Quarantine in Taiwan

Quarantine in Taiwan

and so, after the first day in Taiwan, I was sort of being quarantined in Taiwan for few days. I basically did nothing !! Nothing at all except.. taking pics of my round-er face behind the garden at Queena Plaza Hotel.

Taiwanese people told us Queena Plaza Hotel has very beautiful fountain behind their restaurant and so we were taken to have a look at it.. Hmm… I would say, ours are so much more better than theirs O.o

Lookalike or not?

Filter my workaholic cousin Victor and Papa in the pic, that’s the beautiful scenery that they mentioned.

Oh another thing to take note when you’re in Taiwan and if you’re a banana like me, please please please ask the name of the hotel in Chinese because out of 10000 people in Taiwan, none of them know where your hotel is if you tell them in English. So, probably out of 20000 people, only one knows where is Queena Plaza Hotel. Dafuq.

We were then entertained by Ton Yi Industrial Corp. friendly and very polite Taiwanese people. They introduced their company, showed us what they have done from the beginning and what they are currently doing. They didn’t stay in the same industries and yet they’re very successful today. We are still very far behind if we want to be like them. If you get what I mean. Anyways, we were then treated a very delicious set of japanese lunch before they sent us off to hospital. They even bowed when we were leaving.

and so, the main reason for going to Taiwan is to visit their Chi Mei Medical Center for body check up. I never knew Taiwan has good medical equipments and more advance surgery systems and their medical team is considered one of the best among countries in the world. Some of the uncles and aunties did their “operations” here and are very satisfied with the results and hence, our trip to Taiwan for the medical.

I’ve difficulty calling my own Taiwan number. Thanks to Gladys for the help that I managed to use Papa’s phone to call my Taiwan number as my phone has no roaming. Ooi Celcom, why you no give me roaming?

and since we were there already, uncles and aunties decided to visit their night market. My first time at Taiwan night market after watching lots of Taiwanese programs on TV.

Happy parents.

Okay. It’s such a disadvantage if you’re a banana in Taiwan. I wanted to eat so many things but I can’t read what they’re selling.

Fine. I know how to read this !! Hohoho. The smelly tofu.

I don’t know how authentic is this smelly tofu, but I don’t think it is that smelly to me pun. Like I’ve seen in drama series or some taiwan shoes, they couldn’t stand the smell. I tried the one in China too. Smell okay to me wor. It didn’t have that smelly till wanna puke smell pun.

Mama and the smelly tofu.

and finally, we took a taxi back to hotel and called it a night. That’s how I spent my 2nd day in Taiwan. See, told ya I did nothing much.

So, on my 3rd day in Taiwan, it was my 2nd day back to Chi Mei Medical Center, out of 8 people going there together, I was the only one who is not doing any medical checkup.. and so.. I felt myself being quarantined because..

Yes. That’s my room for 2 days while waiting for them to do their full medical check up with the package they’ve chosen.

Luckily I didn’t bring any Taiwan handsome guy to this room, they’ve CCTV in the room. I only realized it after one morning in the room. I learnt that the reason they have CCTV in the room is because normally visitors like us will put their belongings in the room and normally, no one will be in the room like me for one whole day. In case anything missing in the room, they can check it out. Acceptable explanation.

I was too hungry after I hide in the room for one whole day, I went out of the hospital to find food. Unfortunately, all the food menu nearby written in Chinese characters. Too syiok.. I went to many other nearby coffee shops, some of them were closing cos it was already 2 in the afternoon. I ended up at 7-11 with some grab to go food. The buns.

Make sure you google what you want to buy in Chinese before you head over to the shop asking them in English of what you want because like I said earlier on, only a minority of them will understand. I wanted to buy a hair conditioner and it took me a while to explain to them what I want and I still couldn’t get the right thing, but similar thing. I mean, I want a hair conditioner and I ended up getting myself a leave on conditioner. I just bought it because I do not know what is it called. Stupid enough, I should’ve google translate it. Ngong !!

and the friendly medical team gave me a pineapple tart because they finally realized there’s someone in the room who almost starve to death. Very nice pineapple tart I wish to eat more.

A group photo after their 2nd day of checkup.

Due to all of them need to fast and they even need to do drink some detox medicine for the next day check up, I …. don’t mind eating beef noodles again. Hahaha !!

View from my room at 15th floor.

Camwhore with my bed-buddy before sleep.

*Day 4 in Taiwan, Day 3 in Chi Mei Medical Center*

Woke up early in the morning to check out Queena Plaza Hotel.

Since all my travelmates could not eat anything yet, so I grabbed a quick breakie at their restaurant and we left to Chi Mei Medical Center.

While they did their medical checkup, I slept in the room until I was woke up by Papa when it was time for them to eat after all the checkups. I had a bit here and there from parents set of meal and relatives gave us more of their dishes. I’m such a lucky girl. Spent nothing on food that day. HAHAHA !!

It was time to say goodbye to the medical team and from Tainan, we head over to Kaohsiung by bus.

Mini bus ride with my little ant.

*bonding time*

View from the hotel I stayed in Kaohsiung.

and because I’ve been quarantined for few days, I couldn’t take it anymore. I told parents I want to go down to have a walk. I need to spend money. I need to see what Taiwan is like. Haha. I guess they were more tired than I was.. but parents being parents. They accompany me downstairs to see what’s around there and I got myself a pair of so-horny Saucony shoes. Hohoho.

Evening view when we got back to our hotel before we were treated another round of dinner.

To Mei Nung Hakka Restaurant we went.. and Taiwan businessmen are all very polite. They ensure we eat the best food and they will ensure that we have more than enough to eat.

Taking a sip of their liquor and got nagged for the rest of the trip and called it a night.

**More food and drinks and places next. Hohoho.**

  • Poh Huai Bin

    I’m loving your trip reports, keep em coming Rose! :)

    The photos with stuff looks interesting, I can’t read them too but I know China has a lot of weird packaged food they eat as snacks e.g. chicken feet, pig liver etc, packaged nicely individually. That reminds me of it.

    I really thought you kena quarantine for H10N8. -_-

    Hey, did you have to pay for the room or was it included in the package?


    ahlost Reply:

    @pohhuaibin:disqus : Good morning HB. :)

    China really has lots of weird food in nice packaging.. I bought some because the packaging is nice. The food tasted good too. >.<

    Wahahaha.. similar to being quarantined cos didn't even go around to walk.

    The room in Chi Mei Medical Center is included in the package. For the patients to rest after their scanning sessions and to put their belongings. Cannot do anything else in there cos there's CCTV. HAHAHA !!


  • http://constance-ant.com/ Constance Ant

    my family plan to have a trip to taiwan next year.. still contemplating to visit in March/April or October.. hmmm


    ahlost Reply:

    @annant:disqus : Woooahhh… I wanna revisit Taiwan too. Haven’t been to many places cos this trip was just to accompany parents and relatives for medical check ups. Go around April should be nice I guess. :)


  • suituapui

    Smelly tofu nice or not? Never tried…


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_F1wc19v35L:disqus : not bad wor.. It’s just like fried tofu with sambal belachan. HAHAHA.. I tried the one in China too. Ok wo the smell.. to me la.. but others who walked pass covered their nose >.<


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