Taste Of East Asia

Taste Of East Asia

It’s Monday and as usual, facebook news feed will be flooded with many many Monday quotes.

Is it Monday again? O.o

Not Monday again !!!!

Poor Monday thinks everyone hates him/her.

But on a bright side, there is no more Mondays till next week !!

and 4 more days to weekend that everyone is awaiting for. 😀

I don’t normally plan my weekends cos I would prefer to *worm* at home with family or sometimes go out for yamcha with friends if there is one.

and two days ago, I’ve the privileged to dine in Puzzle Restaurant at Pullman Kuching for one of their Weekend Theme Buffet styles, named Taste Of East Asia.

This is not my first time visiting Puzzle, whether for food tasting or dining with friends and family.. and this is definitely not my last time there too.

It was still bright that evening because I was there at 6.30pm. hahaha.. and I wasn’t there early because I was hungry. I was there on time because one should not be late for their appointment. I’m still practising on that.

Chefs are ready us.. we are ready for food. 😀

*Friendly Reminder: Scroll at your own risk* >.< Jelly Fish Salad

Chicken Platter Salad

Smoked Duck Breast

Seafood Terrine

Someone’s favourite corner


Stir Fried Spicy Squids

Beef Bulgogi

Duck with Gomma Antari Sauce

Salmon Terriyaki

Japanese Fried Rice

Wok Tossed French Bean “Hunan” Style

Baked Salted Prawns

Braised Beef Tendon with Sea Cucumber

Soft Shell Crab Tempura

Noodles Action Corner

and this is what I ordered. I cannot decided whether to have soba or ramen.. and I asked the chef if I can have both. He giggled.. and said.. I think so. 😀 😀

and this is the corner that I’ll never missed out.. The Japanese foood.. ❤ ❤

and what is Japanese food without wasabi, shoyu and ginger

Dumplings, Taiwan Style

The fried food

Teppanyaki Corner

Spicy & Sour Fish Soup

and and and.. this is the corner that I’ll never missed out too.. ❤ The Desserts ❤ and this time, they have many many new types of desserts and I think I can just come for desserts buffet because I still think Pullman provides the best desserts in town so far ❤

Chocolate Macadamia Cheese Cake.

Green Tea Tiramisu

Cake Of The Month: Blueberry Cheesecake

Pandan Swiss Roll

Marble Cheese Cake

Cheese Tarts

Yam Slice Cake

Cheese Tartles


Peanut Butter Cake

and they don’t just provide on the shelf ice cream.. They put their heart and soul into their Home Made Strawberry, Chocolate, Corn and Peppermint Ice Creams ❤

and its condiments

Last but not least, Taste of East Asia is only available on Saturdays.

Adults @ RM89++
50% discount for Children aged 5 to 12.. am I in this category? 😀 😀

Have a great Monday people :)