Adventurous Laos (Day1-Day2)

Adventurous Laos (Day1-Day2)

It was a random decision when JiunJie asked if I wanna go to Laos one fine evening. Without much thoughts (as usual) I just said OK and bought myself tickets from Kuala Lumpur (KUL) to Vientiane (VTE) on Thursday, 22 September 2011, Flight AK 612, which depart from Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL) at 1500 (3:00 PM) and arrive in Vientiane (VTE) at 1640 (4:40 PM) and return on Tuesday, 27 September 2011, Flight AK 613, which depart from Vientiane (VTE) at 1705 (5:05 PM) and arrive in Kuala Lumpur LCCT (KUL) at 2045 (8:45 PM), which cost me only RM115 for this return tickets.

and my KCH-KUL-KCH tickets only costs me RM35. ♥

So, before we went to airport, Shirley drove us to a place, near or at Dengkil, where we grabbed ourselves yummilicious fruit juice.

and I got myself a glass of Papaya Milk Juice.. people said it’s not effective at my age, but who cares.. who knows it works on me ler.. Hahahaha.. you guys know what I meant right 😛

and thanks so much to Uncle Tay for the yummilicious lunch, where we had Big Head Prawn… and thank you Shirley’s bro for sending us to airport. :)

The 6 of us were not given the seats to sit together :( We were force to be seperated by AirAsia.. and the angmoh was so cute See Mun didn’t wanna change seat at first .. LOL !! Oh btw.. See Mun was sitting next to the angmoh 😀

Waaah.. Petronas.. why I never notice there’s petrol station there?

AirAsia chased after MAS 😀

Yeah.. My passport got stamped again :)

LAO P.D.R. – I don’t know what PDR stands for.. but rumours said it stands for Please Don’t Rush. Believe it or not.. PDR is their lifestyles.

and since there were empty seats in front of us.. We quickly changed sit so that can have nicer view. Hohoho.. All wanna sit near the windows.. and that include me 😀

Love this jacket. Yien has one too. Brought this jacket along to many places, including KK trip :) Don’t have to wear sunnies in the plane to sleep. With this I can fall asleep anytime, anywhere 😀

Kelson set his watch to Lao’s time.. and it is just like in Thailand. One hour different only. Ignore the minutes. I’m used to adjust my time faster at least 5mins 😀

At certain part.. It rained.

and it was cloudy ..

and we finally arrived at Wattay International Airport, Vientiane 2hours 40mins later.

Penyakit Camwhore: ahlost at Wattay International Airport. Wootz.

So.. Say Hello to Laos !!

How can not take picha when see mirror kan? 😀

My travelmates.. Woei Kee, Jiun Jie, Kelson, See Mun .. and Shirley was in the loo 😡

JiunJie did homework.. and said this Bcel Money Exchange is trust able.. the rate was kinda high on that day. PTL.

Changed 3000baht for 784,470kip at the rate of 261.49

I see my car plate number 😛

Bcel Money Changer at Airport :)

Everyone got so excited.. When we almost become Millionaire 😀

Wow.. so much kip in there 😀

Our flight AK612 has landed.

The backpackers.

Survey which transport to take. Tuktuk or Mini Van.

After looking at the condition of the tuktuk.. We’ve decided to go for MiniVan instead.. and that cost us 82,000kip.

Group photo at Wattay International Airport. Love my GreenBein.. got wide angle ler.. don’t play play 😀

Within minutes, we reached Northern Bus Station Domestic and International.

Car plate number 8888 !!


Looking at these elephants, reminds me of Thailand 😀

and our plan for the night was to Luang Prabang, from Vientiane, using VIP bus.. Wootz.. 130,000kip per person.. and depart from bus station at 8pm in the evening. This journey would be a 10hour journey. So, our first night was to sleep in the bus and we shall save on the accommodation.

My ticket..

and theirs !!

Oh did I mention how’s the conversion like? It was just a rough calculation by See Mun who told us.. 2,500kip is equivalent to RM0.95 (if I’m not mistaken) .. but .. to make it easier for us to do the conversion.. We have decided to make every 2,500kip = RM1.00

So, while waiting for the departure.. We went to the ‘canteen’, where we had their local noodles. :)

and these are their sauces.

Seat #11-16

I miss this noodles though :(

It comes with this plate of vegetables, with lemon.

The bean sprouts here are so fat.. and yummy :)

The guys wanted to try their local beer called Beerlao.

and Kelson found Thailand’s coconut yogurt in Laos 😀

Mineral or drinking water in Lao is expensive. If you wanna buy, you should buy their local water. Cheaper by 40%.

