The Brand New Sushi King Only At The Summer Mall

The Brand New Sushi King Only At The Summer Mall

It was my previlege once again to be invited as one of four bloggers to witness the Grand Opening of the Brand New Sushi King only at The Summer Mall, Kota Samarahan. Haha.. I said “once again” because four years ago, I was invited to Sushi King Boulevard Outlet for their Grand Opening. Teeheehee..

Arrived 15 minutes before 10am. Malaysian-Timing-Not. Kakakaka.

What should I say about this picture?? Good jumper or good photographer? HAHAHAHA !!

Hehehehe.. The grand opening started off with Ribbons Cutting ceremony.

The lucky ribbons must be kept for more new outlets opening. Teeheehee..

Huat ah.. Huat ah..

Crew with VIPs.

Friendly staffs.

The brand new Sushi King is now Smiling and Served Fresh. They’ve brand new logo with the smiling fish and they mean what they say – Served Fresh.

Me: Say real real? You say served fresh only. How I know if what I eat is fresh ler?
Crew: We’ve smart system to ensure any plate more than 2 hours being discarded by itself.
Me: Like how?? How can the conveyor belt know how long the plates have been on belt ler?
Crew: Smart system.
Me: O.o *thining to myself* How can this belt be so smart?

Then we discovered the smart system that they’re currently using to discard the sushi plates automatically when it has reached 2 hours is under the plate. Amazing right?

and only at The Summer Mall outlet, Sushi King provides tea bag if diner prefers to have hot ocha.

and we can play with the Hot tape ourselves without having to mafan the service crew. Hohoho.

and for those who want healthy drink but prefer not to have Ocha, you can opt for Blackcurrent Vinegar @ RM4.90. The slight sour note yet mouth watering flavour drink quench my thirst while I was waiting for my food. Hehehe.

Oh oh.. this is embarrassing. I remember the box to put chopstick at Sushi King is being opened on top right? Right? right?

Little did I know the chopstick box is now like a drawer. You pull it out instead of open it up on top. T_T

When it comes to food, we are delighted that Sushi King served us with their New Menu which they just launched it not long ago. We were first served with a plate of Sushi. From front to back: Unagi Slice @ RM6.00 for 2pieces, Katsua Tataki @ RM5.00 for 2pieces, Salmon Belly Aburi @ RM5.00 for 2pieces and Avocado Ten @ RM4.00 for 2pieces.

Another new on the menu: Salmon Avocado Carpaccio @ RM16.90 .. I can haz this myself, many plates. Hahaha.. Love this raw salmon, avocado and fish roe served with Sushi King dressing. Oh nom nom nom.

Everyone especially those who are on strict diet will love this Tako Wakame @ RM8.90 . No Oil being used and with only 66 kcals !!!

I didn’t know tofu can help to detox our body until I read the menu. Miso Yakko @ RM5.90 with only 76kcals.

Now I can bring Mama to Sushi King cos they have Japanese Style Spaghetti served with salmon sausage and vegetables. Naporitan Spaghetti @ RM17.90 .. Cooked food. Now Mama has no reason to say NO to Japanese Restaurant 😀

AhCute’s grandma loves Grilled Capelin – Shishamo @ RM7.90

I think my Papa will love this too. Hohoho.

Not only those who love raw food will love Sushi King, even the elderly who prefer cooked food can dine in there too. What’s even better, kids will love deep fried chicken nuggets served with citrus based grated radish and lettuce too – Tori Kara Ponzu @ RM13.90

another deep fried chicken in special sauce served with sliced onions and egg is something I’ve never seen before. I love how they served this Chicken Katsuni @ RM12.90 where we can play around with the egg and cook it our way before we eat them.

Never came into my mind why it is called Soft Shell Crab. How they make the crab to have soft shell? Hohohoho.. thanks to the friendly crew I got the answer. At RM17.90 for crab lovers, this one definitely worth every cent one is paying for. Yumz.

Hotate Mentai Yaki @ RM13.90 – I guess majority loves grilled scallops and what’s even better is that these scallops are topped with cod roe mayonnaise.

Oh oh.. and one more thing about Sushi King outlet at The Summer Mall is that they do not have Open Kitchen like what other outlets have. Cannot peek on the goodlooking chefs anymore 😥. I guess Chefs can do better job without having the public to look at them ba. Hahaha. Last but not least, here’s the happy diners.

Thank you Sushi King for the invitation and thank you super friendly crew for the service that morning. I will definitely come back for more.. and oh ya.. Sushi King is planning to open more outlets in Sarawak.. one of them would be in Sibu.. So suituapui.. get ready.. They might need you. Hehehe..

  • Woon Yien

    now all sushi king use tea bags di. hehehehehehhehe!!! but the belt.. so li haiii.. i wan one of the belt also. kekeke!


    ahlost Reply:

    @woonyien:disqus : huh? really ah? but the other time i went to Hills’ outlet, they were still serving the old type of ocha.. where they bring over the jar to pour into our glasses.. and and only Summer’s brand has this hot tape water so far wor..

    why you want the belt for?? O.O


  • Choulyin

    wah ada pula Summer Mall…soon Kuching will have Winter and Autumn Mall liaw :p haha


    ahlost Reply:

    @choulyin:disqus : hahahha.. that’s what i thought also !! but so far no news on Winter and Autumn yet.. >.<