Sephora, The Beauty Authority Has Arrived Kuching !!

I know I have been missing for sometimes. I wish to blah everything out here but there’s limit. I have things to deal with, mostly about work and some about some human beings whom I have hard time adjusting back to my peaceful mind and routine especially after dealing with some human-crocodiles. #nuffsaid

View from 1st Floor of The Spring Center Court.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_019

Paparazzi going down to check it out.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_020

People started queuing up before 11am.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_021

and it’s for the long awaited SEPHORA has finally arrived Kuching on 1st September 2014. Thanks to Elly and The Spring Kuching for the VIP invitation, I managed to crash in the party and ended up spending.. quite a sum of amount for a non-makeup person like me. *swallow saliva*
Sephora Kuching_20140901_001

Register to get freebies. as invited guest. :)
Sephora Kuching_20140901_024

The disadvantage of a shortie. See people’s backs and shoulders, even with your heels. Hand up straight to snap a pic of this. Kelien hor *puppy eyes*
Sephora Kuching_20140901_022

Faces of the VVIPs whom you will see at most of the launching in The Spring.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_002

Met 3 hot Mamas with a little baby girl.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_003

Champagne, while waiting.. Thank you fiance for the photo. :)
Sephora Kuching_20140901_004

Chan, one of the awesome instructors for Lesmills BodyPump and GRIT was also there.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_005

Sephora Kuching crew is ready.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_023

Performance by Soul Dance.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_025

Sephora crew joined in the fun as well.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_026

I couldn’t get a better view :(
#1: Too short.
#2: Gadget not atas enough.
#3: Some people just want to block your view to have a better view themselves even if they’re not taking any videos or photos.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_027

But all those didn’t matter when I can snapped happy face of the Sephora crew. Hahaha.. I love her smiles.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_028

The invited guests were among the first to step into Sephora Kuching.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_006

My face !!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_007

First section where most of the people would stopped by because it is just near the entrance.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_029

Nail Accessories !!!!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_030

Our faces.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_031

Sephora Kuching_20140901_032

Rose Mask for Rose Wong. The naughty Kenny also brought this mask to me and snapped a pic. HAHAHA !!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_008

Avocado Mask for the fiance. One of his favourite fruits. Now he can even put it on his face. Hahahaha!!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_033

Sephora Kuching_20140901_034

What to buy ah??!!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_009

Quite a number of guys complain because this is their only section. HAHAHA !!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_010

Convenient to grab section when your purchase is about the price of Free Gifts but still not enough. HAHAHA !!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_011

Sephora Kuching_20140901_012

Should I buy? I don’t think I need this ler.. When I owned this, I think I might be a pro Make Up Artist myself. Wakakaka !!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_013

I bet this is Gladys’s favourite corner.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_014

My naked nails.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_015

RM50.00 Gift Voucher, with no minimum amount but must be used on 1st September 2014. So #diedie also must buy something lo. Don’t wanna waste ma.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_016

Met Karen, one of the VIPs that you will see whenever there is launching in The Spring. hahaha !!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_017

So, while walking around, I was grabbed by Chien, emcee for Sephora opening and also the well-known singer in Kuching for weddings, to answer a question. Managed to grab a paperbag of freebies, thanks to the friendly people around for the help. Hehehehe.. and also thanks to the beautiful Chien for the opportunity. Hehehehe.. Here’s the freebies that I got.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_036

Initially we just wanted to spend that RM50 voucher but we ended up with all these O.o
No.. I didn’t force the fiance to buy for me. It was… just.. a random.. take and put into the basket.. persuaded to try this and that.. with the Sephora crew rubbing in with the LIMITED EDITION Make Up Box and ended up.. O.o
Sephora Kuching_20140901_018

Went in with camera. Out with paperbagsssss !!!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_051

Okay.. here’s the things we purchase + Quiz gifts + Door gifts !! Not in order.

#1: stila lip glaze.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_038

#2: Sephora CC Creme. There are additional discounts for the inhouse brand, like Sephora. Additional discount wor #diedie also must buy some discounted items. HAHAHAHA !!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_039

#3: Sephora eye glitter + primer.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_042

Lavendar. Made in Italy.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_043

#4: NYX. Shine Killer.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_044

#5: Make Up For Ever. High Definition Primer.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_045

#6: Sephora Soft Touch Cotton Pad. One of the easy to grab items when purchase amount is almost there but not there yet. :D :D
Sephora Kuching_20140901_046

and yes.. it was all this Make Up Storage Box’s fault !! HAHAHAHA !! With purchase of RM350, you will get this limited edition make up storage box for FREE !!!
Sephora Kuching_20140901_047

Sephora, Where Beauty Beats your wallet.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_048

This box will be officially used, in less than 2 months time >.<
Sephora Kuching_20140901_049

A picture to end the post. Hehehehe.. Thank you Sephora, thank you Elly, thank you Spring and most importantly, thank you fiance for swipping your card everything.
Sephora Kuching_20140901_050

Wedding Planning #011: Limited >.<

Time to bomb !!
Wedding Invitation Cards20140909-001
If you don’t get our invitation card, please don’t be upset. We would like to invite you to our Rite of Marriage which will be a weekday, last day of weekday, which is a Friday. If you are not working on that day, or if you can sneak out for a while on Friday morning, just PM/email/WhatsApp/LINE us and we will reply you with the details ;)

We will be very delighted to have you to witness our signing ceremony big day ^.^

My AirAsia Free Seats

If I had 10 AirAsia FREE SEATS, I would go to Hong Kong and I’d bring along my huge family members – and here’s why!

