AirAsia Bloggers’ Community Party (AABC Party)

AirAsia Bloggers’ Community Party (AABC Party)

“Now Everyone Can Fly” says AirAsia.. but I never thought that I would be one of the two lucky ones from Kuching to be invited to such awesome party

I was very excited when I got to know AirAsia will flying me over to AirAsia Academy Sepang on 8th June 2013.. for.. FREE !!! GiantAnt tagged along too.

and I met Nazim and this hiaoBurn on board !!

When we were landed at LCCT, we were asked to grab a drink at Coffee Bean – and to claim it from AirAsia. How not to fall in love with you, AirAsia? Mandy was there to catch up with us and not long after that, we hopped into the shuttle van.

This is us when we got down from the van. Super love this picture. The happy trio with the crew.

and through Instagram, I got to know a blogger from Penang nicknamed Millymin aka Emily… and this is me and her *on board*

Our nametags.

My boarding pass to THE BEST PARTY EVER !!

Our gadgets !!

We were few of the early ones.

Itinerary On Board.

My NaLiiiingg !!!

The lunch provided tasted very good but I was too excited I only grabbed few bites.

Emily and Jian were hungry !!!

and I shared this with Emily, but both of us couldn’t finish this.. and and look at the printing on the drinking water – AirAsia BC !! Drinks specially ordered for this party.

My Giant Ant was on board with me too.

The two cats.

Anna with the funny Louise

Sharing happiness to the world.

and our SMILES to the world.

You can see the pic she snapped in her blog.


Live updates, anytime, anywhere.

Emcee of the day.

Although we didn’t get to meet Tan Sri Tony Fernandes in person, but he talked to us through video. Thank you so much Tan Sri.

Goodlooking young man, Aziz Laikar, Head of Communications gave his speech.

and we were all paying attention when speeches were given.

All the bloggers were divided into groups randomly and I was so lucky to be in the awesome team for our first challenge – To Complete Three AirAsia Planes in 10minutes. <-- Are you kidding us??

Chris Tock, the guy I got to know through blogging world years ago and finally meeting him in person, but he couldn’t recognised me. Haha.. Here’s a proof of the completed aeroplane with a missing piece !! HAHAHA !! We should’ve demand for more stamps cos there was no more piece in the box !!

Our second challenge – To Be Passengers? Ya.. we wish.

Our judges.

First, the crew showed us their true colors the fun way of the safety demo. We really laughed our asses off. If only they demo this everytime I fly, I’ll definitely pay attention to them.

and in the same challenge, shall there be evacuation, what should we do to make sure the passengers are all safe? This way of learning definitely caught my attention and I’m glad that all my team members are very entertaining too.

Two famous bloggers – Chris and smashpOp entertained us with their way of saving us shall there be evacuation. We really enjoyed ourselves but time didn’t allow us to stay any longer and we were glad the crew said we were the best at the moment we left.

Our Third Challenge – The Ramp Marshall.

and this is our aeroplane. Hehehehe.. and I acted as one of the planes twice as we were given chances to minimize our mistakes.

Thank you guys. Now I know the importance of you guys. Thank you so much for the fun.

We rushed to our forth challenge – TO BE A PILOT, but we were waiting outside for quite sometimes as we heard there were delays by the first group. So, while waiting, we do what we do best.

Our awesome photographer of the day.

My members doing live updates while waiting.. and look at who is paying attention !!

Can’t wait to go in the flight simulator !!

Waiting together with another group, which they need to wait for us to come out from the flight simulator before they can go in.. Ooops.

and I met Jian when he got out from the flight simulator.

and we never waste our time. LIVE UPDATES !!

Beautiful ladders. Can I bring home one?


It felt so real when we were in there. This is the place where the pilots do their training. There are so many buttons and I asked the Captain if I’m allowed to press a button cos I’m already in the simulator and was seated at the pilot’s seat but I’ve done nothing, because even the landing were done by autopilot. Sad wei.. and then Captain off a button and allowed me to press on it. So happy wei.. but he added, it’s just a button !! Haiya Captain, you don’t know how much we admire you and your job. Pressing a button is like striking a 4D lor. HAHAHA !!

and our fifth and final challenge of the day – Answered 3 questions in Seam Reap without the help of Mr Google !! It wasn’t easy but we managed to answer all of them by guessing and of course with the help of Priya and our team leader. We end the game with a model of AirAsia aeroplane. HAHAHA !! Nice right??

