19March 2013

Chong Choon Cafe used to be my favourite breakfast place. The Laksa, the Malay Fried Food, The Yam Char Kueh, The Kolo Mee, The Toasts, The Drinks and whenever I do not know where to go to or when I’m asked to suggest a place for breakfast .. Chong Choon Cafe is the place. :D

But that Sunday morning, 2 days ago, I woke up at around 8am.. worm for a bit more.. then dramathon a bit.. and finally, someone called me up to ask if I wanna have breakfast !! :D

The disappointed yam char kueh @ RM2.50

It was so little for us.. but next table ordered and paid the same amount, theirs was like double of ours. WTF. How can you?? :(

The famous and delicious Chong Choon Sarawak Laksa @ RM4.50

The Kolomee with vege oil :)

Got give like no give =.=” But cannot blame them cos not everyone who eats kolomee will eat chilies like me .. O.o

The yummilicious HoneyButter Toast

Breakfast kaki – The haolien SaltedEgg

I said: Ooii.. nobody like that one laa.. take picture still wanna pose..
he said: I didn’t know you’re taking picture of me ma. Ok ok.. again.

Thank you for the ride for breakfast wo :)

and this is tamjiak me :)

  • annna

    huu.. I miss Chong Choon’s food T___T


    ahlost Reply:

    hehehe.. you’re coming back soon right?? ^.^


  • Sin

    If you pronounce Chong Choon slowly ( very very slow), you will discovered that you don’t need lips and tongue to pronounce it. After several try you will discovered that you just been fooled and you looked like a fish breathing…


    ahlost Reply:

    You………. !!!! *geram*


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