Salmon Feast at Sanga Japanese Restaurant

Salmon Feast at Sanga Japanese Restaurant

The salmon feast at Sanga Japanese Restaurant was supposed to be either Kenneth or us, going to pay as we were betting earlier. It was supposed to be at Minoru, but we decided to make it at Sanga because it will be more worth it for the amount that we are paying.

The bet started when Kenneth told us he wanted to quit smoking and of course, as his friends, we are happy for him. But Ivan suggested that we do a bet (just to make sure he really quit smoking). He agreed and we agreed. But after the duration of one month that we agreed on, he failed and that is according to himself and his wifey when we were out for yamcha session a week before this feast.

It was Holy Saturday. Kenneth and wifey couldn’t make it as they have family gathering.

But we still need to go on as planned. Hui Ling has ordered salmon from fishmonger a week earlier.. and we collected our 4.4kg of salmon at Pending and sent over to Sanga Restaurant a day before our feast to avoid being charged additional RM20.

The happy monkeys at Sanga.. waiting to feast !!

The early birds. Ryan was the earliest to arrive.. but he had some food before going over. Smart choice because…..

Wege that took them forever to serve. I think it is something wrong with our table’s fengshui.

Monkeys looking at elegant picha taken by Elegant Cat !!

That said, when Wendy arrived, Sake arrived too. HAHAHAHA !!

You see.. she just can’t wait to pour the sake into her tiny glass that has shoyu stain on it and when asked the waiter to change, they show you what charcoal color is >.<

After we finally got our glasses filled up, we KANPAI !!

Monkey faces after waiting for more than half an hour when we asked them to serve our food.

.gif expressions >.<

and we finally gave up waiting because the people who arrived so much later than us were already enjoying themselves half way. So, we decided to ask the waiter.. and to our surprise, all they have to do, is just to take out this.. from their fridge =.=” and they never bother to serve us… and Sin was so pissed and BAAAAAAANGG on the table =.=” and we got attention from everyone in the house =.=”

and I think they got frighten they serve this to us.. and I wonder if they were thinking.. bang table? so want to eat har? #eatdieyou la. (omg)

Scare you meh? We’ve one HUGE EATER !! Ivan, the Elegant Cat *noming* his Salmon Fried Rice 😀

Salmon Head

Salmon Skin that finished in minutes.

The supposedly to be surprise elegant fish cake for the Elegant Cat, but I think I somehow ruined the plan because I .. I … accidentally mentioned cake while we were waiting for our salmon to be served !! DAng !!! I’m sorry Monkeys.. I really didn’t mean it. I was.. erm.. ya.. Sorry.. hahaha..

They look alike, don’t they? Same color kok O.o

Too touched.. because he has never seen an elegant fish all his life !! HAHAHAHAHA !!!

Nolar.. He was just being naughty and got teased !!

Blowjob candle after making his wishes that he said he made but we didn’t realise cos it was just too fast and I really wondered if he made one. Hmm..

It’s time to say goodbye to elegant fish >.<

The monkeys with the elegant cat and elegant fish cake. Kenneth, we wish you were there with us. :)

We will remember you fishie :)

and our next round was at Shore, with Ryan leading us singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY song to Ivan, few times. HAHAHAHA !!!

Shore was too dark for my camera so, no picha of us crazying. 😛 and thank you guys for the great evening :)

  • tiffany

    Wow… which fishmonger did your friend order the salmon from??


    ahlost Reply:

    I’m not so sure.. but if you’re familiar with Pending and the place that sells fish, I’m sure you can get salmon there. :)


  • sin

    Hulk hungry hulk smash table !


    ahlost Reply:

    Meaning to say you’re hulk?? (omg)


  • Eleven

    That is a lot of SALMON!!! <3!!! *jaw drops*
    btw, why is ivan nickname elegant cat har?


    ahlost Reply:

    A lot hor.. But I’m not sick of salmon when I see this pic.. feels like eating it again !! Why is his nick elegant cat ah? Erm erm.. I don’t know remember how it started but he enjoys people calling him Elegant Cat though.. HAHAHAHA..