12January 2013

I was supposed to blog about this relaunch much earlier but but it’s just not the right timing to do so and everytime I go home, I just feel like worming on bed Ok.. fine.. I am lazy !!

Ok.. to cut the lazy story short, I was busy with work since I came back from KL. No time for gym. Only have time for food and sleep. Been missing from everyone, everywhere. So, last Sunday, I took my worm time to go to Plaza Merdeka for Level Up Fitness’ Q4 Relaunch.

From Basement 1 to Ground Floor escalator, I heard familiar voice. It was Babara >.<

I was late for the relaunch of Body Attack and I think they were almost done with the new release 79 O.o

It was yellow, blue and black day. hahaha.. so many wearing almost the same colors.

Sharon can really jump up high !!

Foh En taking over the mic

and punch in the air. Woohoo..

Slow down..

and look at how cute our Body Attack Instructors, especially Foh En, who is camera alert O.o

Smiles on the instructors faces :)

*Commercial break*

Continue kicking

The happy Yee Hun

Crunch your absssss !!

Plank for beautiful abs :)

If BA instructors can do it.. You can do it too ;)


and that was the end of Body Attack Relaunch at Plaza Merdeka.

Ming on the huge screen at Plaza Merdeka >.<

I, with Orly

Run with Orly


Ian and Sharon and everyone loves Orly >.<

  • Sin

    Sharon really can jump high!!! @@


    ahlost Reply:

    Yupz.. she’s superwoman.. haha..


  • suituapui

    Imagine me on the stage! Muahahahaha!!!! Once I get down, cannot get up liao lor! :D


    ahlost Reply:

    If you’re on the stage.. i’m sure you’re an inspiration to many people. :)


  • AngelKein

    wow they’re so brave to work out in public hhaaha.


    ahlost Reply:

    I used to do it too.. just that this year.. wrong timing.. couldn’t join the rest :D


  • willie

    Hahah! Other than food, you really blog about Level Up Fitness. I bet you are part of the team right? No wonder so slim ma….


    ahlost Reply:

    hahahaha.. Kuching has nothing much to do ma.. Eat, eat, eat, eat.. hahaha.. and workout :P
    Member is counted as part of the team too i supposed? :)


  • annna

    waaaa.. brings back the memories~~


    ahlost Reply:

    teeheehee.. anoh.. we were the earlier batch :)


  • missyblurkit

    Looks fun…but I doubt that I will have the guts to do it in public…as in so public beyond the usual classmates:P

    Gong Hei Fatt Choy!


    ahlost Reply:

    hahahaha.. anoh anoh.. but when do it together with friends.. still ok lar.. just imagine there’s no public watching :D :D

    Gong hei fatt choy.. it’s never too late right ? :D :D


  • Tim

    fast fast update your blog liao lazy worm!


    ahlost Reply:

    updated lu.. :)


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