Things We Did The Day Before He Proposed !!

FINALLY, I am updating my blog after having so much trouble with photoshop software. T____T Thanks to Anna for introducing Photoscape. I can now resize my photos one by one. Huuuuu. I still haven’t figure out how to save the batch editing thingy. O.o

Okay. My blog traffic has increased a little bit since the announcement in facebook on a guy who proposed to me. As promised, here’s the little story of us. So this guy who proposed to me is the guy I met during a Christmas gathering at a gymmate’s house two years ago after I’ve attended friends’ wedding dinner at The Banquet. Yes. The Christmas Wedding. So sweet right? Hehehe.

and so, I have heard about him in facebook because we have common friends. He often gave excuses when our common friends invited him for Sunday morning runs. The rest I shall keep it to myself. HAHAHA !!

I was late to the gathering. It was a rainy Christmas evening. Out of our minds, we went for Tsingtao session after the gathering till dawn and continued at my house for red wine session and some freaky thing happened in the toilet. HAHAHA !!

Fast forward, a year later, we went to Singapore during Christmas (or was it on Boxing Day?) He officially asked me to become his gf at one of the places in Singapore which I’ve no idea where it was.. and I said NO. HAHAHAHA !!! I just got to know from him recently that I hurt him lor.. Cos his plan failed ma. Like he found a huge Christmas tree and then knelt down and asked me to become his gf. So sweet hor.. I know many girls out there felt like slapping me for rejecting him like that. Haiyaaa.. things like this hard to say one ma..

So, on one fine evening after I got back from Fred and Rachel’s wedding, he brought me to a place and again, this time, with a couple rings with him, he proposed to ask me to become his gf again. Hahaha !! He so sweet like doing this again and again, I didn’t say a word – didn’t reject nor did I accept but I was forced to accept the ring we were happy with each other’s companion and yes.. I know he is a very sweet guy. So sweet to the extend I wanna marry him on the spot I know he is The One.

Fast forward to year end, he said he bought me tickets to Japan on our 2 years anniversary knowing each other. Japan wei !! A place I never thought I will be going. I wasn’t excited at first. So I told him to be in charged of everything and I just follow only lor. Such an easygoing a bad travelmate hor.

So, to Japan we went with Malaysia Airlines !! Sin bought tickets from Kuching to KL on 23/12/2013 at 8pm. We departed from KL at 11.50pm and reached Kansai Airport 6.50am (Japan Time).

Camwhore at Kuching International Airport >.<

and in the plane.

and at KLIA (Kuala Lumpur International Airport)

and this was our first meal, the food given by MAS for us bound to Osaka. :(

Sin did his last minute homework.

Didn’t have a good sleep in the plane. How to sleep sitting wor? :(

Finally, we were waken by the crew for our breakfast.

Economy class passengers use economy kinda utensils.


Requested for canned drinks while waiting for my Milo.

The long awaited Milo.

Announcement was made. We would be reaching Kansai Airport soon. Wheeee ..

First thing first when we touched down Kansai Airport was to collect the portable wifi device from Telekom Square. I wouldn’t recommend this company to you because the line was pretty bad during our whole journey. What was more worse was that we needed to pay for 11 days (including the day we return it early morning when we were to depart Japan) Totally not worth it.

Us, in Kansai Airport.

Home work done. Presentation time. Hohoho.

To Kansai Airport Station to collect our Japan Rail Passes.. and this is him.. always leaving me behind. :(

Our expensive but worth the value JR Passes. (Ignore the emo face. One night no sleep face)

Japan Rail Pass from 24/12/2013 to 30/12/2013.

Someone asked why 25.12.24 to 25.12.30. Hohohoho.

Sin’s job was to understand the map. Hohoho. Easy job for him since he used to use this kinda transport everyday for few years.

Our faces again. Sin said we won’t be back to Osaka as our itineraries are all about Kyoto and some other places. So must take picture wor (though cannot see the background, but it’s okay)

I’ve kidnapped some photos from him. So, photos with his watermark are those pictures taken by him and those with mine of course taken by me la. But there are some that I got confused cos I edited the photos in the plane on my way back from Tokyo. 7 hours plus flight ler. I edited and slept and woke up and edit and slept so.. just enjoy the photos la.

Showing off his wide angle.

We then hopped on the train from Osaka to Kyoto.

I need my beauty sleep at a beauty bed.

Hello Train.

Our faces in the train. First train in Japan together.

