Things We Did in 2011

Things We Did in 2011

I wanted to blog about the NEW layout or template I wanted to have for my blog.. but I ended up scanning through pictures from my old external harddisk and found out that I haven’t been blogging about many things that happened in these 3 years.

I didn’t choose the latest one, nor did I choose the earliest one. I just randomly open a folder and feel that I should blog about this, for now. Yes, I’m this random.

Ok, here’s what happened end of July and beginning of August 2011. I went for a trip to KL, not sure what is the real purpose for the trip, but ya.. I just hopped on a plane.

and meet up with Kuching-Lingss

loving duo

dramatic duo

falling in love once again

and happily ever after

Oooii.. public place wei..

*end of drama*

What did we order again? I remember it was a good tower of beer. Very expensive too.


We got a free jug of beer from table next to us. It was Carlsberg or Tiger that we didn’t like. Hahaha..

from Kuching

with our KL-Lingss

Ooohh.. this place is called *the Library*

Alcohol makes ppl look beautiful.. hahaha.

and we all look beautiful.. haha..

Live band.. view from first floor

The queens of beer. hahaha..

The loving couple.

Alcohol makes people take artistic kinda pictures. 😀

and behave funny too 😀


Ju-On hiding at corner in the Library


Like A Boss

Na.. you know how clean the pillow is? 😀 😀

The random us, in KL O.o

Again, Gladys missing in action.

Err.. our.. tablemates at the Library.. hahaha.. 😀


Psy: Ooohh.. Sexay handsome..

JJ.. why so fierce..??

with the next table people.


The lucky woman !!

They like me my camera.

Alcohol makes you know more friends.

at that moment of time.

and we started adding friends on FB on the spot.

Woouu.. the lucky me.. hahaha.. jk Shirley..

Hi to the guy in front and at the back of us :)

Errr.. Hi everyone :)

and thanks for the great evening and thanks for the tower of yummilicious beer on you, Shirley… thanks also to the next table friends, whom I only recalled Wy and Vahid O.o .. thank you for the jugs of beer for us.

It was 3am in the morning when we left the Library. KL ppl no need to sleep one har? O.o