25March 2013

I heard a lot about Lazada Malaysia before. I visited their website once in a while and finally I made a purchase with them last Monday because I saw an attractive offer by Lazada on facebook.

It was MasterCard Monday by Lazada, where you can get 10% off all items in a single receipt if you purchase on Monday.

This is a clearer picture by Lazada on their facebook that they posted on 18th March 2013. I couldn’t believe this offer, so I sent them a ticket at their page, but there was no immediate reply, so I gave them a call that evening.. and the staff confirmed that there is such promotion and all I have to do is to key in my MasterCard number and automatically I’m entitled to the discount of 10%. I triple confirm it by asking if I were to purchase a phone of RM2000, will I be entitled the 10% discount.. and the staff said yes.

So, that evening, after confirmation of everything, I made my purchase of one unit of Sony Xperia Z 16gb Black which was initially RM2,199.00 minus 10% MasterCard discount minus RM10.00 joining discount voucher by Lazada and so the final amount was RM1970.10

This is how it showed at Lazada page. I did not printscreen it because I never thought I will never get my item !!

Sony Xperia Z ……………. RM2,199.00
(-) Lazada Voucher ……. (RM 10.00)
(-) MasterCard Rebate . (RM 218.90)
Paid by MasterCard ….. RM1,970.10

So, that evening, I went Sony Centre at The Spring to check out on their Sony Xperia Z and to my surprise, they are selling at RM2,099.00 after discount. WTF.. but still I was happy because I bought mine at RM1,970.10 .. I saved RM128.90 if compared to Sony Centre at The Spring.

I waited happily for my purchase. It stated there 4-6days for delivery of the phone. Just wait for a week and I can get a unit that save me about RM228.90 ler.. kakakaka.. happydaoooo..

I checked on their website, everyday, few hours once, just to see if there’s any status update on this purchase. No update from Lazada since I place my order on Monday. So, on the 4th day, I decided to submit ticket to them. No reply. I emailed them. No reply.

but I got a message from them asking for credit card for validation.. then my item will be shipped. Immediately after I got this message, I snapped a pic of my credit card and emailed them.. thinking that my item was all ready and they only need this credit card picture for validation before they can send my item.

and another email.

They updated my order after I emailed my credit card picture. But I was curious why their process from Step #2 to #1 and to #2 again.

So I emailed them to confirm if I will get my item by Saturday – the 6th day since I place my order. No reply from them.

and so I made my enquiry in Lazada facebook page instead because I think if make it publicly, maybe I will get reply faster than to PM them and I never get any reply. My message to them at 10am at the same page: Please help to check on my order can? My order number: 200523652. No reply from your side since I made the purchase on Monday and today is Friday already. I’ve submitted tickets and emails. Can I know the status of my purchase? Please??
Friday at 10:12am · Like

No reply till noon. So, I made a call to them that noon time – the 5th day after I place my order. Their staff Amy, told me I need to wait for my item. When I asked when can I get my item, if I could get my item by this Saturday, which is also the 6th day since I place my order, she said NO. Fuuyooo.. Immediately I felt cheated. So, I politely asked her when can I get my item, she then reply next week. When I asked again, which day of next week. She said she is not sure when. But will definitely send to me ASAP when the item is available. WTF !! ASAP is when ler? Your website said 4-6day. I waited till the 4th day I tried to contact you but you never reply. Now said ASAP ?? Will you be mad if you were me? RM2000 transaction ler. You think RM2 meh??

They replied my facebook comment on their page and finally I got a call from them, telling me that my item is out of stock !! OUT OF STOCK??!!! Or you don’t wanna sell to me thinking that my transaction is not a good deal for you because I have RM200+ rebate that you offered? and so.. I was given two options –
1) They refund to my credit card or
2) I get a Store Credit

If you were me, which one will you choose??!! and so I commented on their facebook.. and I printscreen it not long ago.

and this is my argument with them because they accused of giving me the replacement item that I don’t know what they mean? Replacement item of Sony Xperia Z? Or replacement item of Store Credit of RM1970.10 ??? Read their comment and I really felt my blood is boiling !!

and correct me if I’m wrong. I seriously think they don’t wanna sell me the item lor. See what I see in their facebook today?

