07August 2013

Recently, the gym that I go becomes the hot topic in town for its new born LesMills program called Grit™ Strength – 30 minutes High Intensity Interval Training.

It is so new that it gave me the feeling of going to gym more often to try the Grit classes. The feeling is back. The feeling of going back to gym is back. I once had this feeling when Level Up Fitness first arrived in town. Haha.

How people around the world love LesMills Grit Series.

and last Saturday & Sunday, Level Up Fitness launched their first Grit classes in Borneo.. and I went for the Sunday’s class and I almost puke out my Chong Choon Laksa and Teh C Peng that an hour before the class..

I kinda like this Small Group Training classes as focus will be on us by the instructors.

We will start together, torture ourselves together..

and push ourselves to challenge the devil in us who deny our abilities..

and also to make ourselves better, tougher and sexier after each Grit class.

and the happy faces after our crazy 30-minutes high intensity interval workout.

Us, with our G

and this is me after my 2nd Grit class. I just got my top from LesMillsClothing and couldn’t wait to wear them. Hahaha.

The 30-minutes Grit workout can make me sweat like I’ve completed a 3 hours workout. I’m going for more next week.. cos it’s days of the month this week. I am so unwilling to become worm, but I’ve got no choice. I mean it. Like, I haven’t got this feeling of going to gym for a long time. Now Grit makes me alive.

  • Eleven

    Wah!!! You so geng ahh, so tiny yet carry 10kg! Good to hear that you like GRIT see you in one of the classes. :D


    ahlost Reply:

    Wahahaha. Not bad ah my photography skill. Nolar. I only took 3.5kg each. That 5kg for squat track geh. Hehehe.


  • suituapui

    No, thanks. Give me all the unclean stuff, let me enjoy… Nom.,..nom…nom!!! LOL!!!


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_F1wc19v35L:disqus : hahahaha.. most of the time i would prefer to eat unclean food too :x


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