Vietnamese Food Festival In Kuching

Vietnamese Food Festival In Kuching

Ever since monkeys and I came back from our Vietnam trip 5 months ago, I really miss the food there.. Huhuhu.. At times, I really wish I can find Vietnamese food in Kuching but I’ve been asking around the food hunters in Kuching, but to no avail. 😥

When I received a call from Pullman’s Marketing Communications Executive, Christy, on the food tasting at Puzzle on VIETNAMESE DISHES, I fly up to the sky am so happy and looking forward to it. I even skipped my workout for foodz. Hohoho.

I don’t normally eat in sequence from appetizer to salad to main dishes then to desserts when I’m at buffet, so my pictures might not in order too. Here’s Vietnamese Salad Station >.<

Green Papaya Salad with Grilled Beef. Green papaya is proven to have many health benefits for our digestive, immune, and cardiocvascular systems. No wonder Vietnamese are all very pretty.

Beef Sliced Salad.

Pomelo Salad with Prawns Southern Style.

I wanna eat all the pomelo can??

Green Mango & Cripsy Mud Fish Salad.

Chicken Salad with Herbs

Prawn Steamed Pancake.

and thank you Chef for opening one for us to take picha.. Teeheehee..

From Vietnamese Hot Dishes – I super duper infinity LIKE this Fried Rice with Crab Meat & Onion. I even ask the GM if I can tapao it home. But of course cannot la..

Grilled Prawn

and they also have Grilled Squid and Chili and also Sweet & Sour Mud Fish Broth that evening.

View from Chef’s side. Hohoho.

and view from diner’s side, looking at Chef Viet Anh Nguyen imported all the way from Vietnam, preparing Pho for us.

Beef Pho

Next, a demo by Chef on how he prepared Ho Tay Prawn Fritters.

Tadaaahh ~

and the final demo at the station was Pancake..

Chef putting ingredients and rolling Mushroom Steamed Pancake.

and the final result.

At carving station, we were pampered by delicious Vietnamese Roasted Beef.

and also Grilled Fish Vietnamese Style.

If you’ve been to Vietnam like us, you’ll know that their food portion is small, very small. Even small eater like me, I need few bowls of their pho. HAHAHA.. Ok, I mean, their food portion is for people who wants to eat clean and on strict diet. But Pullman being extremely nice, they even have Sea Bass Fillet with Fruit Jam.

Chicken Roll with Spicy Tomato Seaweed Salsa.

Roasted Beef Platter with Shallot Confit.

Fillet Beef Mignon with Apple Reduction Sauce Shallot Confit.

I think I just overloaded my post with many many pictures.. I shall skip some of them for the coffee all the way from Vietnam.

Thanks to Pullman, I’ve the chance to smell and sip a cup of Vietnamese Drip Coffee by the Chef.

Jeng jeng jeng.. My all time favourite corner in buffet – DESSERTS !!

This is something new !! I see bananaz !!

and what is Vietnamese food without its desserts.

Vietnamese Coffee Jelly.

When seated, we were served Prawn on Sugar Cane. Thank you so much. Hehehe.

and I went to grab more Mushroom Steamed Pancake !! Told you their portion is small already. Glad that this is buffet style I can have as many as I want. Kekeke.

and I’m loving this Vietnamese Traditional Soup cos it haz no meat in there. Hahaha. I think I don’t mind become a Vietnamese now.

Bun lover’s expression who found her butter went missing 😆 It was so funny when Jacq whispered to me that she took the butter and I still asked Yien to check her Note2 if she has the butter earlier when she camwhored with her phone. She checked and said “Yes wor. The butter was there.”

and the culprit was the lady in black who couldn’t hold her laughters when Yien found out !!!

and the bloggers camwhore with Pullman’s General Manager, Eric Tan

and I shall end this post with Eric, General Manager of Pullman Kuching together with the crew imported all the way from Vietnam.

The Vietnamese Buffet at Puzzle is priced at RM69++ only. I said only because this is the cheapest buffet dinner in 5-stars International Brand Hotel. I’m not sure if I can come back again for their buffet dinner cos dinner prepared by Mama everyday. Hohoho.. But I’m definitely going to try their Ala Carte Menu on Vietnamese Promotion @ RM33++ which includes Starter, Main Course and Desserts. For reservation or enquiries, 082-222888 is their hotline. Oh oh. Vietnamese Food Festival Promotion until 1st September 2013 only oh.

  • Woon Yien

    hohohoho!!! evil jacq~~ roooarrr!!!!!!! BUTTTERRRRRRR~~~~

    and oops.. i think i guess some of the dishes name wrongly. kakaka


    ahlost Reply:

    Hahaha. I still find it very funny when think back of the situation. Kakakaka.

    Dishes name I follow the name tags in front of the dishes. Huhuhu. Which one wrong?? (Omg)


    Woon Yien Reply:

    I mean mine is wrong. Hehehehhee


    ahlost Reply:

    @woonyien:disqus : hahaha.. i thought mine is wrong.. i still look back at the names just now before i see your comment.. hahaha.

  • suituapui

    I love Vietnamese…as much as I love Thai. Yum! Yum! But where are the Vietnamese rolls? Not those steamed mushroom pancakes, I hope – their spring rolls wrapped in rice paper would look a whole lot nicer than that. My favourite Vietnamese delight! We had some of our own at home here:


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_F1wc19v35L:disqus : i was asking the same question too. I guess they’ve different food each day during the 10days buffet !! I miss the spring rolls too.. and i’ve hand made few myself during my HalongBay trip..


  • Choulyin

    can tapau the Pomelo and Prawn salad for me ah? hahaha the prawns looks damn fresh lo


    ahlost Reply:

    @choulyin:disqus : hahahahha.. i wish to tapao them and the fried rice too !! and yupz.. the prawns are very fresh. I said so cos i don’t have to eat seafood allergy medicine after i eat those prawns 😀 😀


  • Poh Huai Bin

    Cool! I really love pho and the Vietnamese coffee is second to none.

    Super “kao”! 😀


    ahlost Reply:

    @pohhuaibin:disqus : hehehehe.. me too.. the best is still the one in Hanoi, Khai’s Brothers.. I really miss the food there.. and also their milk coffee is also very very nice >.<


  • willie Est

    Pullman did try to call me but I didn’t think they were serious. They called once and when I didn’t answer, they never bother to call me again or sent an email. Sigh….

    Anyway, the food looks good.


    ahlost Reply:

    @willieest:disqus : Ah? I guess they’ve too many people in the list? Probably next time you try to call them back or whatsapp us to ask then you can call back to confirm?? Make sure you’re available for next food tasting oh.. :)


    willie Est Reply:

    And that’s exactly what I WILL NOT DO.