1111 vs 3333

Woei Kee and See Mun bought buns.. I wonder if it is nice..

again.. I’m sitting with Kelson..

Shirley with JiunJie

See Mun with Woei Kee

The journey started, but not long after that.. the driver stopped at the roadside to buy some huge coconuts.

and they stop again to buy something again..

The process repeated few times.. and we were still ok with it. The bus was at the average speed of 40km/h because there were no street lights along the road. What got us worried was.. when the bus driver and its people got down from the bus and started looking at the back of the bus.. Could it be something wrong with the bus? Tyres punctured? O.o

and at one point, the bus really stopped at an empty land..

It was 11.30pm Lao time T_T

We slept in the bus.. and couldn’t stand anymore cos it was too humid cos the bus driver stopped the engine. They checked and.. the people were just squatting behind the bus. Some even went to the house nearby to join the locals for the karaoke T_T

3 hours passed.. and we were still there.. waiting for help. T_T

We got up and down the bus for many times. Some even peed at the roadside cos there were no rest stations like ours in Malaysia. No petrol stations that you can borrowed to use T_T So, we need to be thick-face to go ask the locals for using their toilet.. Cannot peed like the guys ma.

King of Bus stopped and helped our driver and its people.. and it was like a big relieve for us.

and this is Malaysia’s time, one hour ahead of Laos.

We were stuck there for 4 freaking hours. Which means we were supposed to reach Luang Prabang at 6am.. now has been delayed to 10am.. huhuhu..

Oh.. btw.. the VIP tickets that we bought.. thanks to JiunJie we actually got to know that the ticket should be kept properly for our breakfast.

If you lost your ticket.. and if you feel like eating.. all you have to do is to pay 10,000kip for it..

10,000kip for a bowl of Vietnamese lookalike Soup Noodles.

and you know what.. their pangsue (pronounce as pang-siu.. This word comes from pangsai tissue) is pink color wei.. I’m sure Xiaxue and QiuQiu and probably Cheesie won’t wanna use it cos it’s pink and they love pink 😀

Our journey continues after everyone had their breakfast.. brush their teeth.. pangsai pangjio.. 😀

They said things not to be missed during the journey to the West Luang Prabang is their sceneries.

and view with people peeing to the nature 😀 Ok.. nolar.. cos being a guy is just so convenient.. they can just stand there, unzip.. and pee.. but as a girl.. we need to find place to hide, squat, pee, etc.. some more need to make sure there is not insects or snakes around you when you’re doing your business.. wtf.. 😀

Ok.. this is scary.. pray hard that the bus driver will drive super carefully so we don’t go near here.. We were so close but so glad we were safe :)

Another stop for us to walk, pee, eat and drink again before they continue the journey..

It’s a very cooling place.. like Cameron Highlands.. the things sold here also not cheap. Not sure if it’s tourists price or their standard price. But I guess.. most probably tourists price lor. :(

Wuiyooo.. another breakdown? This time they changed the belting O.o

and Woei Kee and the local guy so camera alert 😀

24 hours no bath =.=”

Looking at the women in Laos.. makes me feel so fortunate I’m born in Malaysia.

There are pros and cons lor.. They live a simple life.. with no stress.. but we live in better environment than theirs but with full of stress. Hmph.

Their vehicles broke down too?

Shirley and I.. :)

but daaang.. another breakdown..

but we were just 30km from Luang Prabang.. and I guess these 3 caused the breakdown !! 😀

Look at their shirts !!

Huhuhu.. we were hoping it’s their tyre this time. Cos if other parts.. We won’t know how long they’ll take again !! T_T

Couldn’t be more happy.. knowing that it was really the tyre that caused the bus to stop !!

the frustrated passengers !!

How can the tyre be so injured?

Quite pity the driver and his friends also laa.. who wants to delay the journey right?

JJ blocking my way.. when I wanna take pic of engtaokia 😀

VIP konon 😀

We were supposed to reach by 10am after the 4 hours delay but it was 1.28pm (Laos time) T_T

but we couldn’t be more thankful when we finally reached Luang Prabang’s bus station :) :) :)

and the tuk tuk that we took because whereever we said, the boss and the tuk tuk driver said they know the place O.o Must be very careful and show them where you wanna go before you hop into the tuk tuk !!

