28August 2013

I think humans are weird. They like to have something that they do not have. For example, I wear glasses when I do not need them. But I do look good with glasses on ba.. Hohoho.

On the bright side, I’m so glad that I do not have to wear glasses and I look gorgeous good together with these bunch of pretties. Teeheehee.

Earlier this month, I received an email from GlassesOnline Brand Ambassador Manager to try on their products. I’m not a contact lens person because I’ve good eye sight. Hahaha.. But I wore contact lens once in a blue moon when I wanna have bigger eyes. A little info about GlassesOnline. It is Malaysia’s largest online spot where you can find all the sunglasses and contact lenses that you’ve always imagined. Previously I’ve bought few contact lenses online and I just realized that GlassesOnline is selling them too. Now I know where can I get contact lenses when I need them for dinners or parties.

So instead of grabbing few more contact lenses, I chose to get Sunglasses. They sent me an email telling me that my chosen item has been delivered.. and I finally got it yesterday.

Unboxing my package from GlassesOnline !! I’m not sure about other people but I love to see postman since I was young. I’ll be happier if I receive packages delivered to me because I’m always curious what will I get. I do many online shopping until at times, I have totally forgotten what I’ve purchased online. Hahaha. I mean like.. seriously lor.. I think I still have few things pending delivered to me. As for this, GlassesOnline being very caring to tell me that my package delivery status can be checked from aramex website.

There are many brands and types of sunglasses to choose from and I ended up choosing Dandelion YS29707 C1 Black, priced at RM79 only.

It would be better if GlassesOnline provides lens cleaning cloth so I can wipe off the little dusts on my sunglasses.

Me with my sunglasses at home after 6pm yesterday. Hahaha. Will take more pictures of myself and my sponsored sunglasses soon as I’ll be doing some charity work during the Public Holiday.

and this is me during AIA Dinner at Hilton days ago. I think I will look better if I’ve put on contact lenses that evening.. maybe it’s time to start shopping for contact lenses since I’ve voucher code of RM10 for RM50 spending at their website.

Ok. Here’s what I like best about GlassesOnline. They give FREE DELIVERY, even to East Malaysia !! How many can actually do this?? I mean like, when you see this promo online says Free Delivery, you #happydie are very happy but it says only to West Malaysia, how would you feel? I’ve encountered this many times and I feel super frustrated lor. You give us joy and you took away our happiness with only to West Malaysia. Boohoo.. So, thank you GlassesOnline for being really 1Malaysia. Teeheehee.. They also assure Lowest Price Guaranteed, 100% Original Brands and Free 30days Return and even better with New Arrival Sale. Ok. I need to start shopping now. Bye.

  • Constance Ant

    i also chose a pair of sunglasses as i don’t do contact lens!


    ahlost Reply:

    @annant:disqus : Oh.. we’ve good eyesight. hahaha.. I’m going to hop over to your blog to read your version of GlassesOnline >.<


  • suituapui

    All my life, I’ve always wanted to wear glasses but my eyesight has always been good…even now. No chance. Maybe I can follow the Korean trend, wear frames, no glass one… Hehehehehe!!!!


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_F1wc19v35L:disqus : hahahaha.. looks like many have good eyesight oh.. my first pic also wearing frames only. :P But I do have a pair for glasses with black frames but I couldn’t find it till today.. I can’t remember where did I put them.. O.o


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