Disappointing Sanga

Disappointing Sanga

Yesterday’s traffic outside Kuching Festival even though it was raining !! Crazy.. I can imagine tonight’s car and human traffic since today will be the last evening for 2013 Kuching Festival.

At Sanga again yesterday for our crazy Salmon craving.

This time I remember to take picture of Ocha @ RM1.50 per glass (unlimited refill)

Unfortunately, we were seated at upper floor :( They’ve fewer waitresses and service wasn’t as good at ground floor’s

But can take pictures more comfortably. Hohoho.

This time, they give us two grapes.

But somehow, we felt something wasn’t right with this plate of salmon.. so I starting counting them. Only 48pieces !!!

Indeed !! This was my first 1kg of salmon feast.. Look at the difference. Lack of many pieces and don’t have those white white yummy ones this time

Instead of refill the ocha for us. They put a pot on our table.. and hence, the face !! HAHAHAHA !!

But I’m okay with this. Better tim. Don’t have to ask them come everytime we need refill.

Salmon Skin @ RM6.00 !! This time, the portion is lesser too :(

Healty Soba @ RM12.00 .. I’m not sure if this was the same as Cold Soba but the taste was really weird. It was sweet. Very. Sweet. I don’t remember eating Cold Soba that is sweet. Did they mix up the ingredient for the soup?

Do you think the wasabi looks like ??

This is what you do when you have plenty of salmon sashimi to eat !!


and someone is vain too. kakakaka !!

and he invented a new way to drink soup !!


and lastly, it took them quite sometime to serve our Green Tea Ice Cream @ RM8.00

and the ice cream melted quite a lot.

I remember I ordered Green Tea Ice Cream..

But it looks like Green Tea Shake

Overall, it wasn’t a good dining experience this time.

  • Irene Chan

    =( sanga kinda sucks in terms of service. the food can be quite no QC one also. but if you bring your own salmon right, they will do quite a good job of preparing it for you. quite worth it to do so if you got a big group of people who love sashimi 😀


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_fUg1O1u6Y8:disqus : I’ve tried few times bringing own salmon but it’s hard to get everyone together nowadays, so when I have the craving for salmon, just need to find one or two friends to go to share 1kg of salmon together. satisfying too. hahaha.. the service at ground floor is much better. probably more waitresses there. :)


  • Sin Tan

    post at KFC and create a havoc ? :p


    ahlost Reply:

    Later people kick you out from KFC then you know. Lol.


  • suituapui

    So cute! That one your boyfriend, is it? 😉


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_F1wc19v35L:disqus : wakakaka !! don’t be naughty 😛


  • Woon Yien

    Hahahaha… the gif file so cute… salted egg also got the cute smiley smile like urs…!! he steal ur kang hu!


    ahlost Reply:

    @woonyien:disqus : hahaha !! @sintan:disqus why you copy me ~.~