07September 2013

As an East Malaysian, I’ve never thought that one day, I’ll be going to Dataran Merdeka at Kuala Lumpur to witness the actual day Hari Kemerdekaan Malaysia. But a surprise email came in from Daphne of AirAsia, asking if I would be interested to tag along 56 unprevileged children from East Malaysia, sponsored by AirAsia, as blogger. Teehehehe..

This is the 2nd time AirAsia flew a small blogger like me from Kuching to KL. The first time was the most awesome party ever.. and this is the 2nd time ^.^ Itinerary received. Bags packed.. and off I went to the airport.

While waiting for our plane to arrive at the Kuching International Departure hall, I met a secondary schoolmate and her husband. Friends I Thought We Were. Anyways, I shall leave that for another blog entry.

There were bunch of kids with green tops whom I was guessing should be the kids sponsored by AirAsia. I didn’t approach them cos I wasn’t sure until I were seated together with them, their screams and cries when the plane took off which frighten the soul out of me, I was sure that I was with the right bunch of people. Haha.

The cabin crew later welcome everyone on board, including these bunch of kids from Kompleks Kewajipan Laila Taib. Wooaahh.. First time I felt so privileged though I’m not one of them, but I was sitting together with them ma. Hahaha !! The crew even invited the kids to play games and they won themselves many prizes.

The crews, the kids, the passengers and even the pilot joined together to sing Merdeka song played using phone through their sound system.

It was really an enjoyable trip except, I wasn’t given a meal like those unprivileged kids. I wasn’t hungry. I was just saying. I know I’m the privileged kid. Hahaha !!

Our flight were supposed to reach LCCT at 5pm, but due to unknown reason, we were delayed for 45minutes.

So, the 28 children together with their guardians from Sabah arrived at LCCT earlier than us and managed to take picture with Aireen Omar, the CEO of AirAsia Malaysia together with AirAsia crew.

This 17 years old young girl is from Kuching. She was interviewed by Astro Awani upon coming out from LCCT Arrival Hall. Very young and energetic young girl.

I was travelling alone this time. My partner Jian was supposed to go together with me but he has other things to do so I was a lone ranger. There wasn’t any blogger from Sabah who managed to go too. Huhuhu. But thanks to AirAsia friendly crew, I didn’t feel left behind. They took care of me very well. I’m the priveleged kid who was well fed. Haha.

Sitting in the Sky Bus next to a 13 years old girl who mentioned that she wasn’t good in english. No excuse oh girl. Doesn’t like the teacher doesn’t mean you can pretend not to learn English.

It was 8.30pm when we reached Tune Hotels. We were welcome by the friendly staffs from the hotel. I looked like I was one of those kids and it was a bit awkward when I was trying to introduce myself as blogger. HAHAHA !!

Sorry people. Lone ranger is shy when she’s alone.

The kids and their guardians, AA crew and myself went to the nearby Kenny Rogers for our dinner cum supper. Haha. Naz loves this, especially the Vanilla flavour. He said he can finished these 6 muffins by himself. Wooaahh.. You say real real ah Naz??

Each of us were given this huge plate to fill up our empty stomach.. and I only had like 1/3 of it. Sorry. I don’t mean to waste the food but my tummy said NO so I didn’t wanna torture it. Haha..

The kids faces looked extremely tired and sleepy after dinner. Some of them couldn’t even open their eyes. I guess they sleep quite early back in Kuching. We left the restaurant and head back to our hotel to rest for a more exciting day the following day. Oh.. I was given a room for myself.. and guess what.. I couldn’t sleeepp.. shall story that next. Haha.. Happy weekend people ^.^

  • Jim

    Is because of your secondary school friend acting like (s)he doesn’t know you at all? All proud because she’s married and she can look down on others?


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_xLWhoED6XQ:disqus : Haha.. Nope.. we talked to each other.. and she didn’t look down on others..


  • Ophelia John

    Wow, so lucky you!


    ahlost Reply:

    @f5bebb1c78ff17a5ba59636e897d145a:disqus : hehehe.. yupz lucky me.. for the 2nd time this year.. >.<


  • missyblurkit

    wanted to swing by for the event but was a tad too tired after my training.


    ahlost Reply:

    @missyblurkit:disqus : Ooohh :( I heard Daphne mentioned that a few KL bloggers will be there.. but I didn’t see any of them.. haha.. it’s okay.. the place is a bit too pack to meet up though :)


  • JMei

    memory trip :)


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_0piajyKL5r:disqus : indeed it is. I’ve yet to do the other part of this blog post.. thanks for dropping by :)


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