J&J Cafeteria at SEB

Papoi?? Kakakaka.. Many people are crazy of McDonald’s minions and today is the 3rd batch of the minions. Jarrod, who really crazy over minions, gave me a call that they’ll be selling at 12midnight sharp. I was just trying my luck to go earlier and I got mine !!

I know the frustration of those who queued so long just to get the minions but end up McDonald’s staffs told them all minions were sold out. Many felt disappointed. But hey.. it’s okay. You can still get minions elsewhere like, in toyshops?? Get the fluffy toy that you can hug at night !! hehehe..

Oh hey, anyways, two days ago, I brought Mama and Sister to go J&J Cafeteria at Sarawak Energy Bhd for lunch. I’ve heard that outsiders are allowed to go in and their price was rather reasonable.

Kueh Keladi and Prawn Crackers.

One thing about sis. She normally can’t decide what she wanna eat, so the person who ordered before her, she will just say, SAMA. Haha.. Mama ordered Kopi O Peng @ RM1.20 and sister said SAMA and she got herself a Kopi O Peng too. I ordered Milo Peng and hey, it only cost RM1.60 per glass !! So much cheaper compared to any kopitiam outside !!

Mum ordered Cantonese Mee @ RM3.50 each !! Cheap hor but the portion isn’t too big – Just nice for me and Mama and those who wanna control their meal. Oh.. Sis ordered SAMA !!

They’ve fastfood too, but since I’m a princess at home Mama prepares our dinner with few types of dishes everyday, I chose to eat Chicken Rice instead and that only cost me RM3.50 only.. with vege some more.. and their chili sauce is good too. Hehehe !! Just that I don’t really fancy chicken wing for steamed chicken rice.. it’s okay. I still love this plate of chicken rice

Since this place is nearer to my office, I would definitely go back to try their other dishes. Hehehe.. Pay them a visit if you’re nearby

  • Sin Tan

    that’s cheap… i shall try lunch there if i have the chance


    ahlost Reply:

    @sintan:disqus : come find me and Ming for lunch :P


    Eleven Reply:

    haha Rose! booked in advance!


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_NPvxRBZKPO:disqus : hahahaha.. yaya.. will apps u when we go there again :D

  • suituapui

    You see any of the top brass, you go and scold them for the recent statewide blackout and ask them to make sure it does not happen again! LOL!!!


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_F1wc19v35L:disqus : HAHAHAHA !!! cannot ler.. angmoh too cute to be scolded. >.< But i'm sure it won't happened again as I heard some companies are suing them for the blackout ..


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