07January 2014

I thought I have many things to upload for my Taiwan Trip. Little did I realize that I accidentally deleted many of my photos before they successfully uploaded to my dropbox. :(

Continued from the previous post, we left Kaohsiung via cute train.

I might be childish, but look at Dato’ Peter !! HAHAHA !!

So, ticket train from Zuoying to Taoyuen was bought @ NT$1455 and it only took 1 hour 38 minutes to reach. You can sleep comfortably in the train.

Ok. I thought I can sleep, but I was wrong. This Taiwan lady was so rude when she was trying to enter the window seat next to me. =.=”

Say Excuse Me and you’ll be excused !!

and after we did check in and rest a while.. all of us went to another night market nearby our hotel.

We had fish soup @ NT$70

Noodles @ NT$40

Corn @ NT80.. Later then we found out that we were conned. Another side of the night market sold the same corn – 3 for NT$50 :(

and so.. many photos were gone (forever) due to my carelessness :(

So, off to airport we went the next morning.

With Business Class boarding passes, we were entitled to enjoy China Airlines Lounge because Malaysia Airlines has no lounge in Taiwan. Woohoo. We had beef noodles (finally).

China Airlines Lounge has more beautiful and delicious breads and jams to choose from. I had 6 pieces !! O.o

Self made Latte from the Coffee Machine.

and there were many many more food and drinks to taste and you can even take a can or two of their canned drinks back if you like them. I took packets of Apple Cider back home. Hohoho. 2 packets only la.

To our disappointment, we were boarded to Malaysia Airlines old plane. :(

My all time favourite – Guava Juice. I think they only provide to Business class people lor. Economy class passengers only have the option of Orange or Apple Juice. :(

Once again, hot towel will be provided when you were boarded. You won’t be asked to switch off your gadgets. Hoooorrr !!! See.. Business Class passengers have the privilege once again.

You can even order teh tarik from the menu given to you.

While Economy Class Passengers only have buns, Business Class Passengers can opt for soft buns or Croissant. Not only that, look at this plate that was served to me. I even have Yogurts and food served in glass plates instead of plates using Kitchen Foil. Steel utensils vs Plastic utensils. I’m not showing off. I’m just doing a comparison. But one bad thing about Business class, they normally have 4 rows of Business class. I chose the last row and I do not have choices for the food. So, if you’re on Business Class, remember to choose the front rows.

We landed in KK and thank to the good Samaritans once again, we were treated KK best food and drinks.

Kah Hiong Ngiu Chap.

We were then brought to Sutera Harbour Marina Club for a visit since one of the bosses is the member of this club.

Can see many angmohs swimming in the pool.

and again, I lost many of the photos taken at Sutera Harbour with its facilities. They even have Bowling Centre in the club. Dafuq. So, I shall end my post with a pic of me and my Momma.

The pic of me and Papa was no where to be found in the album anymore. Huuuuu :(

*Coming up next: The Day Before I Was Proposed*

  • Constance Ant

    i almost never delete photos and that explains why my hardisks burst alll the time! and then now i learn the art of deleting. laoya quality ones have to GOOOO!

    wah i wanna read your proposal story :D


    ahlost Reply:

    @annant:disqus : I used to never delete my photos too… and only this time when I thought dropbox is everything .. mana tau too rush to delete the photos :(

    drafting drafting the post d.. so busy with work since took leave for so many days O.o


  • Woon Yien

    I m like waiting for your next post!!! when r u going to post… when?? when?? when???? whennn??? kekekekke.. *ready popcorn*


    ahlost Reply:

    @woonyien:disqus : drafting after reply all the commentsssss.. hahaha..


    Woon Yien Reply:

    *counting mushroon*


    ahlost Reply:

    @woonyien:disqus : I know you lost count d >.<


    your dad is funny… haha :D


    ahlost Reply:

    @carreviewsncarecom:disqus : You mean the 2nd pic? He’s my uncle.. hehehe..

    [Reply] Reply:

    yaya, the 2nd photo… haha

    ops, then your uncle is so funny… haha


    ahlost Reply:

    @carreviewsncarecom:disqus : hahaha.. yes.. he is indeed a very funny guy. Never seen this side of him :P

  • Woon Yien

    Why u no update T.T


    ahlost Reply:

    @woonyien:disqus : Photoshop lor… huhuhuhu..


  • Woon Yien

    I bcum giraffe lo. Sad.


    ahlost Reply:

    @woonyien:disqus : I also become giraffe waiting for your new post !! HAHAHAHAHA !!!


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