Rilakkuma Killer At Sakae Sushi

Rilakkuma Killer At Sakae Sushi

When Sakae Sushi touched down at The Spring Kuching, the place was fully packed !! So packed that people queue to wait for food. I’ve been there once with a bunch of monkeys and the gathering was full of laughters and the moment Kenneth and HL “argue” in front of public was priceless. It has been a while since I went to Sakae Sushi at the Spring. This time AhCute suggested we go there for lunch. Our normal drinks would be Ocha. In Sakae Sushi, it’s called Genmaicha.

Self service hot water tap.

New Menu Treat at Sakae Sushi – one plate of dish only at RM1.00

Ocean Idako @ RM1.00 only. Of course there are terms and conditions apply for this New Menu Treat. Minimum spending of RM30.00 in order to enjoy this plate at RM1.00 .. The waiter did not mention this when they intro to you but I guess for two pax, minimum spending would be averagely RM20 per person ba.

The difference between food served and food printed on menu

5 pieces super thin sashimi

Yakiniku Ramen @ RM18.90++

AhCute placed an order for Matcha Ice Cream @ RM6.90++ at the same time he placed order for Ramen and ended up both came together. =.=” He was thinking that the ice cream will be served after he completed his lunch. Hello AhCute.. Wakey wakey !! Machine not that smart yet to detect you if you’ve completed your meal.. so next time be smarter ok?


AhCute was being adventurous that afternoon. He ordered something cuter than him – The Sleeping Kuma @ RM8.99++

But the Rilakkuma in the menu is cuter and happier. The one served to us looked sad.

Rilakkuma Killer !!

Total damage after all the ++ amounted RM56.50 .. If you’re member of Sakae Sushi, you can enjoy two plates of RM1 New Menu Treat and you also can collect points to be discounted in your next total bill.

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    oh poor rilakkuma :(


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    Wah!!! So cheap. I had Japanese for lunch too today…but the post would not be so soon – lots of scheduled posts waiting in line.