Korean Products Restaurant

Korean Products Restaurant

I’ve been curious about this Korean Products Restaurant at Premier 101 for sometimes. Then ahBurn had the cravings for Korean food there.. so we finally made our way there.

Their drinks menu is all in the fridge.

For guys >.<

Burn loves burning color.

Nostalgia Drink ??!! O.o
Shikhye – A traditional sweet Korean rice beverage, usually served as a dessert. I thought it was barley O.o

Best thing about Korean food. They serve side dishes. But bad thing is, they aren’t happy when we request for refills and even told us that the side dishes that we want are finished but we see them serve the same side dish to other tables :(

Tteok Bok Yi aka Spicy Rice Cake with Fishcakes @ RM22 per bowl.

Bibimbab – Rice topped with various cooked vegetables and served with red chili paste @ RM17 per bowl

ahBurn in action.

Feedback from Korean food lovers – Ordinary. They’ve tasted better one elsewhere.

Gyeran Malyi – Korean Rolled Omelette with Cheese @ RM11.00

The only yummy dish O.o

Sam Gyeop Sal or known as Grilled Thin Sliced Pork Belly

The menu says:-
S – RM20 (200g)
M – RM40 (300g)
L – RM70 (600g)
can order from M size.

By common sense, one would order 2 plates of S size (RM40 for 400g) or 3 plates of S size (RM60 for 600g) instead of order both M or L size of plates, correct?

We wanted to order S but they say only can order from M size. Then why in the first place you put size S for us to choose ler? :(

ahBurn felt weird cos we were only served this. I’ve never eaten something like this before so I’ve no idea what other side dishes they didn’t provide us.

To my horror, they only serve us the vege, garlic, chili and paste when we asked for it. THEY HAVE FORGOTTEN TO GIVE US even we sat so near the kitchen =.=”

Imagine if I’m going there with family and none of my family members know bout this and we will be eating just the pork belly without the vege, garlic, chili and sauce :(

Burn showing how to eat the right way.

Pack it the right way

and eat the right way.. hahaha.

like this also can. hahaha..

Sin also wanna show his expression 😀

Things we do when we are not given the side dishes. It is supposed to be free flow kinda side dishes, isn’t it? :(

Too much drama for a night at this Korean Products Restaurant. The staffs made two fire magic shows that evening.. and even when we have decided to make payment. The bill itself took us sometimes cos they charge us the wrong food, wrong drink and the taukeneo also got pissed off O.o

and Lesson Learnt: We paid more after being honest to them. Teacher cheat one. If we just made payment to them without checking, we actually underpaid them wor.. good thing for being honest, we no laosai 😀 😀

Burn and I.. and I’ve no idea why my pic is taken like that. Photographer’s problem =.=

Nicholas and Sin

and boys being boys.

See.. Different photographer, different kind of pics hor, Sin O.O

  • http://sinplays.blogspot.com Sin

    first class pricing
    second class environment
    third class food
    btw, i don’t see any difference between mine and yours (photo)


    ahlost Reply:

    wahahaha.. that’s the difference lor.. you don’t even notice the human is not ready O.o Or maybe i was ready but you too slow, hence the weird picha of me. O.o


  • http://sixthseal.com Huai Bin

    It looks like a nice place, sorry to hear about the dishonesty and reluctance about the refills!

    Banchan should always be unlimited – they’re like that in Korea (been there twice) and it’s also free. I don’t quite like most of it to be honest though. Haha!

    Digressing, that’s really bad service Rose, glad you mentioned it, would not ever go there even if I’m craving for Korean food.

    It sure looks like you all had fun though! :)


    ahlost Reply:

    [Huai Bin]
    Ya.. kinda disappointed when they din allow refills saying it’s out of stock and serve other tables. We only ask for once some more :(

    Eeeee.. i wanna go korea for korean food.. haha..

    and I won’t be going back there again.. but will be going to Koreana which is like few shoplots next to this one. Heard that one is pretty good :)


  • wombok

    Ei? is this the same as koreana? Or are there two korean restaurants nearby?


    ahlost Reply:

    haha.. there are two korean restaurants.. Koreana at one side and Korean Products at another shoplot.. this one used to sell korean products but now it’s a korean restaurant. Can be notice from main road, very bright lightings.


  • http://suituapui.wordpress.com suituapui

    We have a Korean fried chicken franchise here in Sibu – not bad, I would say. Better than the Colonel’s.


    ahlost Reply:

    Eeee.. must ask you the exact location when I go Sibu.