That Sunday

That Sunday

I remember I wanted to blog about this last Monday.. but I was busy. Not that I’m free now, but I just have too much to say, too little time to blog. So I’ll make this quick.

That Sunday morning, I went to my favourite laksa place, Chong Choon Cafe for breakfast :)

3 layer Teh C Peng and 3 Layer Kopi C Peng @ RM2.00 each.

The yam cha kueh @ RM2.50

Kolo Mee with Char Siew and Wanton @ RM3.00

and of course not forgetting the Laksa @ RM5.00

Went to grandma’s place after breakfast .. and later in the afternoon, sis and I went to the spring to get pressie for Mama.. and how can I miss out the hottest milk tea place in Kuching for now.. the ChaTime at the Spring.

Our order was taken very efficiently. They have more than enough people in the house. The number was running in order.. until.. when it was our turn.. the number JUMPED !! Fine.. we waited, and waited.. People who came later than us got their drinks. We were still waiting. The number run in order again.. but they skipped ours. I went to the bar to ask. They said one more drink not done yet. But numbers were still running. KNN.. can’t you make my drink first since I came first?? Others have 4 or 5 drinks in one order and you make theirs and I have only 3 drinks, you made 2 and you skip another one .. for so long some more.. I showed super charcoal face to them and they finally done with my ANOTHER drink !! KNN. super pissed off lor.. and when you’re in bad mood. Their drinks just don’t taste nice. Sorry Chatime. You’re now last in my list when I feel like drinking milk tea =.=”


iichiko. I think I looked emo when I took this picha while waiting for my dinner kaki to arrive. I was early or should i say ON TIME for my dinner date but there were no more tables for us. So I was asked to sit at the sushi bar while waiting for my LATE dinner kaki at Sanga Japanese Restaurant.

Sashimi Moriawase @ RM38.00

Tamago Sushi, Salmon Sushi, Scallop Sushi @ RM16.00

Crab Tempura @ RM14.00

Hahaha.. the weird thing about that evening was.. I met my ex-colleague and family, my friend since primary school, a blogger friend and a collegemate.. and I think I talked too loud I got attention from another table. Hmm..

All his fault la.. Don’t think you can hide.. Introducing.. my dinner kaki, Feng !!


and after dinner at home, I went for dinner with Feng.. and after Feng.. I went for another round with the Monkeys at Hijau.

for a weirdo’s advance birthday celebration cos we knew he will be busy on his birthday. One birthday celebrate many times. 😀

It took me quite sometimes to look for a cake for him. From bakeries to Hilton and I was quite surprised when Hilton displayed 4 cakes but 2 out of 4 cakes out of stock at their Caffe Cino .. and I ended up buying a cake that Ryan said it’s Raya Cake =.=” I’m sorry BirthdayBoy.. Hilton never fails to surprise me with their services.

The monkeys to end the post 😀

  • Amiey Alen

    I missed all those Sarawak local food. The other day I went and ordered 3 layer tea here, and it cost me almost RM7 for a glass. Just like the one in your picture.. Isk isk isk…

    And chatime is so overrated. LOL Everytime am going to the mall, Chatime will always full with people queuing up in line…


    ahlost Reply:

    Come back to Kuching to have all these at reasonable price.. hehehe..

    and yupz.. Chatime.. hmm.. I’ve yet to give them another chance when I can get my drink at cheaper price at Easy Drink Easy Go at the Spring too. haha..


  • willie

    You make me hungry already. Huhu!


    ahlost Reply:

    now looking back at this makes me hungry too.. huhuhu..