Wedding Planning #015: Jimuis Dresses Turned Out To Be ..

Finally after more than two weeks of restless nights, I got a SLEEP last night. No nightmares kinda sleep but still woke up in the middle of the night once before the sun rises. I feel so much better today that I can start to blog like a human. Whenever people asked, what is wrong with you? Why can’t you sleep? What is bothering you? Seriously, I have no idea myself. Not that my parents or in-laws are giving me any pressure, it is just me and my uneasiness. I’m glad some good friends actually understand me when I told them this and they give some space to my emoness. HAHAHA.. You guys know who you are. ❤

Anyways.. I always wanted to dress my Jimui as cute as I am pretty as they can be. Hence, Sin and I chose to buy online because my #TeamJimui are not all in Kuching and even if they’re in Kuching – like my sis and Dys, we do not meet up until today !! O.o So, best is to get their sizes and buy online dresses and courier it to them. We chose this dress online. Very nice. Very pretty and very matching to our theme. And so far our purchases with Taobao has been good.

All our orders arrived in good condition and probably because of this, we took certain things for granted. We didn’t do the normal procedures we always do. We didn’t chat with the seller this time on the dresses we bought for my #TeamJimui thinking they should be as per the size chart. We bought according to their sizes and to my horror when I first gave it to my sis to try it on, I feel somewhere is very wrong somewhere but I don’t know what goes wrong.. until Anna sent me a picture of herself compared with the model shown.

We went like…

The proportion is not correct. The sleeves. :( Even Anna tried to do something to the dress.. like hide the sleeves also, the overall didn’t look good. O.o In the end, we chose not to use these dresses :(

But thanks to the wonderful #TeamJimui and thanks to Dys who flew all the way to Rach and Anna to go for a mission (other than the other mission). They took their precious time to hunt for the same dresses to be worn on our #SinRoseAsOne11 day and even help my sis to get hers though she’s in Kuching. Dys even helped Sis to wash the dress first before she pass it to her. I do not know what have I done to deserve such good friends in my life. Thank you so much girls. I’m sorry at times I am emotional and I do not reply your messages. I really don’t mean it. Thank you so much. Probably the best way for me to say thank you to you girls is to make you drunk on our big day. HAHAHAHAHA ❤ ❤


Wedding Planning #014: One Thing I Want To Do Now !!

If there’s one thing that I can choose to do it now, that would be..

to sleep like a baby..

Wedding Planning #013: How’s Preparation?

Quote from Kenny’s facebook:
If you try to make everybody happy, you end up becoming unhappy.

So, the most common question of the month or everytime people who text/LINE/WhatsApp me will be:
How’s Preparation?

How should I start? Where should I start? Both Sin and I take things lightly, as in trying not to make ourselves COUPLEZILLA. We do it slow and steady but when things didn’t go our way, we will sort of become Godzilla la. So, if in any way, I indirectly offended you or being short tempered or ki-siao, I might not have realized it myself.

Or maybe I have already been SO STRESS that I did not even realize it until some friends calmed me down saying I should go for relaxation massage to release stress. I feel and I look very steady and not stress all the time pun. But when I really sit down and think what people have been telling me, they say I can deny whatever they say but how do I explain the skin sensitivity that I’ve been attacked with for almost one month plus and even need the help of injection?? My answer: ALLERGY?

I don’t know how to put everything in words now, but I really want to thank those who help me to distribute some of the invitation cards. I am really sorry I couldn’t send it one by one to all of you and I also would like to apologize that I might have missed you out this time, not because I have forgotten you, not because I do not like you, not because of whatever negative reasons you think of, it is simply because .. I have limited time and I am really sorry.