We got so hungry once we touched down Kyoto. But first thing first, check in Hotel Keihan Kyoto, which is located not far away from the Kyoto Station. But the sad thing was, the check in time is at 3pm. So we couldn’t check in so we left our luggage at the lobby.

After putting down our bags and luggage, we went for our first meal at Kyoto Train Station.

The Hungry Sin.

Anything served right in front of me will taste delicious.

Drink all you can Ant !!

Eat all you can Ant !!

Food in Japan is very expensive.

Rice in Japan is so nice that I can eat many many bowls of rice.

Happy diner !! He is ready to explore Kyoto with his full stomach. Hohoho.

So, off we go to our first tourist place – The Most Famous Bamboo Grove in Kyoto. It is located in Sagano, near the famous Arashiyama region on the west side of the city.

Once touched down Saga-Arashiyama Station, we got a schedule to avoid missing the train. Huuuu.. we almost missed our trains many many times in Japan and if we were late by seconds or minutes, then.. buhbye to our Japanese Yen !!! >.<

Our steps on our way to Bamboo Groves.

Muka mahu tidur. I began to understand why Yien can overslept !!


Cuaca semakin sejuk. Or I was feeling weak cos lack of sleep. Still talking about sleep. HAHAHA !!

I’m going to playschool, playschool.

But look, someone’s happier !!

In Japan, I don’t feel short. Hohoho.

In Japan, you can see super cute decorations outside the house.

Yes. Just outside the house.

Everything in Japan becomes so cute. Even sleeping rabbits are cute.

See.. He left me behind again !!

You see ah.. Human size like him looks normal in Malaysia. But in Japan, he looks like hulk. Hahaha.

Hey bro, I saw your chinese name.

Finally we found you.

Bamboo Jump :D

But .. I was still lost.

Locals wearing kimono neh.

So pretty neh.

What wide angle captured along the alley.

Mini decor found along the alley. So cute right?

Everything in Japan is so cute right? Now I understand why Cheesie and Audrey so in love with Japan.

We arrived at Nonomiya Shrine.

I’ve always seen photos of people writing their wishes on ema and hang it on the wall of fame


and he made a wish too.

Simple but meaningful wish. Hohoho.

San Sen Sin Son Sun

Real railway. I thought only in movie that you’ll see people chasing one another but half way cannot go through because the train is coming. That day, I saw it with my own eyes.

Train ahh !!!

Hehehehe. Thank you passerby for helping.

So sad one. Always take solo picture :(

See.. I can captured train passing by with him in the picture *proud* Now Sin.. Where’s the pic of me and train? =.=

He asked me to take a pic of him bollywood style hiding behind the tree. You need to go gym more frequent Sin. Hohoho.

Sin decided to stop by to eat more so he will look cuter because my toes were frozen and shall I accidentally kick on something, the toes will just break like that and I am being serious. You see. Food in Japan, once convert to RM, you will munch until cannot munch then swallow them appreciate the food very much.


Our food.

Since my leather shoes made my toes frozen so much that I couldn’t walk anymore, Sin and I decided to go back to check in our hotel first before we proceed for our next plan. View from our room.

Our beds.

The views.

Normally, we tried to adjust the aircond temperature as low as possible, but during winter, we tried to adjust to as high as possible. Humans !!

Other things in the room.

Hair Band also provided? How can you not love Japan??

Unlike the hotels I’ve been where they do provide toothbrush and toothpaste, hotels in Japan provide soft to medium kind of toothbrush. When you swallow saliva, you won’t taste the blood.

Shaver with shaving cream !! Okay. Not all hotels in Japan provide this.

Not wasting much time, we went to Kyoto Station to try their McDonald’s. I’m sure they have porkie’s burger. Hohoho. How can not try wor.

Convert it yourself and you will start to cry.

The difference between our burger in Malaysia and their burger in Japan.

Teriyaki Burger. Yumz.

and in Japan, at Kyoto Station, you can see hundreds of beautiful cakes / tarts or I simplified it as desserts, displayed and you can take as many photos as you can. There will be no one yelling at you saying NO PICTURE. CAN YOU SEE THE DIFFERENCE??!!

Strawberries.. and I tell you people who love desserts, Japan is your heaven. Any desserts you buy, they taste awesomely good.

Ok.. Okay. This is a funny story. The two of us were obviously very tired. Sin suggested we took train to Osaka since we won’t be staying there so just use the JR Pass to go loiter at Osaka. Both of us, fall asleep (like fishing) all the way in the train from Kyoto to Osaka, asking each other if we should get down and took train back to Kyoto. But we ended up, woke up at the right station, just on time and got down from the train !! SCARY OR NOT YOU SAID !!! Siao one.

