm+. We just wanted some food, at reasonable price instead of those RM10+ per serving kinda food. Kakaka.. So..

#1: Milo Iceeeee for us.
KY Cafe Sekama_20140829-002

#2: Kueh Chap for him.
KY Cafe Sekama_20140829-001

#3: Kolo Mee Red for meeeeeeee with eatdieme many many maaannyyyyy cilipadi O.O
KY Cafe Sekama_20140829-003

Some referred KY Cafe as blue shirt kolo mee cos they are always wearing blue when they are at work. I say real real one. Just in case you don’t know this place, it is just opposite LIDO Star. Now I know you know where. Kakakaka.

31st August 2014 is on Sunday. So, Monday is said to be the replacement holiday. I know some have even taken leave today to make the weekend even longer.. and some are flying to Danang for holidayssssss.. I envy max. I also wanna gooooooooo.

Soul Searching: Be Contented

Few days ago, I heard about a news of a friend whose husband passed away during a race. She was just few minutes behind him before reaching the finishing line. I was speechless at the time I found out about this news. How fragile can life be?

They were newly-wed. Beautiful couple. No one sees this coming, but it just happened. Both of them were very outgoing and cheerful. They brought lights and laughters to the people around them. I don’t know what she has to go through but I pray that she will be strong and be loved by everyone around her. Oh Lord, please give this beautiful child of Yours, some strength and love. ♡

Food Hunting: People’s Fair 2014

It used to be Kuching Food Festival, until this year, I saw the banners along Jalan Padungan, it says People’s Fair. For Kuchingites, we would normally call this yearly event – Kuching Fest. Initially, I was quite delighted that Fred finally can join us for Kuching Fest since he would be here for Kuching Marathon, but status changed, responsibilities increased and hence he has no choice but to stay back in KL. It’s okay Fred.. I will show you what you’ve missed.. you’re lucky. The two of us cannot explore too much and it was the last day of People’s Fair 2014, so we only bought this much.
Kuching Festival 2014_Kuching Festival 2014_20140827-010

#1: Fried Chicken, Shihlin’s XXL Crispy Chicken Style @ RM5.00 per pack.
Kuching Festival 2014_20140827-001

#2: Salted Fish Meat Bun @ RM5.00 for 3 from the Original Salted Fish Bun Stall.. but when we sat down and look into the paperbag, they actually gave us 4 or 5 pieces. I guess could be the last day promotion.
Kuching Festival 2014_20140827-003

The salted fish meat bun was said to be the “talk of the Kuching Fest” for being unique. But.. I felt that the saltiness and its oiliness are a bit too much for me to handle in that bun.
Kuching Festival 2014_20140827-002

#3: Tiger Radler @ RM6.00 per bottle but @ RM10.00 for 2 bottles from the Tiger stall so of course we chose the latter one >.< I've been wanting to try this since the first time I saw when we were out with Fred them in some ulu place I didn't recall. Hahaha.. Finally tried and tasted. Conclusion: I prefer Pear Cider over this :D :D but this is so much better than beer itself la. :)
Kuching Festival 2014_20140827-004

#4: Pineapple Fried Rice @ RM4.00 from Very Nice Restaurant. Very yellowish but no pineapple flavour :(
Kuching Festival 2014_20140827-005

#5: Bacon Mushroom @ RM5.00 for 3pieces from Barnana Stall.
Kuching Festival 2014_20140827-006

We have tasted a better one elsewhere >.<
Kuching Festival 2014_20140827-007

#6: Lamb Rack (half) @ RM12.00 .. The menu stated Special Price wor.. and it was recommended by Sin’s friend so we were expecting it to be gooooood.
Kuching Festival 2014_20140827-009

Cooked by angmoh but maybe we were there too early. The flavor could be better if it was dipped longer in its sauce. But still.. good food for that kind of price ;)
Kuching Festival 2014_20140827-008

That was my 2nd time there this year. The first one, we were there for their Fried Porridge but we still prefer the one at Twin Stars Stutong. We also had Lin’s Taiwan Sausage but unfortunately this year, the price increased to RM2.50 and the sausage was shorter :( However, it was the companion whom we met that made the eating trip better. Haha. So, what was the good food that you had at Kuching Fest this year that I missed out? I heard about the Ice Cream in flowerpot. Is it worth the money? O.o

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Food Hunting: BBQ Korean’s No.1 at Plaza Merdeka Kuching

Today’s radio stations are still airing emo sad songs. :(

To add on to the emoness, the fiance and I went to Plaza Merdeka, one fine evening, to have our dinner together at BBQ Korean’s No.1 which is located at Lower Ground Floor. We heard many good reviews about this restaurant, so off we went there.

The interior.
BBQ Korean's No.120140823-001

The restaurant was empty at the time we were there. No one serve us when we were at their entrance though they have many staffs in there. So, we chose our own seats.
BBQ Korean's No.120140823-002

To be safe, we ordered their popular dish – Chicken Meal Jerk BBQ Meal Set @ RM19.50
BBQ Korean's No.120140823-003

Each meal is served with fresh garden salad, rice of the day (which we have no idea what is it and they didn’t seem to intro to us too :( ) and one side of our choice. They have Kochi, Calamari, Pomme Frite, Grilled Corn, Pineapple Grilled Kochi or Mashed Potatoes. We were just being pointed at the menu on the side dishes, so we roughly chose a grilled pineapple.
BBQ Korean's No.120140823-004

We were hoping the food is good since the service wasn’t. Unfortunately, we were served a COLD FRIED RICE . The rice of the day is BELOW the room temperature !!! The chicken was served at room temperature. I’m not sure if it is supposed to be served that way. I thought BBQ is supposed to be served HOT? No?
BBQ Korean's No.120140823-005

Then, we ordered tea, wanting to share.
BBQ Korean's No.120140823-006

It was served in a cup :(
BBQ Korean's No.120140823-007

Pardon my innocence. I saw the picture in the menu and I thought it will be served in a pot instead :(
BBQ Korean's No.120140823-011

Next, the emo-oily room temperature Mushroom Soup with an over baked butter baguette @ RM7.90 WHY ARE THEIR FOOD ALL AT ROOM TEMPERATURE??!! Not sure about you but I felt any soup below HOT is awful. What more this is creamy type of soup !!!!
BBQ Korean's No.120140823-008

In the menu, they have few choices of Premium Sauced Chicken. We ordered the one with “atas name” called Paris Chicken @ RM14.50 for 5 pieces.
BBQ Korean's No.120140823-009

It says in the menu – Tantalizing Crispy Wings marinated with special made sauce, tossed with saute garlic, leek and sliced chilies BUT.. upon separating them, we got two wings, two drumettes and one super tiny drumette :( *felt cheated*
BBQ Korean's No.120140823-010

Overall, my personal experience was BAD. Maybe because I read many good reviews saying this restaurant is 9/10 kinda rating and I was hoping for the food and service to be at that high rated but unfortunately, we were NOT being served that well and the food was really awful because they were served at room temperature and below room temperature !! My personal rating would be 2/10 and that 1 is for its interior and another 1 is for the location of this restaurant in Plaza Merdeka.


MH17: Malaysia Mourning Day on 22nd August 2014

Today has been declared a day of mourning for our country. All radio stations put emo sad songs :(

Hari Berkabung MH17. The little things we might be able to do.

Many friends shared this.

Here is the list of where the remains will be sent to.

I feel like cancelling today’s class. :(

Was browsing through the hashtag for #MH17, Fitness First is doing something too. They’re cancelling their dance classes. BodyAttack can be considered a sort of entertainment too right? :(

Welcome Home MH17.