Where To Go For Seafood In Kuching?

Where To Go For Seafood In Kuching?

I’ve been asked the same question many times on Where To Eat Most Affordable Seafood In Kuching.. and my answer would be the same to everyone, that is Topspot Seafood.. until I discovered the well-known Pending Hawker Seafood Centre at Pending.. haha.. not the Pending Seafood Centre opposite Toyota Service Centre at Jalan Pending. This one is located somewhere behind Yoshi Square, Pending Industrial area. There are many stalls at this Pending Hawker Seafood Centre.. and we chose Chai Seafood.

AhCute wanted to have some refreshing drink.. so he ordered Coconut @ RM3.50 from the stall next to Chai Seafood.

It was my #DaysOfTheMonth.. so I need something hot for the emo tummy.

Utensils for two.

We wanted to have some paleo diet but I couldn’t stand the smell of the fried rice, so PaleoDiet failed once again. HAHAHA.. and I thought they’re going to serve us one person’s portion, but ended up it came in this big plate.. looks like for 2 person. I’m not sure.. but this is definitely too much for me alone.

番薯叶 aka Sweet Potato Leaves

鹿肉 aka Deer’s Meat !!

Both of the dishes came in the size for two pax I think O.o We were thinking.. Chamz la this time.. thought to save money for lunch but looks like we are going to spend more T____T Went to the counter to settle the bill.. and to our surprise, these 3 dishes cost us RM20.00 only.. plus Milo for RM1.70 instead of the usual RM2+..

So instead of the usual Topspot Seafood, if you want to change tastebud and environment, you might want to try Pending Seafood Hawker Stall located at KMC Pending, Seafood and Market Centre, 93450 Kuching.

  • suituapui

    Not really crazy about Top Spot. This one, dunno…must eat. Maybe it’s the one my Kuching cousins when to try and they liked a lot…in Pending, not sure.