Samsung Galaxy S4 – Your Life Companion

I’ve heard about Samsung Galaxy S4 before it was launched in Malaysia, until the S4 is finally launched after HTC One announced and launched it a day earlier, to finally get to grab S4 – The Life Companion in my hand !! Hohoho.. :D (but HTC One is still no where to be seen :( )

We don’t have grand launching in Kuching like what they had over in West Malaysia. Not fair right? But that’s life. Life is always unfair. It depends on how you look at it though. Be optimistic and you’ll be happier :)

Unboxing Samsung Galaxy S4, very woody feel – Cable and handsfree :)

Even the booklets in the box look very woody.

and this time, DiGi only have Samsung S4 Frosty White Frost which I think it is much nicer than the black one lor .. Lalalala..

Original from Samsung Malaysia Electronics (SME) Sdn Bhd

Sister is now as happy as the girl in the S4 wallpaper.

But I think I’m happier than her.. cos I can play with her S4 front camera from now on. HAHAHA !!

and sorry Ryan, Celcom line will continue to be very poor because this S4 under DiGi package doesn’t belong to me .. HAHAHA !!

  • suituapui

    Celcom connection there poor too? Hopeless here. Ok in the morning, slow in the afternoon…totally dead by nightfall. So fed up!!!!!


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_F1wc19v35L:disqus : yupz.. Celcom line has been poor and I don’t know how Celcom calculate until my 5gb will reach its quota in the middle of the month. I don’t go streaming or youtubing..

    I thought Sibu is Celcom territory? I remember I got fed up in Sibu when I was a DiGi user. O.o


  • HenRy Lee

    I always want one but I’m eyeing on HTC One! :P


    ahlost Reply:

    @CleverMunkey:disqus : hehehe.. i just got my HTC One :P finally it reaches Kuching after so loooooongg.. >.<


  • Lim

    someone selling s4 in kch ? price ?


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_92Y4JfAjsu:disqus : i think you can get S4 in any shop in Kuching. They should’ve stock by now :)


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