My awesome team !!

Once we were done with all the challenges, we were invited to grab the food and drinks provided for specially for us by AirAsia.

I wish I have more time to enjoy the food and drinks and to social more with the bloggers.

and before we left, we were given another surprise !! AirAsia, tell us how can we not love you?

MiaoMiao leaving his paw print on the wall !! I didn’t manage to leave mine cos we need to catch our flight.

It’s time to go home.

Jian and I – after we landed on Kuching International Airport !!

Thank you AirAsia for including me as part of your AirAsia Bloggers’ Community Party !! I must admit this is the best party ever I’ve attended so far !! Thank you for flying me. Thank you for entertaining me.. and I hope we’ve entertained you guys as well.


  • Jacqueline Cheong

    Song si! :( I AM SO SO JEALOUS!!!!


    ahlost Reply:

    @jacquelinecheong:disqus : hehehehe.. yupz. it was very fun.. but happy moments always past without us realizing.. huhuhu.. when wanna come out gather wei??


    Jacqueline Cheong Reply:

    Air Asia sponsor hia? You remember last we plan to go KL together gather but it never happen :(


    ahlost Reply:

    @jacquelinecheong:disqus : Yes.. fully sponsored.. even our Coffee Bean drinks while waiting for them to get us also free.. hehehehe…

    yes, I remember we planned that and it din happen. It’s okay.. we can find a place to gather in Kuching.. let’s make it happen this time :)

    Jacqueline Cheong Reply:

    Can ask air Asia to sponsor us also boh? LoL!!!! I wan to gather in KL!!!

    ahlost Reply:

    @jacquelinecheong:disqus : hahahaha.. my face not that big to ask for sponsor wor >.<

    Jacqueline Cheong Reply:

    U r rose wong mah forever cute rosewong…ehehheeh

    ahlost Reply:

    @jacquelinecheong:disqus : HAHAHAHAHAHA !! I don’t think this one will work lor >.<

  • Gerald Lim



    ahlost Reply:

    @cybreed:disqus : Wheeee ~


  • Woon Yien

    somehow i tot u blog about this already right?


    ahlost Reply:

    @woonyien:disqus : Not yet wor.. now baru blogged bout it.. Ssshhh 😡


  • Coffee Girl

    Wah u so lucky! daytrip some more! too bad u didnt get to see Datuk Tony ho…


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_ZZvM5WcS5m:disqus : hehehe.. yupz.. lucky me for being invited :)

    didn’t see Datuk Tony in person but at least it was very thoughtful of him to do video recording to talk to us :)


  • Coffee Girl

    eh sudah update mah blog liaw…………………. #madahjak



    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_ZZvM5WcS5m:disqus : hahahaha.. yay.. i go read now… :)


  • suituapui

    Gosh!!! Chris Tock!!! Getting fatter and fatter… Haven’t seen nor heard from him for a long time.

    Btw, how to get invited to these things? Must be a money spinning blog, is it? In that case, no hope for me lah… I’m not affiliated to any of those ads-thingy.


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_F1wc19v35L:disqus : maybe it’s just my poor candid pic made him look chubbier. 😡 please don’t tell him..

    Emm.. No. I don’t think it has got anything to do with the money spinning blog or those affiliate ads thingy. It was one fine afternoon Anna sent me a link to many questionaires.. and i answered all of them.. and was lucky to be chosen to fly.


  • Constance Ant

    eh how come my fury friend is there with you 😀 😛


    ahlost Reply:

    @annant:disqus : mana satu fury friend?? Jian the cat?? O.O


  • arieon

    you are so lucky to be among the selected one.. =)


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_3nrzZh5Exg:disqus : Yupz. must admit I was kinda lucky that time.. I hope they’ll organize one for us in Kuching.. for any of their upcoming promos.. since Kuching has International Airport too.. hehehe..


  • Cutebun

    Wah so fun!


    ahlost Reply:

    @cutebun:disqus : yaya.. it is very fun… thanks so much to AirAsia :)