Mashed Potatoes in 20 mins 40 secs

It has been a while since I last molested used my Thermomix.  I have been busy with so many things that I don’t have much time for myself doing the things that I like. But everything so far so good. Thanks to those who made my life so much easier. You know who you are. :)

I was so proud of myself that I brought some food to teammate’s house for the BBQ gathering. It was my first BBQ gathering with them.. and it was my first time bringing food to a BBQ gathering. Self made one some more. Lol.

Mashed Potatoes Recipe. Very easy to make for a noobie like me. 😂😂 500g of Potatoes. 1/4 teaspoon of salt. The original recipe says 1 teaspoon. It was too salty for the family’s liking so I cut them down to only 1/4 tsp. 

Pour 130g of Fresh Milk into TM Bowl together with the Potatoes and salt. MC/100°C/20min/1

Just leave it there until the Thermomix tells you time is up. Lol. Add in 10g of Cheese and 20g of Golden Churn Butter – MC/40sec/0-4

And taaadaaaahh .. Mashed Potatoes is done in just 20 mins 4 secs. 😅😅

And it’s ready to be brought to the BBQ gathering. Hehehe.  I’ve yet to try out its gravy but.. so far, just eat this mashed potatoes alone is good enough. Maybe the next time I should add in some black pepper. I believe that should taste better for my liking. Kakakaka.


Wedding Planning #008: Started Yesterday

Say real real hor.. I no cheat one. The real planning started yesterday when I was drafting the Guests List after being warned that there will be tons of things to be done. I never understood the meaning of many things need to be done until yesterday when the real planning took place. I mean the guests-list. Every little details. Every people I talk to. Every little things you say. They are in this “many things”.

Whenever people asked me, “Hey, how’s preparation for your wedding?” .. I will answer, “What is there to prepare?” Not being snobbish or what. But I seriously have no idea what I should do during the preparation. All I know is that I’ve attended 4/5 sessions of our Pre-Marriage Course. I bought my wedding gowns online cos I don’t have the time to go bridal shops as most of them do not open on Sundays. Em, we got our simple wedding bands.. and I haven’t got my white heels !! That’s it. I did not plan my wedding secretly. I just do not know what I should do or prepare. Can you tell me what else I should do? Really got that many things to do?

As for now, I’ve found my personal wedding planner. Not sure if it’s her first time, but I know she will do a good job. ;)

Oh oh.. I haven’t got my makeup artist.

No.. I mean.. real make up artist, not stitch to be on my eyes. HAHAHA !!

and and.. I’ve personal consultant to make sure my emotion is okay all the time.

I’m seriously blessed to have all these good friends around me. Shall review their faces when I meet them and #selfie or #wefie with them.

Will bloghop soon. Seriously busy for now. Bye and have a nice day ;)

Wedding Planning #007: Pre-Marriage Course

It was his decision to have a church wedding. I guess probably when we just got to know each other, I did mention to him that Church Wedding is a very romantic and touching kinda event? Did I? I don’t remember but he said I mentioned before. Hehehehe.. i really did meh? >.<

Anyways, to have wedding in church, first thing first, you need to check with the preferred church's parish centre on the Pre-Marriage Course. I know. I know. Very mafan right? On weekends some more? Argghh.. but but BUT.. I can tell you. The course is not as boring as you thought it would be. It's actually quite entertaining especially when some speakers are humorous.

And for the minimum amount that you pay for the course, they provide tea break, lunch and even afternoon tea. LOL !! I wouldn’t say I wasted two weekends. I actually gained a lot from the Pre-Marriage Course. Not only on “weight” cos eat too much, but also on knowledge. hahahaha. There are topics that couples don’t talk about. Through this course, we communicate with each other. We had things we assume we know but actually we don’t. I’m surprised how Pre-Marriage Course at St Joseph’s actually help us to communicate things we never thought of. One simple question was directed to us: How many kids do you want in the future? I didn’t think much on this previously but I agree with what Fr Simon mentioned to me yesterday during the interview. Share that next time ya.

We still have another evening to attend before we graduate from our Pre-Marriage Course. Haha. Trust me. Pre-Marriage Course is fun. Even the fiance who is a non-Christian enjoyed the course. smirk


Food Hunting: Delicious Beef Noodles in Kuching

It has been a while since we last hunt for food in Kuching. Thinking about what to eat at where in Kuching is definitely not an easy task. We often ended up at the same places – for example, Chong Choon Cafe at Abell Road, Chong Hui Cafe (near Grand Continental), Oriental Park Kopitiam at Market Road and sometimes when the mood kicks in, we will go queue up at Noodle Descendants.

Anyways, sometimes in April, the fiance and I dropped by a Kopitiam – Mee Sin Cafe at Jalan Padungan, opposite Everrise, next to Kapit Hotel’s coffee shop.

The fiance looking at the Menu or was he peeking on girls?

The coffee shop is packed. People come and go very fast as well. We waited for sometimes before our food was served to us. Very good business. Here comes our beef noodles with the delicious chili sauce and soup with bean sprouts. Hohoho.

They have other food such as Kolo Mee as well.. but we were there for the beef noodles that was said to be very delicious. Indeed it is. But their Laksa is not to my liking. I need SPICIER kinda Laksa !!!

Hmm.. When can we go back for this again? O.O

Edible Aglio Olio Spaghetti

Thanks to Yong Siang Corner Pending Branch I walked out of the shop without any takeaway food. I was there earlier on asking for a takeaway but the lady at the counter asked another lady to do my takeaway and that lady took her sweet time getting up from her chair and took a plate of rice asking what dish I want. I said Tapao. She then entertained the uncle behind me. I was fine with that until the uncle took his sweet time thinking what dishes he wanted. He chose a vege and half of the salted egg and the lady offered him free vege when the uncle wanted just the sauce of that vege. I was even more annoyed when the two of them taking their sweet time talking and giggling with each other at the counter even if they knew I was waiting. Fine. For the 2nd time I felt annoyed dining at this branch.

Anyways, I left Yong Siang Corner and walked to Everrise Pending to buy some ingredients. I remember a simple ingredients needed for the spaghetti posted online using Thermomix.

First thing first, the famous San Remo Spaghetti. All I need was just 100g of Spaghetti.

I couldn’t find Chili Flakes at Everrise, so I substitute it with Red Hot Chili Powder. Hohoho.

I still have many many leftover of Naturel Olive Oil, so I didn’t need to buy this.

I know I know, Aglio Olio is best served with Prawns, but unfortunately, there was no prawns at Everrise, so I substitute it with 2 cutlets of Chicken Breast Meat. I marinated it with Light Soy Sauce instead of Salt.

Oh oh.. before that I made lemonade. 2 Lemons cut into halves. Sugar and Cold Water. As simple as that. So, here’s my edible Aglio Olio Spaghetti with Lemonade. 3 in 1 meal. Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner. Altogether. Hohoho.