What To Do In Koahsiung?

What To Do In Koahsiung?

I’m now at Kinosaki, Japan blogging about my Taiwan trip. What’s even weirder is that I’m going to blog about the best Japanese Restaurant in Kaohsiung.

My dinner at Kinosaki is going to be served in 20mins time. The time in Japan in one hour ahead of the time in Malaysia. So, it’s 4.40pm in Malaysia and it’s 5.40pm in Japan. So I’m going to make this blog post as fast as I can.

View from 15th floor.

So, after many days of not doing much things in Tainan & Kaohsiung, we headed out from hotel to hunt for breakfast since this hotel doesn’t include breakfast. The sad thing is that many places do not open early in the morning so we ended up at a local fast food restaurant to grab porridge and buns to eat.

and so we were then brought by a supplier in Taiwan to few tourist places where we can see the whole city from the hill top place.

The Taiwanese explains the history of the place when I walked around snapping pictures of them. Kakaka..

Some weird creature in the water.

with me Papa ^.^

and then we were brought to The British Consulate at Takao.

Sipping coffee at beautiful coffee house outside the council. I didn’t know the history until I read online about this place. Like the name suggested, it was the residence of the then British Consulate to Taiwan before the Japanese Occupation. Takao was the original name of Kaohsiung. According to the guide, the local tribe gave the city the name “Takao”, meaning bamboo forest. The Japanese changed the name as “Takao” means “beating the dog”.

I felt like I enjoyed the best of Taiwan on my first time trip to Taiwan. <-- HAHAHA. First time which means many more times to come in future. Kakaka. So this atas trip, I was brought to Miyamaru Japanese Restaurant which was said to be the top Japanese restaurant in Kaohsiung.

The option for those who did not want sashimi, the prawn handroll.

I like the prawn sashimi more than salmon sashimi this time. O.o

Oishi !!


One word: Superb

One word: Awesome

I’m not a fan of these sushis. So.. I only had one out of so many. Haha.

Two words: Heavenly nice.

Words can’t describe. Haha.

So good I’m so happy I do not have to share this.

Their desserts are rather disappointing. Probably I was expecting something better and different since all the food seems to be so good.. and I’m a fan of desserts but green bean served this way wasn’t what I was expecting I guess.

After dinner, we thanked goodbye to the friendly Taiwanese supplier who fed us so well. I am quite thankful for this trip as I managed to try all the food I won’t be trying if I were to come again. Hohoho. Budget ma 😛 and so we were sent to train station to head over to Taoyuen.

Look at the crowd O.o

I’m thankful for the great tripmates this time too as most of the things were decided and planned by them and I have to do is just to follow whereever they were going. Hahaha. They were playful while waiting for the train too. You won’t believe this Uncle is more naughty and playful than I am. Hahahaha. Ok. That’s gonna be the next post.

Oops. Dinner’s here.

Signing off from Kinosaki. Happy Boxing Day to all of you out there 😉