Bella Italia

Bella Italia

Due to someone feeling guilty due to something, I was invited to Bella Italia for “Doctors” lunch meetup. Hahaha.

I have heard a lot about Bella Italia. I’ve been there twice before this time. First was with Lester and Rak. Second time was with the gymmates. This time with secret people 😀

My super duper new love – Banana Juice @ RM7.00

Bruschetta @ RM8.00

My first time eating bruschetta at Bella Italia *shy*- It’s actually same as garlic bread, just that it’s topped with tomatoes cubes, black olives, garlic and herbs.

To me, Mushroom Soup is a must for western food. This special homemade from fresh imported mushroom-cream soup cost us RM12.00 and another must have soup would be Zuppa Di Mare. It’s a homemade tomato based seafood, with herbs and spices soup that cost RM15.00

My another new love after I’ve tasted the Grilled Calamari at SwankySARAH – The Calamari Fritti @ RM16.00

Deep fried squid rings served with tartar sauce.

Spaghetti Classic @ RM11.00

and I thought I ordered Aglio Olio Spaghetti without seafood because both descriptions are the same except the Classic one is without seafood. Why you mislead me? :(

Someone couldn’t wait to eat salmon so he ordered Salmon Pasta with Tomato and Cream Sauce <-- that's what he told me cos I don't know what he ordered so I sent this pic to him and asked him and he gave me this name and another super weid name "Zuppa De mare" Seafood Soup <--- ??? HAHAHAHA !!! >.<

Lasagne Manzo @ RM26.00

Beef lasagne made from lasagne skin, herbs, beef bolognese sauce topped with mozzarella cheese.

Last but not least, everyone’s all time love – Tiramisu

and a hot cup of Lipton Tea.

Thank you for the treat wor. Not sure if I can mention your name here since you’re claiming company for this. Haha. So I better *zipped mouth* but still.. You know who you are. thank you berry berry much for this expensive lunch wor #loveyoudeepdeep ٩(^‿^)۶

  • Sin

    you are welcome *stealing glory*


    ahlost Reply:

    someone will ask u go JS 😀


  • Huai Bin

    Banana juice sounds awesome! More like a shake or blended drink?

    Lots of places popping up in Kuching, I wanted to visit before I headed back to KL but I had a sudden work meeting.

    Going back for elections though! 😀


    ahlost Reply:

    [Huai Bin]
    Banana juice more like a shake. Really nice ler.. it’s a must-try drink for you.. and must-order drink for me. haha.

    Haha.. it’s time for you to explore more about Kuching HB, especially when you’re back for election. hehehe.. :)


  • suituapui

    I was there! Food’s great and that Bosnian owner is very friendly. Nice place!


    ahlost Reply:

    I think I saw your post on Bella Italia too.. Now i feel like eating tiramisu *again* O.o