Rebates up to RM80 if you purchase more than RM500. Tell me I think too much? Tell me they really don’t have the stock !! Tell me I never make purchase with LAZADA that ruined my weekend.

Shopping at LAZADA MALAYSIA is really a waste of time and money. What’s worse is that I only can get my refund in 10 working days. Not Lazada’s problem. It’s bank’s problem, says LAZADA. FML.

Why has online shopping been very insecure nowadays? It was so trustworthy and fun back then. :(

  • wombok

    I feel for you Rose. I totally agree with you on the amount of the transaction.. RM2k wei.. not RM2.00. Somemore.. if there is no stock.. how can the order even be processed in the first place. Someone is gonna have to do alot of explaining.

    I have been tempted to shop from them before as well, but judging from your experience, I probably won’t.


    ahlost Reply:

    Instead of explaining, they accused me of rejecting the offer that they gave me. wth.. worse, they did not sincerely apologize for item being out of stock. I seriously felt cheated here. what’s worst is that Sony at The Spring has no stock and no more offer of RM2099 on friday. thanks to Lazada.


  • sycookies

    Wow, that was quite some frustration. Thanks for sharing this , and yes, I won’t be buying anything from them. Yours isn’t the first that I have come across. I’ve read quite a bit about things that happened with them.


    ahlost Reply:

    I read good comments at their page most of the time. I only notice they actually deleted most of the bad comments. :( this is really a bad online shopping experience. :(


  • Lionel

    Hmm… to be frank with you, even we at Sony Centre (I’m a salesperson there, the one at Boulevard) are having stock shortages.

    Anyway, good price there but that’s the hassle of online shopping nowadays.

    p.s: I never tried shopping with LAZADA before, so thanks for the sharing. Now, I know.


    ahlost Reply:

    You are working with Sony Centre at Boulevard? The Fuho? Why I didn’t see you on Friday?? I was there twice. One in the afternoon and one in the evening after I was forced to cancel the transaction at Lazada. Bought one white Sony Xperia Z from Sony at Boulevard Shopping Centre at RM2199.. thanks to Lazada once again for the cheat discount on their page. :(

    I know Sony is out of stock. I’ve been to many places to ask for Sony Xperia Z and I know much bout the stock availability in Kuching. If it is not because of Lazada’s 10% MasterCard discount, I would have bought at RM2099. Now no stock from Lazada, no stock from Sony the Spring, need to wait 10 freaking working days for Lazada to return me back the money. You say la if i’m a happy online shopper or not? :(


  • Sin

    a merchant who do not honor the deal…hmmm…..


    ahlost Reply:

    You try to shop with them to see if they honor yours or not lor.. huhuhu..


  • user

    drama not complete yet

    check your credit card statement. lazada malaysia uses a german credit card gateway. it will show up as “lazada berlin” in the statement with extra currency charges. then when you get the refund, extra fees charged again.

    you did not get all your money back


    ahlost Reply:

    I’m quite fortunate to get back the full amount after checking on my credit card statement that i just got it yesterday. PTL.


  • Murphy Yang

    Hi Rose,

    I can understand your disappointment with Lazada. Your blood must be boiling each time you talk to them. I had a similar situation with them previously. When I got some discount code last time, I placed order for some items which include a 16Gb thumbdrive. Rest of the items were delivered except for the thumbdrive. They dragged for so long and each time I called them, they said out of stock. I told them the 16Gb thumbdrive is such a common product how can it be out of stock. They could have just walked to any IT store to pick one up (if they want to satisfy their customer but they dont). They said they can refund me or give me a store credit but I refused as I will lose the discount value that I’ve used. I insisted them to get one for me no matter what. I even asked for a replacement model (different brand) but they refused to as the cost is higher. After scolding many of their Customer Service, they finally agreed to provide a 16Gb of different brand to me.

    I think Lazada try to come out with various attractions but the forgot the impact of their actions. Like the discount code that they have provided (it was like a 20% discount), I could use it more than once & even shared with friends (they even dared to say I abuse the code – where was it written that it cannot be used more than once?). And wth the Mastercard Monday, 10% off for fixed cost items like Apple Products is quite hefty (or even yr Experia Z), that’s why they capped it at RM80 now.
    If I were you, I would have stuck with your purchase and pursue them for the product. Harras them, comment on their FB, threaten them that you will go to Consumer Tribunal, etc. You had a valid purchase that they chosed not to fulfill.
    Anyway, I still buy from Lazada from time to time when I could get good offer or during promo. I know my Consumer’s right, and if they dare to pull a fast one on me, I will give them HELL again ! Haha..

