Names for cafe, kopitiam or shops have been pretty weird nowadays. This Wakakakaka was the topic of the town few months back. Since some commented they serve good food while some commented the other way round, we’ve decided to hunt for this place and try it ourselves – for lunch.

Sorry about the camera purplish effect. I haven’t sent my phone for warranty back in July and the best I did is to use photoshop to minimize the purplish effect.

They have SPICYNESS for Pasta of 10 Levels. I have yet to try this and I’m thinking if they’ll be serving like Life Cafe where if you want More Spicy, they will just add on more sauce.. less spicy mean less sauce. Find will it out one day when my tummy is better.

Sin with the A4 self print menu. I wonder if they’ve upgraded their menu or still using this booklet.. Hmm..

Food #1

Our drinks. Yes. For that hot afternoon. Hohoho.

and they totally forgotten about our Food #2 after we waited for very long time and asked them about it then they said they’re doing it while other tables who came later than us even finished their food :(

To me, the service crew was friendly although they left out our order. I would give 7/10.. as for the food, the portion is a bit too small, even for a small eater like me. Not worth the price lo. Taste wise, 5/10.. but I like their environment.. So I’ll give it an 8/10.. I will give this place another try one day.. for the dinner :)

  • Eleven

    I didn’t even know this place existed till you blogged. O.O” tsk tsk tsk. Thanks for sharing!


    ahlost Reply:

    @disqus_NPvxRBZKPO:disqus : I only know this place when many people in facebook mentioned it and finally took the time to go try the food out :D

    Can ask Wyndie and Foh En about this place too. I think they tried the dinner at Wakakaka.. >.<


  • Sin Tan

    mouse are not supposed to drink


    ahlost Reply:

    @sintan:disqus : –.–“


  • dml248

    How do you like the Note II? I have enjoyed the larger screen and fast perfomance. My carrier is a 4G LTE network and the speeds leave 3G connections way slow.
    Depending on lighting the video is quite good except in very low light. The fixed camera works well as long as one pays attention to the scene and light settings. I found out the hard way that choosing the best setting for the lighting can be the difference between snapshot quality, (low-poor) to good qualtiy worth sharing on FB or Picassa.


    ahlost Reply:

    @dml248:disqus : I love Note2 except that it doesn’t show emoticon in instagrams. that’s sad :(

    I didn’t really use the camera when I still have my Note2, except for Instagram.. didn’t use it for video or anything.. thanks for telling me about the quality and the lightings though it’s a bit too late for me to know now cos I’m using my HTC One back ;)


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