Fred & Rachel’s Wedding In KL

Fred & Rachel’s Wedding In KL

It was my pleasure to be bombarded by the sweet couple that I knew from a random trip to KL with Yien more than 2 years ago. We got closer through FB and even closer through WhatsApp :)

It was so random that we went to KL and met many new friends.. and we started joining running events together. No.. running wasn’t my favourite thing to do, but running is so nice that I always have reason to go KL, even for a 10km run.

But starting beginning of last year, I don’t do this random running anymore.. simply because running is too expensive and I’ve been banned from flying so often, even more often than the medical reps O.o If only I knew there’s such job back then, I’ll definitely gofor it.. so I can fly for free.. Hahahaz

So, we’ve been informed about their weddings very much earlier and we book our tickets – MAS to go and AA to come back.

They even printed the location of the restaurant in the invitation card. It is useful for people like me who hardly recognise roads in KL 😀

Dys and I in MAS – 7A & 7B .. Yien and Wai far far behind us >.<

The first thing we did once we touched down KL was of course to eat, though we’ve eaten. Thank you Fred and Kelson for picking us up from Bandar Tasik Selatan Station. We didn’t use the KLIA Express because we have 4 people and taking premier cab is a bit cheaper than taking train.

We then headed to shopping malls to do our last minute shopping for heels and dresses for the day O.o

After miles of walking, we finally settle down our lunch at Pepper Lunch in Pavilion. Miss this lots :) Look who is antisocial here !! Kelson Ng !!

The Wongs

The shooting attack !!

Dys can’t wait for her food to be served :)

Me, smiling to my camera :)

Thought I wasn’t in the frame O.o

A proper one.. hehehe.. Where is our foodz ??!!

RM75.90 for 4

Kelson.. Your food is in front of you, stop peeping at girls !!

Guess this was Dys first time having meal at Pepper Lunch.

and this is mine.. we ordered the same plate of food.

My first time, cooking this myself. The last few times I was pampered to eat only.

Anna with hers :)

The 3 of us continued shopping and hunting for dresses and heels after our lunch, while Kelson sent Yien and Wai back to hotel to charge themselves up since they were tired and have got nothing to buy for the big day.

The clock was ticking.. the sky turned dark. We woke up couple up and did our seriously very last minute shopping for the ingredients that we needed for the wedding games the next morning.

Wai posing while Yien busy cutting the lemons and limes.

Na busy snapping pics 😀

and playing in the kitchen. Hahaha !!

Nolar.. we very good one. We became white mice and tasted the food and drinks we’re playing on the brothers.

Blending the drinks

Last minute preparation after our buffet dinner.

and the healthy lime juice + bittergourd

Picture of the evil ones 😀

Every family prepares different types on things before and during the wedding.

and them, loitering at Rachel’s place after preparation of the drinks.

My poor phone don’t last long in KL 😀

More picturesssss

The must-have 囍 in the house !!

Wai acting cute !! haha..

We left Rachel’s place bout midnight. Taking turns to shower for 5 people in a room.. and we slept at 2sth in the morning after a little bit more of preparation for the games. Woke up at 4.30am .. half an hour for each one of us, as we need to leave the hotel at 7am and go to 7-evelen to buy a little bit more of ingredients before going to Rachel’s place.

The food and drinks that we’re serving the brothers aka the hengdais :)

Dys with the whipped cream

Eggs with lemon + lime + bittergourd + chili

and another type of drink for the good drinker hengdais – Eggs + Guinness

As soon as we finished pour Guinness into the glass, the groom and the brothers arrived.

Fred, the groom – Can’t wait to get Rachel in his arm.

The brothers !! Credits must be given to the brothers who were *open* enough to play some of the games.. and No.. I wasn’t the one who thought of the whipped cream game on the captain.. hahahaha !!

The sisters with the bride, Rachel :)

Us, crashing into their newly-wed room :)

and it was almost 4pm that we reached our hotel. Again, we need to get ready immediately as we’re running out of time for the dinner at Sinchoiwah Restaurant at Bandar Manjarala.

I thought we were late cos we reached the restaurant at 8pm O.o

The nice lightings

Lollipops for the guests.. and red wine to warm our body up as the hall was a bit cold :(

It was kinda surprise me that the wedding started at 9pm.. but to them, it’s very common. To us in Kuching, our dinner, though stated 6.30pm, but for Malaysian timing, they will start at 7pm or latest at 7.30pm.