    Happy Shopping :)



    ahlost Reply:

    [Murphy Yang] I’m sorry to hear about your experience. I’m kinda impatient when it comes to online purchase. Reason is, I’ve been conned before at for more than RM1500 by this blardy conman Cheong Chan Wah. So I get very mad when my purchase didn’t get any feedback from seller. i “unlike” Lazada page after I finally got my refund. I unsubscribed their email too but somehow this Amy from Lazada kept on emailing me their promo, I reported spam. Haha.. I had enough of them. They never sincerely apologized. But I’m glad I printscreen things they wrote to me. Because of them, I missed out the promo by local Sony. I would rather buy something with a bit more expensive price than to get conned again :(

    thank you for sharing your experience.. and yes, I tried to tell them I can wait but they said, tidak tau bila ada stock wor.. and offer me noob store credit which i’m not even interested. haha..


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  • plops

    I have similar problems. I am lodging a complain with the consumer tribunal for false advertising & MCMC for the same. :@ Pretty angry & frustrated


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_mxN7uqe3Fq:disqus : i totally remove them from facebook but i still see them advertising all those promotions. I hope they will improve one day.. and do let me know the outcome.. if consumer tribunal works.. i know who to refer to next time.


  • Guest

    This happened to me too. I bought a red Note3 from them a few months ago and I waited 4-6 days for my item. And so when I didn’t receive my item, I called them to ask for the status. They said that it’s being shipped. So I waited another 2-3 days and I called them again. This time they told me it’s OUT OF STOCK. I picked another colour then, that’s gold white. Again that item is out of stock. THEIR CUSTOMER SEE BITE HAVE PLENTY OF BULLSHITS TO TELL YOU. My sister purposely called them and pretend to ordered a red note 3 and they said yes, they confirm they have stock. I asked my brother then to call them on the same day to ask for the red note 3 and they said no, no more stock. THEY KEEP CHANGE their story and so I cancelled my order and demand for a refund. LAZADA IS A SCAM. I spread my shopping experiences with lazada with everyone I know and warned them not to buy anything from them, NO MATTER HOW GOOD THEIR OFFER IS. THEY ARE SO UNPROFESSIONAL AND THEIR SYSTEM IS IN A BLOODY MESS.


    ahlost Reply:

    I understand your frustration and i am sorry besides me, after such a long time, there are still people getting such nonsense from them :(


  • disqus_4PQzt6Yj2p

    I too have a pretty had experience with Lazada. A few months ago, I decided to buy a red Note3 from them because they sell cheaper that is 1800. So I thought it was a good offer. I waited for 4-6 working days and still no package. I called them for my delivery status and they told me it’s being shipped. So I waited another 2-3 days then and still no package. So I called them and they told me out of stock. IF OUT OF STOCK HOW THE HECK THEY CAN SAY IT’S BEING SHIPPED. So I decided to pick another colour from them then that is gold white. I have no idea then what made me to do this but I asked my sister to call them from her phone and purchase a red Note3 and let’s see what they say. On the same day then at almost the same time my sister called lazada to place a red note3 order. Know what they say ? My sister asked them to confirm everything because it was so unbelievable that they said they have STOCK. THEY FUCKING HAVE STOCK AND THEY TOLD ME A FEW MINUTES AGO THEY DIDNT HAVE STOCK. WHAT TOTAL BULLSHIT IS THAT. When my brother called they said they have the stock too. URGH. And so I didn’t got my gold white either and I decided to asked for a refund. I was very rude to them. I even question them why their customer service system got so many bullshit to tell me and they hang up on me. THATS IT. THEY SUCKS. I told everyone i know not to buy anything from them. They are all liars. Don’t believe their offers.


    ahlost Reply:

    I told everyone the same thing too.. but some of them had pretty good experience from Lazada though. I guess it’s their sale tactics :(


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