I super love Hong Kong Drama Series and I get to understand Cantonese language all thanks to the Hong Kong drama series. So, I think I would be able to communicate with them and maybe even can do some bargaining with them. Hohoho..

It is always my dream to bring my parents and siblings and of course the two little monkeys, my nephew and niece for a holiday together and we have never done this before. We never have a whole family holiday. Not even once simply because we have a HUGE family – Parents, Big Bro + Wifey, Big Sis, 2nd Bro and Little Bro who looks like my elder bro.. hahaha.. two little monkeys and that’s already 10 including myself. That is not all yet. Now I’ve a fiance whom will be my hubby in few months time and his family, my extended family. You say big or not? So to travel together at the same time would be kinda impossible and costly, but if I have FREE tickets, I am sure they will be delighted to go without any complains. smirk

#1: You know what?! There are more than 7 million people who live in densely packed Hong Kong.. and that makes the beautiful lightings in this beautiful place. In almost all the Hong Kong drama series, they will definitely bring you up here for a view and because this is unique and only in Hong Kong there is such place called Victoria Peak, I will make sure we go to this place that is 1800 foot high which offers great views of Hong Kong’s well-developed skyline. My parents only need to climb beyond the point where the tram drops passengers off via Mount Austin Road to glimpse outlying islands, or stroll on other paths to enjoy views.. Romantic not only with the fiance but with the family too. Hohoho. smirk

#2: Another MUST-DO in my list to Hong Kong will be Yum Cha !!!

I will make sure all my loved ones try Hong Kong famous Polo Bun and Milk Tea. Hehehehe.

#3: I will make sure all of us go to every child’s favourite dream place called Disneyland. Hong Kong Disneyland that is.

Since my parents could not afford us to go when we were kids, now that we have all grown up, earn our own money, it shall not be a problem for us to bring our parents to go to such happy place and make them feels like they too, can be happy kids like us because everyone who is in Disneyland will always feel that they are kids. Hehehe.

#4: Who doesn’t love shopping? One of the must go places will be Street Markets in Hong Kong. Like many other places, there are street markets that have been commercialized. I would go to Temple Street, which is said to be a street market that has retained a local and no that strong tourist feel.

#5: Traditional Villages in Hong Kong (as seen on drama series) are one of the places I would love to go for some photography shooting. There’s this one place called Tai O, located at Lantau Island, is home to the Tanka people, a community of fisher folk who’ve built their houses on stilts above the tidal flats of Lantau Island for generations. These unusual structures are interconnected, forming a tightly-knit community that literally lives on the water. Photographer’s paradise. >.<

The list shall stop here… until.. my real visit to Hong Kong. Meanwhile, you can keep on searching by grabbing the FREE SEATS that AirAsia is having promotion now.

Free Seats
Faster Go Grab Now !!!

Food Hunting: KY Cafe at Sekama

I’ve been eating out A LOT lately, simply because:

#1: Fiance loves food.
#2: I love food.
#3: We love food.
#4: Who doesn’t love food?

It was exactly a week ago when the two of us just finished our class and we were very, very hungry at 9pm+. We just wanted some food, at reasonable price instead of those RM10+ per serving kinda food. Kakaka.. So..

#1: Milo Iceeeee for us.
KY Cafe Sekama_20140829-002

#2: Kueh Chap for him.
KY Cafe Sekama_20140829-001

#3: Kolo Mee Red for meeeeeeee with eatdieme many many maaannyyyyy cilipadi O.O
KY Cafe Sekama_20140829-003

Some referred KY Cafe as blue shirt kolo mee cos they are always wearing blue when they are at work. I say real real one. Just in case you don’t know this place, it is just opposite LIDO Star. Now I know you know where. Kakakaka.

31st August 2014 is on Sunday. So, Monday is said to be the replacement holiday. I know some have even taken leave today to make the weekend even longer.. and some are flying to Danang for holidayssssss.. I envy max. I also wanna gooooooooo.

Soul Searching: Be Contented

Few days ago, I heard about a news of a friend whose husband passed away during a race. She was just few minutes behind him before reaching the finishing line. I was speechless at the time I found out about this news. How fragile can life be?

They were newly-wed. Beautiful couple. No one sees this coming, but it just happened. Both of them were very outgoing and cheerful. They brought lights and laughters to the people around them. I don’t know what she has to go through but I pray that she will be strong and be loved by everyone around her. Oh Lord, please give this beautiful child of Yours, some strength and love. ♡