To KompiaLand, Papa’s Hometown

To KompiaLand, Papa’s Hometown

Few days ago, I had the chance to go to Sibu, by plane. I remember the first time I went was with family when I was a very little girl.. and then I went with my bunch of Lingss and then went because the Yellow association asked me to and that was by bus T___T and another time went to Sibu for work by car T___T Anyways, we took the earlier flight and this is sunrise at Kuching International Airport.

View when we were about to reach Sibu.. and Sibu has so many cloudsssss O.O

Sibu Airport is so empty. Ours is the only plane at their airport and yet they park it so far away. Morning exercise >.<

and this view reminds me of our Lingsss trip here. Haha.. so glad that this time we stayed at Tanahmas and Sibu Central Market is just nearby.

We were so hungry and finally we met up with Association’s head and had kampua brunch at Ah Chiong Cafe, somewhere near Jalan Hii Kah Tung.

Papa said this white weird smell that look like hot water add on with sugar is only available in places like Sibu. If I didn’t recall it wrongly, they call this *hieng ngi ngo* .. hahaha.. can someone please correct me?

and I super love their Kopi Peng. I like the thickness of this coffee. Drinking this reminds me of my Penang trip Kopi Peng too. Why Kuching’s version very kedekut? :(

I’m not sure about other places in Sibu, but this Ah Chiong Cafe use normal kitchenware to cook their hot water. I like how they prepare our drinks. Small kettle once finished up, they will refill with new one. Healthier this way. I heard hot water shouldn’t be cooked too long and should only be cooked once.

Depends on individuals, I personally prefer black kampua. It would be better if they add the chili sauce in for me. Haha.

Wanton soup.. not just ordinary wanton soup.

I don’t know what they put into this wanton (or foochows call it pian sip) but they really taste goooood. So good I don’t mind eating few more of them even though I was very full.

even the last piece of pian sip I also didn’t let go. Hahaha !!

Must snap pic of this coffee shop. I will go back for more of their pian sip and Kopi Peng. Hohoho.

So.. what’s better to do in Sibu after breakfast?

No, not to eat dabai. We walked around.. and to the wharf we went. Papa explained to us that there are still many places that do not have proper on land road, so water transportation is still their main way of delivering goods to countryside. No wonder some people still think we live on trees. Hmm..

We went to visit Sibu famous Tua Pek Kong aka 永安厅大伯公庙.

and nearby, there is this Rajang Port Authority (RPA). Ours in Kuching, we called it KPA = Kuching Port Authority.

You know what? There’s really nothing much to do in Sibu. So, food is all we can hunt for. We went to Hong Yuan Cafe, located at Jalan Sanyan for tea break.

Yam Kueh and I’m torturing myself for looking at this pic now. I need my breakfast !!!

Since Wisma Sanyan is just a few steps away from the coffee shop, we went in for some aircond <-- HAHAHA !! and bought clothes for the little ones. It's so good to be kids. Parents didn't wanna buy for themselves, but bought expensive clothes for their grandchildren. Anyways, I saw this shirt and quickly took a pic of it before I got chased away saying NO PICTURE NO PICTURE.

After done with the Wisma Sanyan, we headed out to Xiu Long (Sibu) Confectionery to tapao some famous food in Sibu – The egg cakes and kompia. The fresh from oven Egg Cake costs RM2 for 7pieces and the Kompia is sold @ RM1 for 5 pieces.

Next to the shop is this famous Ding Bian Hu from Chop Hing Huong. One bowl of Ding Bian Hu for RM4.

We then headed back to hotel and out again to Premier Shopping Complex and indulged ourselves with more food. How can we not eat when we see food? Katong Laksa @ RM5.90

and next to this food shop, there’s this Easy Drink Easy Go shop where they serve this Japanese Matcha @ RM6.00

and Red Bean Pudding @ RM7.00. So nice that I tried Kuching’s version but they didn’t taste as good as Sibu’s version. Why ah? 😡

Tapak Pasar Malam Sibu. Two nights !! and two nights of heavy downpour !! Whyyyyyyy??!! T____T

and so, we only managed to grab a few pieces of kueh..

Ordered some drinks and waited at Ah Hee Kopitiam, hoping for the rain to stop..

Unfortunately, the rain didn’t stop. So Papa suggested we run to Sibu Central Market for dinner and we stopped at Stall No.98 for our dinner. Ordered:-
1) Pork Spare Parts
2) Three Layer Pork Philippines Style
3) Fried Fish Soy Sauce
(all 3 very salty)
4) Tofu Soup
5) Red wine Bidin

These cost us RM48 with two white rice being served.

Price was okay, but the food……… anyways, that was our first day in Sibu.. slept early and then i heard some funny noise in the room at 2 am !!!

  • Charlene

    I think u can order ‘tou you lak’. Hehe soy sauce + spicy then u don’t have to add in the chilli sauce urself 🍜😋


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_z7TGHT9006:disqus : Oooohh.. okay.. now i know how to order that already. thank you so much.. hehehehe..


  • Pazuzu

    so long din go sibu… miss the food .. :)


    ahlost Reply:

    @pazuzushot:disqus : i just came back and I’m already missing the food when i see this post. haha. !!


  • suituapui

    The heng jin drink is almond syrup – cooling, good for cough and sore throat. Kuching, don’t have kah? Got lah…can buy one bottle at supermart, make your own at home.


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_F1wc19v35L:disqus : Ooohh.. it’s called heng jin.. i’ve no idea when Papa ordered that and I was like.. huh? what did you order? and he repeated and I was still blur. hahaha.. Not my type of drink but I hope to find it in Kuching.. maybe I’ll try Ta Kiong cos Papa likes this drink and it’s good to cool him down from all the panas baran mood. hahaha..


  • suituapui

    You did not buy the t-shirt? Nice lah!!! 😀


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_F1wc19v35L:disqus : Noo.. i didn’t buy it cos.. cos.. hahaha.. i think people will smack me when they see that shirt on me. hahaha..