Our food of the evening:-




and this is from Kelson to Yien




#7 – My favourite of all but the “efficient” waiter took the whole plate away when we just had few pieces taken :(



Everyone fall in love with ShiBan and the song he sang that evening for the newly-wed couple.

JJ getting ready :)

The big family

I didn’t take many pictures during the evening. Zombie mode activated since I only had 3 hours of sleep for 2 days.. gonna grab some pictures from facebook if any of them have uploaded the pics. :)

I didn’t have good rest again that evening. I guess I miss my bed too much I emo at sofa. Hahaha. So, before I can get to rest, it was day time.. and it was time for brunch. :)

Kelson recommended Teochew Duck so we headed over to a coffee shop nearby their place.

and I like their Cham Peng and Teh Peng and also Kopi Peng .. so so so nice.. I don’t think any coffee shop in Kuching serve such nice drinks :(

Thank you Anna for the few days ride. Thank you Kelson for the ride too.. and also speeding up to KL Sentral to drop me and Dys off on the first day of 2013. Thank you Shiban for meeting us up. I am already missing you guys lots. :( .. and Dys.. don’t forget to buzz me when you’re back in Kuching 😉

and I was so emo when I was in the bus and when I was in the plane. I cried. Sigh.. the good times always pass very fast. Time flies, people change, like it or not, life still goes on.

You know I’m in Kuching when you see Kolo Mee.

Hui Sing Hawker Stall Ah Meng’s Gordon and White Lady

Tomato Mee that don’t taste nice :(

Oh.. before I forgot.. Fred and Rachel.. I wish both of you happy and happier each day. Thank you so much for inviting and making us part of your important people on your important day. ❤

  • Cyril Dason

    Time to change your phone.. S3? hehehe


    ahlost Reply:

    [Cyril Dason]
    hahaha.. I wish.. but my phone after upgraded to R30.. everything looks good dy. No need to change anymore 😀


  • Pazuzu

    yea.. time to change phone.. lumia 920… hehehe


    ahlost Reply:

    Waaaaah.. Nokia supporter since long time ago. I miss my Nokia 5800 that has been stolen :(


  • annna

    So pantas!! I can’t wait for Dys to upload the pichas especially the “Whip & Lick” game. Kekekkee..

    I’m so very happy to see you and the girls in KL :* Really missed u all lots especially when I didn’t get to spend much time with everyone while I was back in Kuching.

    I’m very very sorry for hogging the whole bed till you have to sleep on the couch. T___________T <Sorry!

    Btw, why so emo? If you need someone to talk to, I'm all ears!


    ahlost Reply:

    Hehehe.. pantas meh? better upload them up before I flood my blog with many many other pics that has been in my memory card for ages. O.o

    Yupz.. need to wait for Dys to upload all of them up.. but then again.. need to wait for another week since she’ll only be back next week I guess.

    Very happy to meet you all too after so so so so long. I’m sorry I didn’t know you were back the time I went to Singapore :( and noooo.. it’s ok bout the bed.. i wanted to watch drama too that time… put on bed you girls later you girls cannot sleep. :)

    Emo cos feel sad certain things are no longer the same. Sad cos this time leave KL dunno when will go back again. Unlike last time I’ve many trips to KL :( Thanks for asking *hugs*


    annna Reply:

    huhuhuhu.. hope everything’s fine and changes are always not bad. Always look at the bright side and can’t wait to see u and catch up again. Might MIGHT go back in Kuching if flights are cheap in this month since got few holidays 😀


    ahlost Reply:

    Things and emotional get better now. Haha.. Just that very busy with work till FB also no time.. huhuhu. I also checked flight tickets to KL few days back. Wanna go shop in KL.. AA 300+ MAS 400+.. Huhuhu..

  • Huai Bin

    Haha! It looks like a lot of fun! Eggs + Guinness sounds like a great drink actually! :)


    ahlost Reply:

    [Huai Bin]
    hehehe.. i heard Guinness + Eggs good for guys >.<


  • Daniel Chew

    Oh my wat a long long long long post. Hahahhaa.. btw happy new year 2012 to you too. Stay active blogging. :) cya in the next run


    Daniel Chew Reply:

    Oh my just realized I put 2012 instead of 2013


  • cookengr
  • willie

    Bestnye pergi KL…


  • suituapui

    Wow!!!! Marathon post! Eating marathon too! Congrats to your friends… When’s your turn? Ya…comfort food, eh? I love Kuching kolo mee. Slurpssss!!!!!