06July 2013

It is the time of the month again. This is my 3rd out of 6 months subscriptions.

The same packaging, which I’m not surprised anymore. Haha. I thought they’ve different color boxes this time cos I think I saw black and white box in instagram. Maybe they did some filter to it. But I’m glad it’s the same box, or else I’ll be very sad cos this month, Mr Poslaju is not gentle. My box :cry: Anyways, these boxes are beautiful, I don’t mind to have more of them though now I’ve 3 same pattern Mivva Box in my room. :lol:

Let’s see what sweet love messages I got from them this time.

Huhu. Same personalized message with June’s. But it’s okay. Who doesn’t want a beautiful month, right?

Now, first glance for products in the box – Not bad. At least not all of them are small sample packages.

#1: Re-Gen Oil specially formulated for Stretch Marks, Scars, Dry Skin and Blemished Skin. Mivva, how you know I’ve scars and dry skin?

#2: BeautyMate Purifying and Hydrating Nano Toner. This bottle of toner is formulated with natural mineral of Hydrolyzed Pearl which can brighten up my skin tone and balance my pH value and at the same time makes my skin soft and smooth. Say real real? Mivva, I’m falling in love with you already. Hahaha !!

Eh wait !! I think I’ve seen this bottle somewhere before !!! OMG !! I just got this bottle two weeks ago. Birthday present from Rachel !! It’s ok.. it’s okay.. Now that I’ve another bottle I can give it to sista. Hehehe.

#3: Unico Eye Lip Enriched Cream worth RM98.80 for 15ml . Sis just mentioned few days ago that I must have eye cream instead of using toner and moisturizer only. Hohoho. Now that I’ve one from Mivva, I don’t need to buy one anymore.

4: Danahan Intensive Moisturizing Skin Toner & Emulsion Sample Set. Sadly, when I opened up the packaging, the two bottles are both wet. :cry:

#5: Elianto Ardour Shadow worth RM8 for 2g and I was given Venus Brown. Need to go YouTube to find how to apply eyeshadow

#6: So, this is for me to use to attain baby-like skin?

Say real real?

Okay. I’m going to give it a try.

  • Sin Tan

    that ardour looked like chocolate…


    ahlost Reply:

    @sintan:disqus : you want some? :D


  • willie Est

    Wa…so hard to comment here with all this Disquss thing…hard to log in. Huhu! But anyway, no wonder you look prettier.


    ahlost Reply:

    @willieest:disqus : register once and the next time you just need to login. Changed to disqus comment form cos too many spams on normal wordpress comment … This one is really good :)

    thanks for the compliments wor… though I don’t think I look any prettier.. hahaha..


  • Woon Yien

    how to get those? need to buy or jus subscript or how? teach meee!


    ahlost Reply:

    @woonyien:disqus: need to subscribe one.. just click on the link above to subscribe and pay and wait for your beautybox to arrive every early of the month :)


    Woon Yien Reply:

    Ohhhh! how muchie?? wonder box u prefer right???


    ahlost Reply:

    @woonyien:disqus : I think RM38 per beautybox if I’m not mistaken. Jacq prefers Wonder Box.. I didn’t subscribe for that. Will see how after my Mivva subscription finishes :)

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