So, his mission is to try coffee at every place he visits. Here’s one. Tiramisu Coffee at Osaka Station.

Neckless me. Kakakaka.

Finally, couple pic.. kakaka.

We just walked around and shopped a bit at Isetan and we were kind of surprised that Isetan in Osaka was closing at 8pm. Are you kidding us? But then again, it was Christmas eve, so we thought they might want to celebrate with their loved ones too. So, we just bought some desserts back to do countdown in the hotel. Hohoho. Guess what’s in the paper bags?

Guess what’s in the boxes !!

Packaging for the cakes !!! LIKE SERIOUSLY??!!! Need to pack until so nice mou? I so bu se de wanna unpack you lor !!

and we waited for the time. It was 9pm+ when we got back to our hotel. We waited because we wanted to do countdown for Christmas. But.. we couldn’t wait for it anymore. We cleared all the food before the countdown.. and fainted before 10pm !!! HAHAHAHA !!

and guess what time we woke up the next day?

  • Sin Tan

    should have made you wore Kimono T-T


    ahlost Reply:

    @sintan:disqus : Let’s go again.. hahaha !!


  • Emmelina C

    Hi Rose. Today I just randomly browse blogs and I saw this post. Congratulations! :D The Christmas wedding 2 yrs ago at Banquet, our wedding kah???? Hahahaha!


    ahlost Reply:

    @emmelinac:disqus : Hello.. hehehehe… Thank you.. and Yes.. the Christmas wedding two years ago was yours and Calvin.. and I met the guy that evening after your wedding dinner and our crazy time on stage taking photos.. haha.. :P


    Emmelina C Reply:

    Hahahha… glad to hear that!! That’s really sweet hehhe… all the best in your new journey! :)


    ahlost Reply:

    @emmelinac:disqus : hehehehe.. thank you :)

  • Poh Huai Bin

    A most awesome post!

    I vote this Best of! :)

    I hung onto every single word (kepoh, but interested in how you guys met) and I’m glad everything turned out well.

    I’m really happy for you guys! All the best and keep up with the trip reports of Japan!

    (I hate those plastic utensils too – you get metal ones in Business Class but then M. Atta and the rest of the 9/11 hijackers flew Business Class too so I don’t really see the point)


    ahlost Reply:

    @pohhuaibin:disqus : hahaha.. thank you for reading every single word >.< took too many pictures. having problem editing and post them up altogether in a very short time. haha..

    and i even broke the plastic utensils once. hahahaha… :x


  • Woon Yien

    Hehehehe!! Finally wait dao the post liao.. i was at roadshow but i so concentrate reading hor… so sweet!! I love this post so so so muchie.. I even keep smiling when im reading it. Kekekekeke…. sin is so sweet… im so happy for u…!! Cant wait for the wedding I think I will cry.. hahahaha.. like as if u r my daughter. Muahahahahhaa…

    And hor.. we same same la.. sure wake up at noon. Muahahahhahahahaha!!!


    ahlost Reply:

    @woonyien:disqus : Sorryyyy for the late post.. you know laaaa… snapped till very song and then when open in folder.. wahpiaaangg.. so many.. and the rest of the story you know laa.. hahahaha…

    I woke up before 10am but still very late d.. huhuhu.. erm erm.. wedding ahhh.. not yet oh.. haven’t discuss anything yet as at today.. hahaha..


  • Constance Ant

    you seldom talk about him in blog eh…

    happy for you! faitit blog about the proposal XD


    ahlost Reply:

    @annant:disqus : next time you will see many of his round faces in this blog.. hahahaha..

    blogged bout the proposal jor.. like finally !!! after busy with work and life and the hundreds of picsssss. hahaha..


  • Eleven

    Congratulations Rose and Sin! Wah, this year lots of LUF couples tying the knot ahh! :D :D I want to read bout ‘ what happen next day!’ hehehehe!


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_NPvxRBZKPO:disqus : LUF has auspicious color of red and white >.<

    finally, blogged bout the next day.. haha..


  • Gerald Lim

    I kept coming back to read the NEXT day story… mana ada leh… spring cleaning rumah isit?


    ahlost Reply:

    @cybreed:disqus : so many photosssssss, so many works… so little time….. and spring cleaning was part of the bo-engness.. hahahaha…

    blogged d blogged d… :P


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