To Taiwan with Malaysia Airlines Business Class

To Taiwan with Malaysia Airlines Business Class

1) I just declined an invitation from BCCK on their Christmas Lighting tomorrow :(

2) Finally, my Maxis broadband has been reset after the ridiculous of 5gb gone in 10 days last month. I don’t stream movies. I rarely watch YouTube. I don’t upload videos online but the 5gb amazingly gone just like that. When I lodged a report to Maxis, it took them ages to reply me and when they reply, they email me the days of the usage that I’ve used =.=” RIDICULOUS !!! I don’t know why but every time, I will encounter ridiculous things like this. Not sure if I’m unlucky or is the services in Malaysia that are like that ALL THE TIME.

It has been more than a month ago since I went to Taiwan with my parents and relatives’ and their business partners. My unpacked luggage when I need to fly in few hours time.

Because these are all business people and because there was promotion from Malaysia Airlines that made the air tickets only few hundreds difference for the returns tickets between normal air tickets and business class air tickets, from Kuching to Kota Kinabalu to Taiwan and back from Taiwan to Kota Kinabalu to Kuching, they decided to use Business Class and that was my first time enjoying business class services. My parents first time too.

For those who do not know (like me), if you have a business class ticket, you can actually enjoy yourself at the lounge in airport. For free. Can save the quota of your credit card who only limit you to 2 times per year, if you’re holding a Platinum card. Kedekut kan?

Besides the spacious seat, which I felt a bit uncomfortable cos of my short legs <-- HAHAHA !! (but there was a stand for me to put my short legs la, so still oklar) Other than that, everything was great. I was first served a drink when everyone was seated. Guava Juice.. and then I was given a hot towel, not for me to wipe my face or else my mask BB Cream will stick on the hot towel. HAHAHA !!

Business class treatment >.<

My stomach is too small. I had something at the lounge, and I’ve no appetite for this plate of food.

Now I know why many business class passengers shape are round. How to eat again when you have already eaten before?! O.o

and for the first time I felt flying is not boring because you’ll be entertained by the service crew members most of the time. Towel,drinks, food, drinks, towel.

and upon arrival in KK, we were received by two super nice Ninja King. Went to sites visit and then for our lunch at a seafood restaurant in KK which I didn’t take any pictures like I always do because I am a retiring blogger they are all business people and I cannot act like a blogger kid ma.

Then after our lunch with the good Samaritans, we were sent to airport for our evening flight to Taipei.

Once again, how can we miss the lounge when we have the access to go right? So, I’m guessing, the few hundreds difference is for their lounge facilities and food. Whether you make full use of it or not, you’ve paid for it, so it is up to you if you want to enjoy it or not. Kakaka.

I wasn’t hungry but I can’t resist the food temptation.

Hence, the rounder face.

Our flight was one hour delay due to bad weather. No complain because we rather be safe than sorry. For that we might miss our train to Tainan.

The captain of the flight and their crew apologized for the delay which I understood. We might have to use alternative way to Tainan. We just hope for the best. At that time, all we can do was just to eat. HAHAHA !! One of the must-eat Malaysia food – SATAY.

I was so full when I saw this tray of food, but I still eat like I’ve been hungry for days. HAHAHA!! Now I realized why I couldn’t do 3 tracks when I just got back from Taiwan.

The caption flew as fast as he can for us to reach Taipei.. and from there, the super friendly Taipei Airport crew led us to catch taxi to go to the train station. We need to walk so fast that I didn’t manage to grab a prepaid data plan as planned. T___T and we didn’t even have time for toilet break. Those were all worth it. Cousin Victor managed to ran to the counter to get us train tickets to Tainan. It was just minutes before the last train departed. Lucky us. Happy us in the speed train. Hohoho.

I wasn’t hungry by the time we reached hotel. But I just couldn’t resist the temptation to NOT go to their 7Eleven which was said to be the best in the world. Hohoho. Grab these two for my supper at 1.30am in the morning.

I did not even dare to remember how much I have eaten that whole day. Went to shower.. and fainted on bed after the yummilicious supper. Hahaha !!

Next post: Reason why I went to Taiwan, not for leisure though.

  • suituapui

    Have fun in Taiwan. A safe and delightful trip!


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_F1wc19v35L:disqus : Thank you.. but I’m back from Taiwan d.. this was last month.. hehehe.. and thanks to maxis broadband lo.. i hardly get connected to internet when I’m back. The 5gb quota was gone before I manage to enjoy it O.o


  • Woon Yien

    zomok u eat maggie mee at taiwan 7/11. Wuwuwuwuw!!! eat more ma. kekeke


    ahlost Reply:

    @woonyien:disqus: their instant noodles very nice wei… >.<


  • Alicia Ng

    Faster Faster post more Taiwan stories… hehe


  • Mr Lonely

    wah, thanks for sharing, i never sit business class b4~


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