The scary thing was that.. We were all in the tuktuk.. and there’s this old uncle, whom I think was thee boss of the tuktuk driver.. stood near us.. and say PAY NOW !! We requested to pay later, but he said No.. Pay now.. with scary stare at us. O.o

So, everyone dig their money out to pay to that Uncle.. O.o

There’s nothing else we can do.. Cos.. We are in their country.. and if we don’t pay them when they asked us to.. Will we be killed or sth? 😀 Cannot imagine the situation.

with See Mun and Jiun Jie :)

and hor.. you see laa.. the tuktuk driver said.. they know the places we wanna go.. but end up.. drove us to some unknown places O.o

These two ladies.. one from Korea (obviously) and the other from Belgium.. I really salute them.. They came all the way from their countries.. ALONE.. to travel to places like Laos and other countries. Wtf.. I won’t dare lor.. I’m such a coward T_T

and we ended up at UNESCO World Heritage House, built in 1936..

This is the place where the Korean girl wanna stay..

The lockers !!

and we’ve decided to stay here also since.. they got free bananas for us 😀

Spicy Laos’ tips to the backpackers. I just took pictures of this.. and I never read it.. till.. like.. now? 😡

Scary alcohol.. free.. for the guests.. You dare to drink meh?

One disadvantage of Spicy Laos.. limited place for us to charge our gadgets..

Before going out.. We have cold showers… best showers we had in Laos.. Oklar.. not the best.. but we just felt so good after such long journey :)

and guess what.. there was a smell from ground floor.. and we went to check it out.. The lady was cooking worms 😀 It’s not that bad la actually.. I’ve tried it in Hatyai, Thailand back in January.. but I think I haven’t blogged bout it T_T

Guess what? Guess what? The guys wanna rent bicycles !!

but See Mun and I said No.. cos we haven’t been riding a bicycle for ages.. and and.. we just felt not comfortable laa.. some more they got limited bicycles.. like 4 only..

But we found a solution with 4 bicycles.

Kelson with See Mun, since See Mun has no courage to ride one.

I got one bicycle for myself.. So happy can float !!

and so was Woei Kee.. So, 3 bicycles with 4 people gaodim.. The last one for the couple, JiunJie and Shirley !!

and.. Woei Kee is such a poser.. hahahahah !!

can you see the UV??

We got a problem there.. JiunJie and Shirley couldn’t share a bike together. So, we gotta rent another 2 bikes.. so all of us will be like riding a bike ourselves.

But.. end up.. JiunJie and Shirley decided not to rent another bicycle cos we need to return to them by 8pm.. and it was already 5sth that time.. and the rental for the bicycle is 10,000kip.. come to think of it.. 10,000kip is like less than RM4.. Which I think was quite worth it laa.. if we wanna have fun together.. little time also considered fun ma right?

This is the pinky bicycle that See Mun rented.. but she lets me ride on it.. so sweet of her.. The bicycle that I ride earlier on was passed to JiunJie T_T

Poser ~


This place is nice.. and.. it’s so affordable.. !!

Oudom Souk Guest House. One aircond room with two single bed for only 40,000kip !!! Own bathroom and tv in the room some more.. !!

There’s this sundry shop along this valley… and be careful when you buy things there..

Kelson bought this local simcard, which was only 10,000kip..

for 30,000kip, with no credit in there !! We told the shopkeeper it’s only 10,000kip and she just smiled at us. WTF.. Conshop !!

and along this road.. we shop granny doing medipedicure !! 😀

Me in the middle, bikeless.. with See Mun with her pinky bike that she rent.. JiunJie with the bike I ride earlier on.. and the foreveready camera alert Woei Kee..

She finally got the courage to ride on her own. 😀

Fruit Shake for 5,000kip.. which is like RM2 per glass.. not bad eh.. :)

I ordered a glass.. So did the rest.. :)

Wow.. I’ve never seen such thing but they said KL got :X

The forever cheerful See Mun.

Locked the bicycles before we went into the restaurant.

The 5 bikers in front of the restaurant 😀

Homework done by Shirley.. This is a recommended restaurant as stated online..

The 5 diners 😀

Adult’s baby chair 😀 Lookalike right? 😀

The restaurant was empty when we came in.. but slowly there were people coming in to dine :)

Food #1

Fragrant rice


So green.. but it tastes really nice.. trust me.. it’s not like our green vege, where if we don’t steam them.. we can’t actually eat them. I guess it’s the matter of freshness of the vege.

Pizzas !!

The food there were all very yummilicious !! But we only order a few for many to share.. cos we wanna try their market food.. hohoho..

and yeaaah.. we were at the market.. kekeke..

So many people.. so many things..

Food food food !!

Looks like bak poh..

KFC = Kitchen Fried Chicken 😀

Mango rojak?

