To Hanoi, Vietnam

To Hanoi, Vietnam

I’m still being traumatized by the case of Elisa Lam at Cecil Hotel in Los Angeles that I heard from XiaoQuan during our yamcha session last night T_T and now my colleague has been telling me in details on what the hotel guests said bout the drinks that they drank T____T I don’t wanna know more about this. T_________T

Argh.. Okay.. on a happy note. I was back from a holiday that I never once thought I would have travelled to – Hanoi, Vietnam :)

The 6 of us took flight from Kuching to KL on 28/2 .. and Kelson was there with HL before we arrived. So this is a group picha of us at our first camp.. while Ryan was sleeping soundly at TuneHotels LCCT. haha.. we kedekut don’t wanna book, so we ended up camping, joking for hoursss !!

When it was finally our turn to hop on board, we were so happy we finally have a good place to sit and hopefully can fall asleep. Yes. I managed to nap but still felt zombified πŸ˜€ Oh.. we found our dearest JJ on board.

and this is us at our hostel .. a room of 8 beds for 7 of us.. :)

Oh.. and the place for our first and third night is called Hanoi Hostel.. and our happy HuiLing :)

Group picha outside Hanoi Hostel.. and erm.. I was the cameragirl.. and Yien.. erm.. i think she was still inside updating status on her phone. haha..

Selling meat by the road side.

Exploring the place around our hostel.. Kelson with his pekchek face cos he didn’t have enough sleep πŸ˜€

They’ve Sasa too. O.O

After getting info from our friendly hostel personnels.. it’s time to decide which direction to go first.

and first thing first, to change our USD and RM into Vietnam Dong. It was said that the best place to change the currency would be goldsmith instead of money changer. The rate would be slightly higher.

and we have two money keepers – HuiLing and Kelson.

Some weird sticky fruit.

We realized that many sellers are women. No guys carry fruits / food around to ask us to buy.. only ladies.

and we decided to stop by a roadside place to settle with our lunch.

Ivan ordered for us in Vietnamese language, but the tauke spoke English with him knowing we are tourists.. and we were chopped with tourists price.

We ordered chicken and beef pho. Vietnamese pho is noodles soup. A must-try food in Vietnam.

Eat like the locals. Mix them in your pho.

We were sharing tables with the locals.

Our first day touring around the place we were staying was more like a food hunting day. We eat, we ate, we burp, but we still eat. O.o

Since we have big eaters in the group.. someone who had been here two years ago, he recommended many food to us. Every food we see we felt like eating, hence.. pictures of foooodiesss and the tamjiakgui πŸ˜›

The aunty that sell the kueh that looks like bakzhang to me O.o

Luckily we are in a group of 7. We can try almost every food that we see and we wanted to eat and we ordered and our treasurers will pay money. πŸ˜€

Oh.. and this is pekgukueh.. hahaha.. sounds weird hor.. cos i invented the name. It tastes like ang gu kueh.. just that the color is white, so i named it pekgukueh πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

See.. Aunty seller again. I mean.. female seller. O.o

We take, we pay, we eat nonstop !!

and our relationship got better cos we were feeding each other with the food that we don’t want. HAHAHAHA !!!

As we were walking a little forward, we found another tempting food place and we were served..

Cameras eat first.

How to resist temptation, you tell me?

Happyman with his free meat from taukeneo.

With no sense of directions.. hahaha.. i mean myself.. we came to this nice view place.

We walked so much that Yien felt sleepy. πŸ˜€

and many times when i was doing human calculations, HuiLing went missing.. and we realised she likes flowers. So, if you cannot find her on the street, go to the place where there are flowers. She might be there. πŸ˜€

The KuchingLingsss.. and Kelson was somewhere with his new HTC Butterfly.

oh.. and pic taken by Butterfly..

and this is the moment i fall in love with HTC Butterfly when it has wide angle for the front camera.

a candid shot after I’ve counted 123. πŸ˜€ πŸ˜€

and this is the proper one when i counted one……….. two………. three………. hahaha..

the girls.

Kelson, sticking to his butterfly, all the time.

The guys while waiting for another 2 guys missing somewhere. πŸ˜€

Tourists with cameras.

How can one not try Vietnamese Coffee when you’re in Vietnam?

Only Trung Nguyen Cafe, you’ll be served tea without being charged.

Being paiseh, we ordered a slice of Blackforest Cake.

Happy CoffeeLover.

and Banh My !!! Another Must-Try food when you’re in Hanoi, or any part in Vietnam.

Simple, yet delicious.

Not tempting, but it is delicious πŸ˜€

Paparazzi at opposite side of us.

Ivan was there because he wanted to try the taste of the Banh My opposite the one we had.

Happy Ivan with his Banh My.

Verdict: The latter stall has more ingredients. Both tasted equally nice.

One abandone building stuck in between two nice looking building. Scary.

Che ngon, sounds like jin ngon to me O.o

The happy trio.. cos we’re eating again πŸ˜€

See.. Kelson with his butterfly again.. and Ivan is feeding his camera πŸ˜€

Oh.. Che ngon is one of the must-go place in Hanoi too. These drinks are like our Ais Kacang and its family.

Just that their ingredients are more like the ones in ZenQ but with cheaper price.

Did I just degrade ZenQ? Or did I just upgraded their ais kacang.? πŸ˜€

The only different is that they have this yoghurt type of ais kacang. Very very very nice. 7/7 chose this as the best. πŸ˜€

Oh oh.. another thing in Hanoi, you can hardly find their WC, or we called it toilet or washroom. So hard to find that we ate and drank too much we needed a place to pee, so we went to a cafe, ordered a drink and quickly burst out all those unwanted water in our body πŸ˜€

HuiLing and I ordered a juice.

while the rest decided to try the local Hanoi Beer.

The happy us, outside Barista Coffee Bar :)

While we were on our way back to our hostel, we recalled we’ve been told there’s happy hour for the people who stay in Hanoi Hostel. So we happily went but I didn’t really enjoy their beer though, though it’s a free flow. I just didn’t really like the taste. Probably I’ve successfully quit drinking ^.^

and after that one hour of happy hour, we went to explore their night market.

When you’re a tourist, there’s nothing much you can do, when it comes to price that the locals tell you. You can’t argue with them. It’s either take and pay, or go without getting it. Initially the lady said 5000dong.. but when we took out our cameras, it become 10000 dong. Double the price =.=”

The happy duo at another stall.

and us being us, we stopped by Corner Kebab. They’ve Banh My too.

and the Kebab tastes heavenly good.

Since, the next day we need to wake up early for our HalongBay trip, we’ve decided to go back early to our hostel. But before that, we need to fill up our tanks first. Unfortunately, we couldn’t find places for dinner after 10pm. :(

We ended up at a corner shop opposite our hostel. Ordered beer as usual, for them.

and this picha of noodle looks very delicious hor.. but it actually tasted like any other instant noodles with a little big more water added to the noodles and more vege. We named it Emo-Mee.

It was a very tiring day. I suggested I go for a quick shower before the rest. They were ok.. and I fall asleep very fast too. Hahaha.. !!

*end of my Day1 in Vietnam – Hanoi* :)