From Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh City

From Hanoi To Ho Chi Minh City

This should be the last part of my 5nights 5days Vietnam Trip with Ivan, HL, Sin, Kelson, Yien and Ryan.. being the first night at LCCT camping. Argh.. Horrible smell. Next time, if there’s next time that I need to camp, I might choose KLIA instead. 😀

This is us, in the Hanoi Airport Shuttle Bus.

We were flying to Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) with VietJet that Ivan booked for us.

Our plane is exactly the same as this.

The cabin crew were very friendly. The friendliest I’ve seen so far. They helped the passengers. They talked and smile to us even they couldn’t understand us.

They never get mad and were always smiling at us for being troublesome when we wanted to buy souvenirs and made them walked from our seats to the back and repeated many times.

Why people like to take pic of the aeroplane’s wing hor?

Ho Chi Minh City from above the sky.

Similar to all the big cities.

Us at La Famille Restaurant after done with our check-ins.

At a cafe, where I was excited about Kelson’s HTC Butterfly.. the wide angle front camera 😀

The standard few bottles on tables in Ho Chi Minh City’s cafe and restaurant.

The beautiful pain hanging on the wall.

The food and drinks that we ordered before our Gucci Cu Chi Tunnel trip.

Kelson, as usual, busy with his Butterfly and live update from Saigon.

We then rushed back to the hotel as we the van that we booked has been waiting for us.. and to our horror, the van was freaking hot that we complained so much till I wanted to punch to the driver’s face. Oklar. I know I was hot tempered but hey.. it was really stuffy at the back row of the van lor.

Guess God knows I need to cool down that I accidentally bought a winter melon which I initially thought it was Coconut Juice.

Why these fruits no need to be wrapped with plastic?

On our underground way in to Cu Chi Tunnel.

One of the tour guide explained to the visitors on the history of this tunnel and how it works.

They even have the video on the war that happened many many years ago.

Vietnamese are really smart people. They invented many traps for the enemies during war that even people like us won’t take note when we step on it.

Sharp objects below !!

Can even see goodlooking angmoh in Cu Chi Tunnel <3

and we tried too..







and no one actually will realise there’s such thing as tunnel. O.o

Sin trying to act like a Vietnamese. 😀

The soldiers at rest :)

Ryan and I with the soldier 😀

Termite mound of Cu Chi Tunnel

Don’t try to peek into the ventilation hole oh..

The colorful people.

Sin, with his coffee, and his weird pose, in a tank.


Tour guide showed us many many more traps invented by the Vietnamese back then.

Look simple, but very useful.

Team work :)

Ivan, the shooter >.<

Me, initially kinda reluctant to shoot cos it was so loud my heart almost pop out when someone released a shot T_T

Us, picture courtesy of Kelson :)

I’m so glad I am born after the war.

Real woman at work.

Rubber sandals back then.

Us, in the tunnel. Too dark, only can see Yien :)

and everyone decided to come out at the second exit because the tall people cannot tahan walking in the tunnel.. HAHAHAHA !! Grow so tall also has its disadvantages lor.. #proudtobeshort

B52 Bomb Crater at Cu Chi Tunnel

The unexpected service. We were served pandan tea :)

and also boiled sweet potatoes after our tour at Cu Chi Tunnel.

I bought some souvenirs back from Cu Chi Tunnel – Bracelets for myself.. and a vest for my Papa ❤ It was an eye-opener trip for me. I never imagine or google or do any homework for Cu Chi Tunnel before I went to Vietnam. I expect something different though. Thanks to wonderful friends who did homework and I was fortunate enough to have them as my travelmates ❤

So, that evening, instead of asking the driver to drop us back to the hotel, we request him to drop us at Ben10 Market Ben Thanh Market and we wandered around the town area.

The City Hall in Saigon is an old french building that was originally built as a hotel in the early 20th century, but now as a place for tourists to envy from outside only as it is not opened for public.

I guess this City Hall in HCMC is best to visit at night. I simply love the lightings.

Buildings and buildings. More cars in Ho Chi Minh City compared to Hanoi where they tons and tons of motorbikes O.o

HCMC is very generous with their colorful lightings on their buildings.

We had hard time finding our dining place.. but my travelmates are just so amazing they managed to find it still. 😀 Happy diners.

I fall in love with this French Baguette during this Vietnam trip. Maybe cos theirs is soft and tender <-- HAHAHAHA !! But I tried locals one, not nice geh. Why ah?

Saigon Special Lager Beer.

While I pretend to be healthy drinking Lime Juice without sugar.

Our food and drinks. Some not taken cos we were too hungry.

and our food cost us VND3,657,500 (omg)

Augustin is the name of the place that we had our dinner on our only night in Saigon.

I miss Vietnam Pho

Somehow, i fall in love with this place, The Famous Notre Dame Cathedral in Ho Chi Minh City, where people just come in to pray together in front of Mother Mary statue. I’ve no idea what they were praying but I’m sure it’s the similar prayers, just that theirs in their language and ours in our understandable language. :)

We ended up at another cafe on our way back to our hotel because some of us needed to have some “happy minutes”. HAHAHA..

and we eat and drink again.

but mostly eaten by Ryan and me laa.. we are big eaters 😀

somehow, I got hungry easily after this trip.. hmm..

and that concluded our only evening in Ho Chi Minh City.. we walked a lot and we eat a lot too. We packed our stuffs that evening also also the next morning. 😀 Headed to our hotel’s breakfast after all the packings. I prefer Hanoi Hostel breakfast.

Their breakfast is definitely not enough for all of us, so we went out to the restaurant nearby us to eat for another round before we headed to Ban Thanh Market and their supermarket for a very fast and furious shopping. 😀

Kelson, why you buy so much??

Packed and pack.

My happy travelmates :)

Kelson and his sexy butt. HAHAHAHA.. This picture supposed to be him, leading us the way to check in counter, but somehow, his butt too sexy not to be noticed 😛

Ivan with Pink Note (OMG)

The siao ones.

Siao chabos

The same shirt guys – Hard Rock Saigon rocks.

They posed for the sexy photographer Yien.

The guys trying to be cool. O.o

and then trying to be funny. HAHAHAHA !!

Ivan jumping up high.

Ryan jumped like a happy kid who just got his happy meal. 😀

Sin with his signature jump.

While Kelson is no where to be seen.. Ivan jumped like he’s at the gym. Go travel still miss gym. *shakes head*

The bags that couldn’t get through during check-in.

and this marks the end of our Vietnam trip. Huhuhu..

A short trip.. but a memorable one. Thank you for this wonderful trip. I enjoyed myself (minus the unhappy events) and I’m sorry if I have offended any of you in any event and/or that I have hurt you in any way, I’m really sorry. FINALLY I’VE DONE WITH MY VIETNAM POSTS. Kthxbye. >.<