Pork, Chicken, Lamb, Fish !!

and we had one of these bbq fish .. :)

See Mun got her porky.. LOL !!

This is good..

Mix the fish with mango and it tastes real good :)

I know this is like super sinful.. so oily.. and it’s so fatty.. but who cares.. Since you’re already on holidays.. why not just enjoy to the fullest?? Diet after that laa.. 😀

See Mun and Kelson buying the local tea/coffee.

Things in the market.

The happy shoppers !!

So many things.. and you actually have to bargain before you buy. But if you’re like super rich you think the price is ok for you. You can just buy it without bargaining.. But usually people will bargain.. just for the sake of fun, like Woei Kee, who really enjoys bargaining.

He’ll be like super happy even if the deal is not on.. he is weird right? 😀 Some more.. he’s a guy wor.. Guy enjoys bargaining. That’s something new to me..

So girls.. if you want good deals.. remember to bring him out with you. Bao him for one day la.. LOL !!

Even a 5,000kip per glass of fruit shake also he can make the ladyboss happily give him 4,000kip per glass.. So, you say he good or not at bargaining? Faster “bao” him laa.. 😀

The guys trying to unlock the bicycles O.O

While the girls.. staring at clothing 😀

Nolar.. We were not that bad laa.. We accompanied them till they successfully unlock the bicycles.. and See Mun and I walked back together while the rest ride on bicycles.

We reached our homestay .. and these are the messages printed and paste in toilets.

Must read pieces of messages 😀

Very important notices some more.. must read.. and they’re really good lor.. knowing we might have nothing to do besides our businesses.. We can actually read these notes 😀

The magnet couple.. hahahaha !!

The Ss.. Shirley and SeeMun 😀

Told you he’s a poser !!

Shirley, Woei Kee and me slept quite late that evening.. Shirley with her iphone, watching video.. Woei Kee facebooking.. and me.. whatsapping.. while the other 3 turned in quite early.

Super long post with memories.. ♥ Let’s see how long will I take to post up another entry of my Laos trip ♥

  • suituapui

    Aiyor…what lousy buses they have! Visiting Third World countries like that lah… I wouldn;t want to go there… And whose cars are those? For display only or there are a few rich people around there?


    ahlost Reply:

    The condition of the bus was really bad.. but after I come back from Laos. I read online. It’s actually normal thingy =.=” My parents wouldn’t wanna go there too I think 😀

    Those cars ah? For display only I think.. It was inside the bus station 😀


  • Huai Bin


    What an adventure! You make me wanna go to Laos too!

    Buzz me next time Rose, I wanna join! 😀


    ahlost Reply:

    [Huai Bin]
    This place is so so so for you.. too bad we missed the Waterfall.. else this trip would be perfect..

    There’s a place called Vang Vieng .. you must go.. we went there for tubing.. drink and dance and play in the water.. I’m sure you ‘ll love it..

    I should find time to continue blogging about this trip.. :)

    and alright.. will definitely buzz you next time if I’m going again.. or probably you can buzz me when you are going 😀


  • Mick

    Oh wow, you were in Laos the same time that we were!
    I love Luang Prabang and Vang Vieng, I’ve lost count how many times I’ve been there!

    Haha at your unfortunate bus situation, that has happened to us many times, it’s all part of the adventure! On our recent trip we took the bus from Luang Prabang to Vang Vieng and we were stopped for 5 hours due to massive land slide! We ended up climbing over it and trekking through a small village to get to the other side and find us a driver, we got there eventually but took an extra 6 hours!

    By the way, food #1Larb/Laab! It’s one of my favourite things to eat in Lao!


    Mick Reply:

    I should have said food #1 is called Laab!


    ahlost Reply:

    Wow.. looks like you really love Laos .. and you actually lost count on how many times you’ve been there??? OMG !!

    and so.. the story of the landslides and people walked over to another village or place is true?? Gooosh.. I cannot imagine if that happened to me. I think I’ll cry my way back 😀

    From your story.. I feel quite fortunate.. :)

    and that Larb/Laab actually quite nice. I like that too :)


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  • Woon Yien

    Look fun with fun people..i wan a greeeen bicycle!!!! but the place quite rural hor? huehuehuehue…


    ahlost Reply:

    @woonyien:disqus : Yupz. travelling with the fun people is fun >.< the green bicycle ah? I'm sure kuching also can find .. hahaha.. Yupz. to me the place.. doesn't suit you, except for the tubing I'm sure you'll love it but I heard it was closed or you go play at your own risk. huhuhu..