24April 2013

Can’t help it.. she’s just too cute I’ve decided to post a pic of her >.< Kids with jackets look cuter right?? Bought this pinky jacket for her on her first birthday last year. She looks cute wearing it right?? >.<

That picture of little Joanna has got nothing to do with this food post. Just wanna show her cuteness to make this post not so boring. Been eating too much without workout recently O.o

Best Portuguese Egg Tarts @ RM4.80 but a little pricey O.o

Ice Longan Guilingao @ RM4.90 || Ice Jasmine Tea that comes with a set lunch.

Fried Rice with Olive and Chicken Cubes @ RM9.90

Chicken Tofu Claypot @ RM13.90

The service at Kimbay @ Hills, sometimes good, sometimes bad. Depends on the staffs’ mood. Been there many times. Sometimes you press the bell many many times, no respond from them. Asked for bill also need to wait si beh long. But at times, when they’re in good mood, you call them once, they’ll come to you with smiles. I guess, that’s human. Mood swings. Who doesn’t?

Anyways, I tapao this back for colleagues and myself.

Take away 6pcs of Portuguese Eggtarts @ RM13.50 || Can save RM0.90 if you compare 2pcs@RM4.80 x 3 = RM14.40

Wakakaka.. just to make myself feel better for saving some cents. :D

  • Sin

    the baby was not in kimbay…


    ahlost Reply:

    I’m assuming you did not read what I wrote =.=”


  • suituapui

    I super-love Portuguese egg tarts!!!! Yum! Yum!


    ahlost Reply:

    Me too.. I think Kimbay has the best Portuguese egg tarts so far in Kuching ❤


  • missy missy

    Egg tarts!!! I love egg tarts!


    ahlost Reply:

    [missy missy] You should try Kimbay’s.. really nice.. But I guess West Malaysia have more nicer ones :)


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