There are many things that Sin and I can get help from friends. But there are times, certain things best done by ourselves. Not because we are trying to hide anything, this is once in a lifetime thing and we just want to do as much as we can before our big day. Simple things like printing booklets, I know I can just get help from anyone with an amount of money we can afford to. But there are times, when you just want to do it yourself, because it means more than anything else. I know, in the end of the day, not everyone will appreciate the hardwork you put in, like binding the booklets.. but it is okay, it is the satisfactory feeling only we understand.
Wedding Planning#013_20141016-001

Printing can take a lot of time too, especially when you are printing two pages and by accidence, you might just printed two same pages on the same paper. Yes. It happened and I need to redo them again. Not complaining. Just sharing.
Wedding Planning#013_20141016-002

Even the blue red effects from tying the booklets strings also worth it. Not showing off. Just sharing.
Wedding Planning#013_20141016-003

and at the very last minute, we have decided to add on an album, for family and friends viewing. Choosing photos can take many times too. You have your version of selection and he has his.. put the Common one together, select out the difference and rechoose together for the final balance of the photos required. It takes time. It really does. Even to the extend both can easily get annoyed with different opinions.
Wedding Planning#013_20141016-004

But calm down and think of the happy moments during the photoshoot. Problems can be solved. ^.^

Taken from Phoenix Gym’s fb:

Penang Art Street Jump

Wedding Updates:
Counting down to the big days. The month we started to get busy and stress. Wanted to do many things but not everything can be done at the time we wanted them to be. Will be back with more wedding updates, especially on the prewedding photoshoot experience :)

Meanwhile, here’s a pic of the fiance with his signature jump at Penang Art Street. Only manage to snap one because the queue was super long and it was super hot. We are tolerate people maaaa >.<


Zalora’s First Pop Up Store in East Malaysia

If you haven’t heard of Zalora, you must have been hiding somewhere that no one can find you. HAHAHA !! To be honest, I didn’t really like Zalora after my bad shopping experience with Lazada. I thought they are both related. I never gave a chance to Zalora because of Lazada until I have seen those items with my own eyes, feel their materials with my own hands. Hohoho.

The media while waiting for the press conference at Fullhouse Kuching.
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-002

First we registered ourselves at the front desk, and then we were given Press Release and also a goodie bag by the beautiful Zalora PR Manager, Anna Nishaburi. Seated and finally met Zalora Marketing Director, Luca Barberis and managed to hear from him about why he he chose Kuching to do Zalaro’s First Pop Up store in East Malaysia.
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-003

My very own model with Zalora’s Marketing Director.
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-004

While some of you might think that Zalora’s collections are only suitable for the beautiful and goodlooking models below, we do have our very own Kuching models to showcase Zalora’s bestsellers to let you see and judge by yourself.

We proceeded to the Stage at Main Concourse and I bumped into one long time no see photographer and blogger friend, CK.
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-005

He snaps very beautiful photos which initially I didn’t want to intro him but he is just too good to be hidden. I no cheat you one. Click here to look at his Zalora Fashion Show in Kuching. Look at this awesome picture of Carron Kho, the local celebrity model.

Chien, the emcee, then introduced Stacy Anam, the winner of Akademi Fantasia to entertain the crowd.
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-006

Next, Zalora’s Marketing Director gave his speech to the Kuchingites.
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-007

While I show you ZALORA’s collections, I will also share with you what we know from the Marketing Director, Luca Barberis during the earlier press conference.
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-015

Luca mentioned that although Zalora started off as an online fashion destination, they do not want or plan to restrict themselves to the online retail platform.
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-016

Many puzzled. Why Kuching?
ZALORA chose Kuching to open its pop up store of 2000 square feet when they realized 25% of the orders came from our region.
Wooaaahh.. now you know you’re part of the 25% huh? >.<
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-017

The pop up store also gives shoppers an option to browse through ZALORA website and purchase other items online that are not available in the store, thus giving customers an even larger variety of items to choose from.
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-011

Zalora’s pop-up store at CityONE Megamall welcomes walk-in customers daily from 10am to 10pm from 16th to 30th September 2014. Go see, go touch, go feel the materials that you want to know from screen.. FIVE more days !!!!
Zalora's Pop Up Store Kuching_20140920-012

Photos credit to my model, using my Olympus EPL5. Hohoho.