Too Sick To Inform?!

Too Sick To Inform?!

Be responsible, not only to yourself, but to the person you should be responsible to. If you’re sick, the company never say NO for you to take your well deserved sick leave. But the thing is, are you that sick to not even inform your colleagues or any other person in the company that you were unable to come to work? I’m not angry. I just don’t understand. MyFM was talking about a topic of How Many Productive Hours Are You At Your Company?! Majority called up and admit that most of their time were spent online instead of working. This is understandable. Even you and I and others are doing the same thing. Totally understandable. Fine. So, if you can online when you’re at work and online even when you’re sick, why can’t you just text anyone in the company to inform that you were unable to come to work?? Are you expecting people to predict that you’re sick when you look totally healthy the day before? /annoyed

Just a summary of what happened over the last few days. 5 days ago, which was last Thursday, I ate a pack of roadside Nasi Lemak which was bought in the morning. People say hor.. Nasi Lemak should be eaten when you got it.. but due to some reason, I didn’t go out for lunch, so I ate that Nasi Lemak and got myself a tummyache T__T Thursday night.. I had my first Chi Kit Teck Aun.

It was LevelUpFitness’ Charity Relaunch for BodyAttack82 and BodyBalance62 the next day. Diarrhea came to visit few times.. I had my 2nd and 3rd Chi Kit Teck Aun before the classes.

I felt the tummypain before the class started.. but there were so many students from Lodge School that made the whole class very happening with them giving their support to their teacher Sharon. Of course, the regulars were very supportive too. I could still hold on to it though the class was very humid. I believe I wasn’t the only one feeling tired. The class was too awesome for me to stop. Hahaha.

Next, I went for BodyBalance 62 Relaunch, 10mins after BodyAttack class. I haven’t been stretching for a very long time. Another awesome workout after the hyper class.

Day3 at work was still okay.. I thought I was recovering. Had Japanese food at Tomoe for dinner. The food was not as good as it used to be. Agedashi Tofu, Zaru Soba, Sashimi Plate were the worst among the Japanese Restaurants in Kuching. Diarrhea and tummypain came back after dinner. Couldn’t sleep that evening. Took another pack of Chi Kit Teck Aun as painkiller. Haha.

Day4 of feeling sick.. I couldn’t take it anymore.. So decided to visit Doctor and get medicine to cure the stomach infection.

This morning I woke up with a happier me.. Tummy not as pain as yesterday.. but will continue to eat the powderish yucky medicine. Cannot afford to get sick this week. Too many things to do, too little time.

Ordered a fried beehoon from a Malay stall at Yenshan Kopitiam. Waited until the rest finished their food and I went to check. They thought I request for take away. Naaaanii??!! Haha.. it’s okay.. I wasn’t hungry and only ate quarter of the food in office. Too salty and my appetite wasn’t there yet. I’ve learnt my lesson. Be responsible to your body, to your health and to yourself. Kakakaka..

One random pic to end the post. Too cute not to post this. Kakakakaka.. taken during my recent Penang trip. ^.^

  • suituapui

    Hey! I just had those chi kit pills this morning – felt feverish and nauseous. Took once, started sweating like hell…ok already after that.


  • Poh Huai Bin

    Haha! Yeah, a lot of people actually online during office hours and not doing any work! :)

    Last time when I was system admin, I had to block certain sites and torrent ports so that our network won’t get overloaded when it’s meant for security systems demos. I think that’s more irritating when you’re head of technical – people downloading stuff. 😡


  • reece

    What if we worked in a company that doesn’t have Internet access. Not that the company is poor or anything, just their way of keeping workers ‘working’ by shutting them out. How will people fair in here, considering the amount of people mentioned on the radio that are so addicted to online, be it workplace or anywhere.