Adidas KOTR Singapore 2013

Adidas KOTR Singapore 2013

The yearly event is back. This time this year, I’ve decided to go for Singapore’s 2013 Adidas King Of The Road !! My first ever foreign country running event. Emailed the organizer if there is any possibility of them postponing the event since it falls on the 4th Day of Hari Raya Aidilfitri and they assured us that they will not postponed as the event date is CONFIRMED. Tickets purchased and Good news flew into my email. I’m once again selected for AirAsia’s Eye In The Sky.

and an email from the Organizer to remind us to have a fun-filled running experience which I was looking forward to because I would be running in a foreign country. Hohoho.

But thing didn’t start well. I received another email the evening before the running event, saying that the 16.8km finisher medal will not be presented on the running day itself. Why oh Why? I thought everything were planned in advance? *took sometime to adjust my mood* Oklar, no medal also nvm la. All I wanted was the running experience.

Woke up many times before my alarm clock at 4am rang. Got myself ready for the fun run. WILL RUN FOR CHOCOLATES !!!

First, the google map says by car from our hotel would take 5minutes. If by walk, will be around 19mins. Sin and I decided to warm ourselves up by walking since it’s only 19mins. But to our horror, the walk was about 40mins before we reached Esplanade Park and what’s even more horror was it RAINED so heavily. But Praise the Lord, it only started to rain when we nearly reached the park.

Firstly, the Organizer decided to postpone the event from 6.30am to 6.50am hoping for the rain to get smaller. Later, they announced that 16.8km participants were to join the 10km participants to run together because mother nature is all in and lastly, we’ve got the final decision from the organizer. They’ve decided to CANCEL, not POSTPONE the event. CANCELLED – one word. That’s it.. and there goes our SGD55 :( SGD not MYR oh :( What a joke. Looks like 2013 is a year for many running events to be postponed. First it was Borneo International Marathon due to election. Then, Standard Chartered Kuala Lumpur Marathon due to haze. Next, 2XU to be postponed because SCKLM decided to set their event on 29/9 – The original 2XU running event date.. and now Adidas KOTR Singapore due to rain !!

There were nothing much we can do. I wasn’t there for the prize money. I pity those Kenyans who flew all the way there for the money. What can they do? Did they appeal or complain? I’ve no idea. I wrote an email asking if I can ask for a refund. They’ve yet to reply and I don’t think they will refund. But if they can’t refund, can I request for a BlastEmerald running vest? :( All we did when we got the final announcement was to go McDonald’s for breakfast and off we went back to our hotel for a good sleep.

Since Adidas KOTR 2013 Singapore is such a disappointment, I wore my SGD55 ugly RayPink running vest to gym last night for my Grit class. Haha. Need to wear it very often to make my running vest worth my money.

Ok. Off I go for my Questionnaires worth RM50.

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    wah!!! secret detective rose! XD


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    @cutebun:disqus : hahaha.. once in a blue moon only 😛